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Customer Testimonials

Quick Candles is fanatical about customer service. We offer wholesale pricing but we have boutique quality customer service.

How do we do it?

  • Friendly, helpful customer service professionals, available toll free at 1-800-928-6175.
  • Hand picking, professional packing and Same Day Shipping in our warehouse.
  • Fast, FedEx Delivery right to your door.
  • After sale support, including our famous Easy Returns.

Read what just a few of our customers have to say about us. We would love to hear from you, too.Quick Candles, the home of Quality Products and Quick Shipping!

08/31/2012 "I purchased these (glass adena hurricane) for the centerpieces for my wedding. The glass is well made and durable. I will be placing candles I purchased from this site inside. They look beautiful together, and being an outside tent, night wedding...the ambiance is perfect!!" MoeJoe from MA
08/31/2012 "I purchased these (3x6) candles as part of my wedding center pieces. The colour is EXACTLY what was shown and thus match my colour scheme perfectly. Superb shipping and fast! Love this store!!" MoeJoe from MA
08/30/2012 "I ordered the personalized votive holders for wedding favors. I was very pleased and my guests LOVED them!" Melissa from NC
08/30/2012 "We are using these tea lights and leaf holders as a wedding favor in October. When lit, they give off a warm glow and are very pretty. We are very satisfied. The customer service was excellent and the shipping very prompt." Mother of the Bride from NY
08/29/2012 "I placed an order for 12 of these beautiful hurricane vases for my daughter's wedding. I received a call the next day letting me know there was only 10 in stock, they asked if I still wanted the ten. When I told them I wouldn't need them until October, they said that there would be no problem getting them. Three weeks later they were ordered and shipped and arrived in perfect condition. They are a nice compliment to our fall theme." Terrylyn from TN
08/29/2012 "I used these (cylinder vases) as part of my wedding reception centerpieces. They were a gorgeous accent, shipped quickly and with no hassles or broken items. Highly recommended!" Jax from KS
08/28/2012 "Very happy with this purchase for my wedding. Great price and fast delivery. Tested a candle and it burned 10 hours, so it will definitely burn thru my whole reception. The frosted votive holders are beautiful- well worth the upgrade price." Michellem Bride from WI
08/28/2012 "I can't believe the great quality of these (votives and holders) candles for the price. I ordered these for my wedding and could not have been happier!" NYC Bride from NY
08/27/2012 "I found this company on line as I was in need of a quanity of candles quick for a family reunion. The product was great but better yet, the service and shipping were FAST and efficient!" Michele from PA
08/27/2012 "This was my first purchase from Quick Candles & I was not disappointed. The square tealight candle holder set of 12 is absolutely perfect for all the spots in my home that I wanted to add a little soft candle light. The price was extremely reasonable & the package arrived so quickly. I will definitely be back to shop again." Corie from IN
08/26/2012 "I have always ordered Quick Candles through [@]. I was not fortunate enough to have known of the company before now, but now that I do, I will never buy votive candles anywhere else.These little candles really are "miracles." They look little bigger than a tea light, but the often burn long past the 10 hours. (You need to have a small, votive holder, so the wax collects or pools properly.)I have two burning now in my living room (the mulberry scent) and the entire room is filled with fragrance, but it's very elegant - not too forward. I absolutely love them. So, in September, I will be ordering the Red Apple and Cinnamon (they will seem "festive", I guess!)But seriously, I was a very true Yankee Candle fan before this. And those candles often burn beautiful, but they could never compare with these candles. Not in price. Not in clean up. (There is no clean up, the candles burn clean all the way down.) I still love Yankee Candles, but those who burn them know that they don't burn clean like this. You often need to soak the candle holder in hot soapy water for some time to get them clean from the residue.So, all in all, these are THE BEST votives that I have ever purchased and I can't say recommend them highly enough. GREAT COMPANY!!!" Shanahan from MA
08/26/2012 "Drove all over town trying to find attractive, unscented candles (without success). Who knew that Quick Candles was only a click away. Candles were perfect and delivery was as promised. Thank you." Carol the crafty from NC
08/25/2012 "I ordered 144 of (frosted votive holders) these bad boys. Delivery was quick and not a candle holder came broken. The price is fantastic and the size is just perfect. I am really excited to see how these turn out for my wedding in October. Thanks, Quick Candles." Robzilla from TX
08/25/2012 "These burn great, the purple is a lovely shade, and they came on time. I'm using the 2x3 pillar candles in glass jars with rocks for a wedding." SoontobeMRS from WA
08/24/2012 "Quick Candles was GREAT overall! I ordered a total of 36 candle holders and three did come broken, BUT all I did was call and no questions/ no hassles they just sent me some more. The easiest vendor I have ever had to deal with. Service was great and I am very pleased with the product." Planning Bride from AZ
08/24/2012 "Such a great deal on so many candles and they ( Set of 30, 2"x3", 2"x6", 2"x9") all shipped so quickly and in perfect condition! Thank you!" Jaci.h from WI
08/23/2012 "The (personalized) votives were beautiful; just need to be sure and use a colored candle to read the writing. We were planning on using a black candle and that was perfect. We put an ivory candle in to see what would happen and it was hard to read the text." CJ from CA
08/23/2012 "The vases with the 3 inch candles I purchased also fits perfectly! With the addition of a few simple flowers and gem stones, I created beautiful, INEXPENSIVE, durable center pieces and keepsakes for some of my family attending the wedding! I'm very happy with my purchase. Shipping was reasonable and prompt :) thank you quickcandles! You made my wedding planning much easier!" Megan from NY
08/22/2012 "Bought these to use at my daughters wedding. Ordered with only one week until wedding, came in three days. When I opened them never thought they'd last even two hours. After 6 hours they were ALL still burning with more candle left. I would recommend them to anyone looking for that something extra to add to their centerpieces. Great Product." LG from PA
08/22/2012 "I ordered these candles for the first time, two years ago for my daughter's wedding. They have a classic shape and look great floating in tall cylinder vases with water and orchids...beautiful. We got so many comments and everyone wanted to know where we got them. They are easy to order and quick to get! We ordered them again when our son got married this summer. I used them in cylinder vases for the rehearsal dinner...gorgeous, once again!" Mother of the Bride...and Groom from NC
08/21/2012 "I ordered 16 of these for my wedding! I am getting married May of 2013! I am using vase fillers with a single white open silk rose in them. I also ordered the votive holders and candles to put around the vases with white rose petals scattered on the table. The look is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Thanks for beautiful products at a NICE price for those of us that are on a budget!!!" Sue the budget bride shopper girl from NJ
08/20/2012 "I ordered these (elite bud vase) glasses for a wedding and they were just what the bride wanted. This was my first time ordering, and I will be ordering again. The delivery time was awesome, the glasses arrived at the time stated." Gecarus girl from IL
08/20/2012 "I am using these (cylinder) vases for my wedding. I must say they are amazing. The best that I have been able to find. I looked at stores and online, came across this website and 'fell in love'. They are perfect and very reasonably priced. I will recommend them to each and everyone!" MissAmyC girl from WA
08/19/2012 "Ordered these for my wedding and my roommate liked them so much that she used them for her son's wedding too. They turned out beautiful in the backyard with the simple white votive candles, so we're excited to use them as well. Cleaned up very easily by just chilling them for a short time in the fridge. Extra wax popped right out and they look good as new! Candles lasted well beyond the 6 hours of the reception. Very satisfied." Asakura girl from CA
08/19/2012 "I bought 80 of these candles for an event I was planning. They worked great for the theme we were doing. The only bad thing is that the candle was glued to the holder. We wanted to use the holders again but had to smash down the little cup that previously held the actual wax so we could put another one on top of it." Caterer from HI
08/18/2012 "These quick burning candles were perfect for my wedding. The color green was a nice strong saggee color. Nice candles great price and fast service." Dawn from WI
08/18/2012 "I had actually forgotten I had ordered these (tealight candles), and when they came, i was surprised. I opened them up and was like, "holy cow, that's a lot of little candles..." But they have their uses. and having this many is worth every penny i spent. and they smell good too! another pro for doing spells. gets the positive energy flowing." Emeraldet from NY
08/17/2012 "Purchased votive holders and votive candles for a wedding reception. Amazed at long burn time. Lit at 6pm - still going strong at midnight - had to blow out! Need tips on cleaning!!!" Emeraldet from NY
08/17/2012 "I bought tealights and votive holders for my wedding centerpieces (they were hanging on tree branches). The 7-hour tealights burned all through my reception and made everything look lovely. The votive holders were simple and easy to use and the lip on them made it possible to make wire hangers for them." Ang from PA
08/16/2012 "Used the candle holders and light blue floating candles for my son's graduation party. It added so much to the table decorations and ambiance of the room. We added blue colored stones to the bottom and filled it with water. The center pieces were easy to assemble and beautiful. The floating candles burned the entire time of the party..." Thankful Heart from HI
08/16/2012 "Haven't used these (Ivory votives) yet because they are for my wedding in September but they look great and you can't beat the price and quick shipping. Very reliable site!" Gina from PA
08/15/2012 "Grabbed these (votive candles and holders) for our wedding. We got them quickly. One was cracked. After a quick email to the company, we had replacements on the way. We haven't used the lights yet -- wedding date is still a few weeks out. But I was happy with how quickly we were able to get candles in our budget." Angel Springs from TX
08/14/2012 "These candles (tealights) are perfect for table decor at wedding receptions. The ones that you get from local hobby shops always burn out before the guests are leaving. We wouldn't use anything else at Angel Springs Event Center." Angel Springs from TX
08/14/2012 "Bought these vases for my daughters wedding, one arrived broken, Company shipped out a new one and was received within 1-2 days. Excellent customer service! Will be using this company next year again for another daughters wedding. Great selection of products to choose from." Carrie from WI
08/13/2012 "I purchased 24 candles to use at my parents 80th Birthdays and 60 year Anniversary party. They worked perfectly with the venues hurricane covers. Once lit they lasted the whole evening. It was so much easier to order the correct color, size and amount I needed." DEE DEE from CA
08/13/2012 "I ordered 6 dozen (frosted votives) for my Thanksgiving wedding. They were shipped quickly, arrived with not one broken! They are great quality and have a warm glow with the orange candles inside ! Will use this site again for parties for sure !" Happily ever after from CA
08/12/2012 "We ordered these (Eastland Cylinders) for my daughter's December wedding...they can and not a one of them were broken...they were packaged extremely well. They are going to be absolutely beautiful..." BMoore from NC
08/12/2012 "Ordered these (monogrammed cylinders) along with 12 sets of 3 and floating candles for my daughters wedding. They are going to be gorgeous." BMoore from NC
08/11/2012 "Very pleasant transaction! Candles smelled wonderful! We used (pink gardenia scented votives with holders) them as baby girl shower decorations!! Very nice product!!" Happy Mother of the Groom from PA
08/11/2012 "I purchased these (grande votive hurricane holder) as part of a centerpiece for our son's wedding at a winery. The quality of the votive holders is such that I am thinking of having a wine tasting party by using the glass votive holders as stemless wine glasses. They look that good!" Happy Mother of the Groom from PA
08/10/2012 "The service and delivery were super quick. They (flameless tealights) came nicely boxed and unbroken. Used for wedding decorations on the table. Went with the white lights instead of amber to enhance the white roses on the table. I liked the amber since they flicker, but the white did more for the table setting." Mother of the bride from SD
08/10/2012 "I haven't used them (glass adena vases) yet. My wedding is next May! They were delivered quickly and packed nicely! We are paying for our own wedding and it's nice to have a company that offers nice product at a nice price we can afford!I just ordered votive holders and candles today! I'm hoping for same results! Will let you know how they come! Thanks again for a nice product!" Sue the saver from NJ
08/09/2012 "These are great candles especially for the price. I plan to use them at my wedding in Sept. Can't wait to see how they burn and hold up. I bought them from Quickcandles because of the great reviews." Barbara from IN
08/08/2012 "Cheapest I could find anywhere! best deal hands down and the candles were exactly the same as in the store! used them for my wedding. You get sooo much more for your money when you order through this site! anywhere else you had to pay 10 dollars for only 12 candles. WOULD AND WILL PURCHASE AGAIN!" Moneysaver from PA
08/08/2012 "I was looking for a nice accent candle for the center of the tables at my son's wedding. I ordered beautiful flower arrangements in square glass vases. The arrangement will sit on a black napkin for accent and I am putting 4 of the square tealight candle holders on each corner. It should look beautiful. Just what I was looking for!" Betty from PA
08/07/2012 "Quality Candle Holders. Durable - nice thickness to the glass. Size is perfect for Yankee Candle - votive candles. We are using the candles and candle holders as wedding favors! Best pricess around for candle holders. Can't beat this price and quality!" Star the Light from WA
08/07/2012 "We used the pillar candles as well as the tea lights and votives for my daughter's wedding reception. We needed candles that would burn for at least six hours. They did not disappoint. At one point during the reception, there was a power failure. The candles provided enough light, and, actually, it looked beautiful with just the candles burning. There was no black smoke or residue from these candles, and they popped right out of the jars and holders when it was time to wash and pack away them away. Delivery was quick, and the prices were good. I would and will buy from Quick Candles again!" Sally from PA
08/06/2012 "Gave these (Square Personalized Votives) away for thank you gifts for daughters sweet 16 .... Very nice , i ordered candles for inside but candles were to light you couldnt read the inscription.. Everyone loved them...." DC from CT
08/06/2012 "I bought these (Square Personalized Votives) for my wedding favors, and the design was perfect. Loved that they were square and not round votives. My finacee is very picky and he really liked them when they came in. The etched writing is beautiful and will look nice with the mulberry candles that we ordered to go with colors of my wedding. The price was really cheap too, but the votives look really classy and elegant." Danielle from MA
08/05/2012 "I bought these (Grande Votive Hurricane Holders) for my wedding in Oct. and I'm going to add lavender crystal ice to them and the lavender candles I also bought from Quick Candles. Not one was cracked or bubbled.. Came extremely fast too." Seashell from NJ
08/05/2012 "The hurricane votive holders were gorgeous. Used along with battery operated votive candles for wedding centerpieces. They were a hit!" Dededo from RI
08/04/2012 "These battery operated votives were well worth the price. Bought some cheaper, but they failed and were not as bright. Would order again." Dededo from RI
08/04/2012 "Delivery was prompt and the quality was excellent. Ordered both red and orange colors and very pleased with both.Expect they will keep my screened in porch bright and cheery for many years to come." Peter from VA
08/03/2012 "I couldn't find a navy pillar candle anywhere. I was in a time crunch and the candle arrived just as promised and just in time!!" Amy, Mother of the Bride from IN
08/03/2012 "This was a very good product and useful gift for distribution." Bala from TX
08/02/2012 "My fiance and I were looking for some nice candles to add to our table centerpieces for our wedding, and these (votive candles and holders) are just what we needed. Not only are they beautiful, but they arrived very fast." The New Mrs C from OH
08/02/2012 "Everything was great, I got the (extended tealights) candles in a timely manner, in time for my wedding. The shipping updates were very accurate! The candles themselves lastest throughout the whole reception lit. Plan on using them again!" Budget Bride from NY
08/01/2012 "When I received these, I was disappointed because they were dipped, not hand poured as advertised. But, I called the company on Monday and received the hand poured floating red candles on Wednesday! Thank you Quick Candles for making your word good!" SeptBride from NC
08/01/2012 "I used this product for party favors for my wedding. They were very cute and unique little boxes when I received them in the mail. They were very useful to put candies in for my guests. I thought they were going to be a little bit bigger because on the online picture they looked bigger. But they were still a good size." Bride_to_Be1109 from NJ
07/31/2012 "I am using mine as votives for my wedding reception. I was so amazed at how fragrant these candles are... and at such a great price with such fast shipping! Had my candles within 3 days I think? Quick Candles has earned a loyal customer here! " Future Bride from NC
07/31/2012 "Purchased votive holders and candles for my daughter's upcoming backyard wedding reception. They are going to be a perfect accent to her table centerpieces and decorations. The square votive holders are very well made and the votive candles fit perfectly. Looking forward to the big day! " Mother of the Bride from NY
07/30/2012 "My search for citronella votives in bulk and at a reasonable price. Thrilled Quick Candles had budget friendly prices. Shipment came fast and our Brooklyn backyard is now mosquito free! " Adalhi from NY
07/30/2012 "We ordered tapers and votives for a wedding. The price was extremely competitive, and saved us time in hunting the best price and product. The candles arrived quickly, in perfect condition. They went into the large candelabra at the church easily, burnt well during the ceremony, and lasted plenty of time. We also ordered 144 votives for the reception tables. They were very also very nice. This company is doing a good job at a good price. " Kathmandu from Seattle
07/29/2012 "Cylinder vases were packed great for shipping with super fast delivery. The product was just as described and pictured. Quick Candles is even cheaper than the ones you can buy on eBay! Very happy with our purchase! " Happy Customer
07/29/2012 "Thanks Quick Candles, got my order today Saturday 28th, 2012. you will be hearing alot from me, the candle I order was perfect and just the right color for my cylinder vases for an August wedding. We also have another wedding in September so I will be getting back with you soon my husband is a pastor so your candles is nice for the church. Thank You again" Charity
07/28/2012 "Your Floating Candles were exactly what I needed and wanted for my wedding reception decor! I needed them pretty close to my wedding day (7/13/12) and there was no issues from order to delivery to how the candles actually looked!! Everything was seamless!!!! I will definitely use your company in thr future for special events and have shared, and will continue to share my great experience with everyone! Sincerely," Alexandra
07/28/2012 "These tea light cable holders are perfect! I had been looking for purple holders for my wedding reception. Not only was it hard to find the right color, but it was so expensive to buy so many. And then I found quick candles! These holders were exactly what I was looking for! The price was unbeatable!" WeddingBellsShopper from PA
07/27/2012 "We used the (luminary bags) candles on the country road entrance for the wedding reception and to add ambience outside and around the building." Mother of the groom from PA
07/27/2012 "I read all the reviews and thought I finally found the place to get my centerpieces for my wedding. This was the cheapest site I found and I ordered two batches of 36. Only one arrived broken and all the others were fine! I called and they sent me a new one right away no questions asked! The glass is heavy and pretty and perfect for the centerpieces. I highly recommend!" Emily the stressed out bride to be from PA
07/26/2012 "These lanterns (luminary bags) are awesome..we do not have good lighting in our backyard and we were having a birthday party for our daughter.we lined our walkway plus around the pool far enough where they wouldn't get wet.they did the trick plus my daughter was happy..shipping was fast and everything was all there..thank you" Kate from NY
07/26/2012 "These lanterns (luminary bags) are awesome..we do not have good lighting in our backyard and we were having a birthday party for our daughter.we lined our walkway plus around the pool far enough where they wouldn't get wet.they did the trick plus my daughter was happy..shipping was fast and everything was all there..thank you" Sissy from AL
07/25/2012 "When Fed Ex had an issue delivering my candles and luminaries, I received a personalized email and phone call from a Quick Candles representative and I was able to speak with her directly to resolve the problem. She immediately dealt with Fed Ex and I received my order the next day. (Note: Quick Candles in no way contributed to the Fed Ex error.) I was impressed with the customer service and would happily order from Quick Candles again." Kate from NY
07/25/2012 "These (Floating) candles were perfect. I put them in a large pond at the venue where I got married. It added wonderful ambiance and it was burning all night. Good price compared with other sites. Fast delivery! I received an upgrade for my order and it was here in less than two days." Newly Married from NY
07/24/2012 "The glass votives and candles were used on the tables at my daughter's wedding reception. Some were put into lanterns and the others were set on the tables. They lasted the entire evening and added a beautiful glow to the room. The order came quickly and everything was in good shape when it arrived. I would recommend these and would purchase more if needed. They were an excellent value." Katy from TX
07/24/2012 "I was glad to find unscented tealight candles and with clear cups. They are very difficult to find in stores. I will use them to decorate and also in my tealight advent wreath at Christmas. I already had the purple and white but light pink was hard to find. Shipping time was very quick and the candles arrived in great shape." Georgia Peach from GA
07/23/2012 "I bought these candles and when I recieved them, several were melted together. After calling customer service, they resolved the issue better that expected and they were very nice and helpful. I will recommend this site to others!" Erica F. from KY
07/23/2012 "We do alot of weddings and were looking for a long lasting tea light candle. Finaly you have one. It not only lasts longer than the 3 hours like the other tea light candles, but is easy clean up so we are able to reuse the glass votives repeatedly and save." Center Of Attention from DC
07/22/2012 "This product ( 10hr votives) met all my expectations for my May, 2012 wedding. I did a test run on one candle and after many hours knew it would last the 8 hours I needed it for. I didn't actually set a timer to see how long they would burn, but after my wedding there is still about 1/4 of the candle left. There weren't many reviews when I purchased so I thought I would leave a basic one that this was a great product!" Allie from DC
07/22/2012 "First, if you are looking for long-burning tealights at a great price - these are the ones to buy. I researched on the web and they are the best quality for the price. They burn cleanly and long. I use them for massage therapy sessions and each tealight has lasted through a whole day of massage appointments. They burn all the way down so there is no waste. I don't plan on using any others." Massage Girl from GA
07/21/2012 "We loved the cylinders and floating candles. We filled them with hot pink water beads and placed the candle on top! just perfect for the venue and a classic table centerpiece. The order came quickly! I would recommend Quick Candles to anyone!" First time wedding planner from Michigan
07/21/2012 "I purchased these candles for my daughters wedding. We used the lavender votives surrounding a glass vase centerpiece placed on mirrors. The candles added a great focal point for the centerpieces. It brought a lot of elegance to the room. Delivery was fast and ordering was easy." Mother of the Bride from MA
07/20/2012 "My order was processed and delivered quickly. The candles were uniformly shaped and far better than I expected. They were used in cylinder vases filled with flowers and water. The center pieces helped set the ambience for my daughter's wedding reception. They looked fabulous! Thank you. I will surely order from you again." Tammy from WI
07/20/2012 "I placed my order online and was given excellent customer service. I asked about best possible price or veteran's discount. I only ordered one as a sample to shower daughter. I was given a great deal and will order the rest today!!" momof7 from Oklahoma
07/19/2012 "Using (votive candle holders) as part of my table decorations at my wedding, very affordable!" EES from Ohio
07/19/2012 "I really wanted something practical as wedding favors and these were perfect! They were out of the frosted flower pots at the time so I ended up getting the square votive holders which I think actually worked out better. We had 2 types of favors so no couple went home with the same thing - one of which was the votive/candle pair topped with one of my handmade matchboxes. I was very pleased with the price since it was way more expensive to buy separately in the craft stores. And they arrived very quickly too - another bonus!" Krafty Girl from NY
07/18/2012 "I used this product (Pillar Candle) as a memorial candle in honor of my husband's late father and grandfather at our wedding. We specifically wanted a colored, non-scented candle so as not to be confused with our unity candle and to avoid attracting bugs as our wedding was an outdoor event. The candle sustained an immense amount of heat (it was close to 100 degrees outside). It was perfect for my purpose. The description was accurate, it shipped quickly, and the price was amazing! I highly recommend this company." Pleased Bride from IN
07/18/2012 "I was very pleased when I received the Lavender Votive Candles. They are exactly as shown on-line although the lavender color is a bit brighter than I expected, but it works out perfect! I will place the votives in a frosted votive holder as wedding favors. So the lavender when in the votive holder comes through really nice." V. Aguas from CA
07/17/2012 "We used the hurricane votive candles as accent lighting at our wedding on the tables. My wife and I were very pleased with the customer service, the quality of the product and especially the care in the packaging when sent to us (ordered vases from another company and they didn't even use bubble wrap!!). We would definately buy from Quick Candles again when we would require their services again, prices are where they need to be and everything else is just as quality." Bearhunter from IL
07/17/2012 "The candles we ordered were for our wedding in July, and most places I had talked to said at least 2 weeks to get me our centerpiece candles. I placed an order the last week in June for the candles with hopes of getting them before we left two weeks later for our destination wedding. To my amazement, the candles were on my door step the very NEXT day! Will definitely do business with again." FurtureMrsMontgomery from Virginia
07/16/2012 "We bought the frosted votive holders and flameless tealights to be a part of our wedding centerpieces. We covered the votive holders with white lace to dress them up a little for our rustic chic weekend and they looked great! The candles lasted the whole night (about 6 hours) and I assume they still have a little juice left. Even though it wasn't a realy candle, it still looked very nice and gave the same ambiance as a real one. Very happy with these!" Newly weds from NY
07/16/2012 "This product (purple floating candles) was just what we wanted, the color was perfect. We bought these for our daughter's wedding, they lasted all night and went well with the decor." Mother of Bride from NY
07/15/2012 "I ordered these votive (personalized) holders as a wedding favor. They were very price competitive, attractive, packaged well, and arrived in 2-3 days. I can't imagine anything else they could have done to make my order better :)" BT from OH
07/15/2012 "I bought the (votive) candles to place on my tables for my wedding. I had vases with candles on the table. These candles lasted during the whole reception, and they were beautiful!" Amy05Brown from TX
07/14/2012 "This is the only place I purchase my candles in bulk! Love this place and you receive your package in a timely manner!" Nikki from Virginia
07/14/2012 "Candles are pleasant looking, long lasting, burning for more than 10 hours. Candles are also truly unscented, as I use it for Prayer and Meditation. I am pleasantly surprised and Quickcandles will be receiving my next order soon." Venkat from NJ
07/13/2012 "We used engraved votive holders with blue candles to help decorate tables for our wedding reception. They have a very nice look and were just what I was hoping for. We also encouraged guests to take them home as favors. Some of the wax got on our tablecloths, but after a little scraping and pre-treatment, all of the wax came out in one wash. They were a little bit shorter than I was expecting, but they lasted plenty long for our reception." Newlywed pastor's wife from PA
07/13/2012 "I purchased these (frosted sailboat) for favors for a Confirmation Celebration. Everyone was delighted. Just the right size.They were the perfect choice." Dawn from New Jersey
07/12/2012 "I purchased these (Cylinders) for my daughters wedding to display floating candles around the wedding tables. I am very pleased with how they fit perfectly with the floating candles. They are bigger than I imagined (this is good) and they are durable and the glass is very clear." MaureenSkate from CA
07/12/2012 "I ordered these (Square 6") vases for my centerpieces for my wedding! They came in about 2 days, all intact, nothing broken, perfect condition!! I love them! They are very durable and exactly what I was looking for! I also ordered round bowls for floating candles and they too came in flawless condition! I will be ordering a few more things from them! Very pleased! Highly recommend!" Katie from Il
07/11/2012 "The candle (grande votive) holders are very cute. About 2" tall. Perfect for wedding decorations. I wrapped lace around each one, which gave some drama to the lighting. I also know that some people put a rose inside just for a simple and unexpected design. So much you can do with them. I loved the service. Even though i had to pay a little more for delivery that i would normally want, but they were at my house in 3 days and ready to use. Worth extra few dollars. I would definitely suggest this website to a friend." Katuchka from NE
07/10/2012 "I used this (photo/place card holder) product to designate the entree selected for dinner at a large banquet. Perfect to place in front of each person so the wait staff could know what to serve them." Sharise from NM
07/10/2012 "Product was delivered very quickly, without any problems. Quality was excellent and the color was exactly what we wanted. The candles burned beautifully and added color and sparkle to the tables." Glad it is over Mom from Canada
07/09/2012 "Out of 40 candles only 1 was cracked upon arrival. Customer service answered me immediately and sent 4 new ones very quickly. They were wonderful! I will order from them again in the future without hesitation!" MOB from MD
07/09/2012 "These candles (purple votives) matched the wedding colors perfectly. We had 3 tall vases (small, medium, and large height) with hydrangea blooms that were sprayed purple and topped with white floating candles on top of the flower petals. We wanted to add more color to the centerpieces, so we added 3 glass votive candle holders and used the puple votives to tie it all together. It worked out beautifully!" Marcia from WI
07/08/2012 "I had a special surprise Father Day celebration for just my husband and me! I decorated the area with 72 candles and holders and the room was beautiful. The black candles made the room look very seductive. Just the look I was going for. " Trina from MD
07/08/2012 "I ordered two sets of these (72 vases all total) for the centerpieces for my upcoming wedding. They were way more reasonably priced than any other place I'd checked with. The shipping cost to Alaska was also very reasonable (several places wanted $800+ in shipping). My order arrived exactly when expected and all in one piece. " Katrina from AK
07/07/2012 "Beautiful candles in a wide variety of styles and colors. The prices are the best you will find and the quality is high! I ordered last year 200 votives for a wedding proposal and they shipped within a day! I re used them a year later for my wedding for the reception - needed a few more and they shipped in 2 hours!!! Service is incredible here I will never buy candles anywhere else! " Frank the tank from NJ
07/07/2012 "The quality is great. The scent last the duration of the burn. The clear plastic cups permit for full lighting. Out of 500, almost all with one or two exceptions has a bad wick. Great experience regarding the purchase process. I purchase my tealights from only Quick Candles. " Amalia from Marina Del Rey
07/06/2012 "As a florist doing several weddings a summer I use these candles a lot - they are so reasonably priced and always shipped quickly - arriving in perfect condition! Thank you - I will order again. " Premier from MI
07/06/2012 "I purchased these candles to use in my upcoming wedding. I searched many other websites, and found this was the best price and loved how many color/scent choices were available. The delivery was prompt and all items were intact, unbroken. " Chrissy from FL
07/05/2012 "I purchased 72 of these votives as part of a party gift bag. Delivery was fast and efficient. The candles are very fragrant and arrived in perfect condition. " Terri from CT
07/05/2012 "The assorted color votives are used at a spiritual retreat to reflect the many colors of Christ. They are a beautiful addition to our service of faith renewal. I liked that I could get assorted colors rather than just one color. Delivery was quick too. " Northeast Michigan De Colores from MI
07/04/2012 "Used these (3" floating) candles for the centerpieces at my wedding reception and they lasted the entire night with no problems. The vases I used had an opening of about 3.5 inches, so these floating candles were the perfect size. Very pleased with the quality and the reasonable price. Would highly recommend purchasing these candles! " Lindsay the Bride from OH
07/04/2012 "Delivery was outstanding - placed order one day and received them 2 days later! Assistance was phenomenal - when I had to return some candles I ordered incorrectly, I received quick and efficient assistance. The woman I talked to was absolutely delightful and put my mind at ease on the new order. " Wedding Mom from TX
07/03/2012 "I have been ordering the 10 hour vanilla scented votives (and glass votive holders)for years and find Quick Candles the best. I burn at least 7 of these daily. Reordering is easy, shipping cost reasonable, and delivery speedy. I highly recommend Quick Candles. " Karol from NY
07/03/2012 "I needed small votive candle vases for my upcoming wedding. I ordered these and they arrived SUPER FAST! The only con is that one votive was broken out of all 72. I can live with that! Otherwise they look great and are the perfect size for some table ambiance! " Mandi from WA
07/02/2012 "I'm addicted to candles. I have them going when I'm getting ready for work in the morning, then as soon as the sun sets in the evening. In the reviews I read of this product, people seemed surprised that they were smaller than the standard votive, and they are. However, they burn as long as a bigger one. The price beat all other sites I've looked at, the shipping was lightning fast, and the product is high quality. One other note, and this will be a pro to some customers and a con to others. The scent is very mild; almost imperceptible. If you like a strong scent like I do, you'll need to group three of these candles together. If you like a mild scent, this is the best product on the market. " Melinda the Blogger from Florida
07/02/2012 "I bought these (votive candles and holders) to add to my centerpiece decorations for my wedding, and they are fantastic. The vanilla scented candles are great, and you can't beat the value. I ordered 144 of these, and have decorated each of them with a sequine/chiffon trim around the top edge. They look beautiful, and I'm sure will be a big hit. " JTMcC from MA
07/01/2012 "Ordered these (flameless leds and frosted holders) for my wedding and they were perfect. Arrived fast and well-packed, nothing broken. They looked great on our tables, and the value was excellent. " JTMcC from MA
07/01/2012 "Candle holders arrived promptly and were exactly as described. Completely satisfied! " The Flair from KY
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