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Customer Testimonials

Quick Candles is fanatical about customer service. We offer wholesale pricing but we have boutique quality customer service.

How do we do it?

  • Friendly, helpful customer service professionals, available toll free at 1-800-928-6175.
  • Hand picking, professional packing and Same Day Shipping in our warehouse.
  • Fast, FedEx Delivery right to your door.
  • After sale support, including our famous Easy Returns.

Read what just a few of our customers have to say about us. We would love to hear from you, too.Quick Candles, the home of Quality Products and Quick Shipping!

06/31/2012 "The assorted candles which I received from Quick Candles were more vibrant in color than I expected. I was very pleased. Also - I ordered another order of inscribed votive candle holders. The representative who helped me was very professional, informative of details and helped me so that my order was processed quickly and without error. You should be very proud of the employees who helped me. Their quality of costumer service was excellent. I would definitely recommend Quick Candles to my friends. " Joan
06/31/2012 "I just wanted to say how grateful I am that you have such kind people working in your customer service department. You really do know how to show people great customer service. I came home to find a box that was appropriately labeled FRAGILE and CANDLES on my front lawn, obviously thrown over the fence opened with my candles melted and some of the candle holders broken. I was quick to contact fedex and was given the run around and treated rudely. I decided to call your customer service department and was treated with much kindness and understanding. The representative quickly assured me that it would be ok and I would be refunded for that which was damaged. Quickly turned my day around. Once again thank you for taking care of your customers. " Aimee
06/30/2012 "I needed floating candles for my wedding centerpieces and found this website. So glad that I did. They were exactly what they described and got to me quick!!! Will buy from again when I need candles." Michelly from OR
06/30/2012 "Great value for an exceptional product. Received when promised. Highly recommended!" DAK from CA
06/29/2012 "I love this candle holder (Humming Bird Tealight Candle Holder)! We purchased a few sets of them for wedding favors, and I am so very impressed. The hummingbird casts a beautiful shadow on the wall, they are well made and would compliment endless decours. I would recommend this product to anyone as a wonderful alternative to traditional wedding favors." Steph from NY
06/29/2012 "We needed 14 of a specific size of vase (cylinder vase) for wedding centerpieces. I couldn't find them locally. These were perfect. They arrived quickly and in perfect condition and the price was good." Benita from Alaska
06/28/2012 "We used the square holders at a wedding reception. they were magnificent, many compliments. the square holders are a beautiful and contemporary alternative to the traditionsl globe holders.... a few arrived broken, but one phone call resulted in prompt replacements" Mom of three brides from PA
06/27/2012 "I wasn't your typical bride...which means I waited until the last minute...I ordered the candles and votives about 10 days before my wedding...I read the reviews and a few people said that the candles burned in 4 hours...this was NOT true in my candles were lit at about 4:30pm and I believe we blew them out around 1am and there is still about an hour to an 1.5 hour left in them to burn...we had 22 tables of ten and used five on each table around an orchid (my centerpieces). Hope this helps!!!" JJR from MA
06/27/2012 "I ordered these (votive) candles to be used in my daughter's inside and outside wedding reception. I was delighted with how quickly the candles arrived and that they burned for many hours." Mother of a Beautiful Bride from PA
06/26/2012 "We use these small hurricanes for our companies candle wraps. They are well made with nice thick glass and are clean. Great price!" Kari Carter from SD
06/26/2012 "I used these candles (Ivory pillar candle) for my wedding ceremony. They were lit before the service when guests were walking in, and they lasted throughout all the pictures. Pictures have a nice golden glow from the candles, and set a nice atmosphere." Recent Bride from CA
06/25/2012 "Very pleased with the quality, quick shipping, and thickness of votive cup. Using as part of centerpiece for Rehersal dinner. Arrived in great shape..was easy as I work and was able to find what I want at a good price." Seabee mom from PA
06/25/2012 "Very pleased with the quality, quick shipping, and thickness of votive cup. Using as part of centerpiece for Rehersal dinner. Arrived in great shape..was easy as I work and was able to find what I want at a good price." Seabee mom from PA
06/24/2012 "The tealights were a great deal and lasted as long as was expected. It was much better purchasing them from this company than buying them at the retail stores." Jaime from MA
06/24/2012 "I bought these (votive holders and candles) for our Relay for Life Survivor dinner we held a week before the actual relay. We used these candles at each placesetting for the survivor and their guest to light in honor or in memory of someone in their life who is or has faced cancer. It was similar to the luminaria ceremony we have during the Relay for Life. Anyway, it was a moving ceremony and each person kept their votive and holder. It was an easy gift and the pricing was wonderful. I bought the purple votive candles, which is the color for all cancers. Thank you for such a great product!" Pat C. from Kentucky
06/23/2012 "I was in a bind due to added tables to the Gala and the budget! The candles and cylinders were great and the commuication was amazing!" T.galla from PA
06/23/2012 "I ordered for the first time, and was pleased at the quick delivery. The lavender (floating candles) was soft and lovely, and they made a beautiful decorative addition to our party. We put them amongst plants in our pond. We were delighted at the many favorable comments from our guests." Karyn from CA
06/22/2012 "I am a wedding and event planner, the products (personalized votives) I ordered were perfect and fitting for the occasion. I like the design and quality. I placed my order on a Friday and had my items by the following Tuesday. Everything was correct. Highly recommend this product and company." Brynda from NH
06/22/2012 "We used the (monogrammed votive) candle holders to hold the sand that was going to be used in a sand ceremony at my daughter's wedding. We needed to use 10 different colored sands and they looked beautiful all lined up next to each other in these holders. Not to mention we had them engraved with the initial of their last name, it looked great!" Happy Mom from NY
06/21/2012 "Ordered these candles on a Thursday and received them on Friday the same week! I am totally shocked and amazed at the speed at which I received my order! They are just want I wanted! I would order from this company any time that I am in need of candles again!" Bride's Mom from TN
06/21/2012 "I this is my second order and I will not buy candles anywhere else. They burn very clean no black smoke the wick burns to the bottom of the candle and very little waste. I am very impressed with all of the candles on this site. Value long lasting 8 hours and made in the USA. Ships fast make great gifts who doesn't like candles, also great when the lights go out which seams to be more often lately. This site is a win win site. thank you." Ladybrit from East Texas
06/20/2012 "Wedding coordinator with brides that use many candles for great lengths of time. Not one candle has burned out before it was time.Delivery was super-fast- totally surprised how fast- but thankful. I won't be running around town anymore looking for large quantity/good quality/long lasting again. THANKS!!" Jo from FL
06/20/2012 "When shopping for floating candles for our wedding, this company by far had the best offer and the best shipping. I had waited a little too long but since their turn-around was so quick, I ordered the wrong size, returned and re-ordered all within a week (and receiving candles). Very pleased with the product and customer service!" Budget bride from Missouri
06/19/2012 "These candles (2x6 Pillar Candles) are burned each night that isn't too windy, in a couple of metal and glass lanterns. They hang on the front porch, and can be seen from the street. The glass, of course shelters the flame, but I don't want to risk the lanterns themselves being blown off their hooks if the wind is too high. Their size is perfect, and they are very attractive, even as they burn down. They lend such an air of warmth and authenticity that simply can't be duplicated by immitation candles. So, with the right lanterns, and so long as you stay on top of the weather, they are perfectly safe. I currently burn two lanterns at a time, but will be using more as I am able to find more of the same lanterns. These candles are terrific, and a GREAT buy. An additional feature that I really appreciate is the fact that they burn so evenly. After several weeks, being lit most nights for 3 - 5 hours per night, they finally burned out together last night. Good longevity as well. Really an excellent product." The Pet_Lover from NC
06/19/2012 "I was looking for yellow votive candles for my daughter's daisy-themed lake house high school graduation party and of course found them on your site easily, but what I was even more thrilled to find were the clear glass flower pot votive holders that went PERFECTLY with the whole daisy/garden concept. The prices on all the products were phenomenal and receiving everything the so quickly at no extra price was amazing. It was honestly the best online ordering experience I've had with an online company ever and I've already recommended it to several friends! Thank you for everything - as the sun began to go down on the lake, your candles illuminated the celebration and brought even more ambiance to an already spectacular day!" E from A from GA
06/19/2012 "I was looking for yellow votive candles for my daughter's daisy-themed lake house high school graduation party and of course found them on your site easily, but what I was even more thrilled to find were the clear glass flower pot votive holders that went PERFECTLY with the whole daisy/garden concept. The prices on all the products were phenomenonal and receiving everything the so quickly at no extra price was amazing. It was honestly the best online ordering experience I've had with an online company ever and I've already recommended it to several friends! Thank you for everything - as the sun began to go down on the lake, your candles illuminated the celebration and brought even more ambiance to an already spectacular day!" E from A from GA
06/18/2012 "Used the product for a birthday party and floated the candles in many different styles of glassware. Worked perfectly with little mess at cleanup. Will definately be buying again in the near future!" Mombabb from Missouri
06/18/2012 "We used these candles in wedding tabletop votives. The size was perfect and they lasted through the whole reception. Since the price was so good on the dozen, I ordered extras to use later. Also, shipped quickly for those last minute ideas." JT from VA
06/17/2012 "Used these for the centerpieces in my daughters wedding. It was a big deal to me to find a colored candle that was unscented. They burned well and were great." Litequeen from PA
06/16/2012 "I purchased the 3" white floating candles for my daughters' wedding reception. They were exactly what I wanted. I trimmed the wicks so that they were approximately 1/4" long. The candles lasted for 6 hrs. with no problems. I would definitely purchase them again if I ever needed this type of candle." M.B. from WV
06/16/2012 "I needed 160 tea lights for table decorations for my sister's wedding reception. I didn't want to fuss with having to switch out candles during the party (160 of them!!!) so I needed ones that would burn all the way through. When I got my candles I tested them at home first (didn't want reception surprises). The candles burned for EIGHT+ HOURS! The wedding was last weekend and we had to blow out all the candles at the end of the party because they outlasted the festivities. PERFECT!!! I am thrilled! Definitely worth spending a little extra!" Suzanne's sister from WI
06/15/2012 "I bought these (square votive) holders to use on guest tables for my son's wedding!! The price was right! After reading the other reviews I felt the holders would be a good buy and work for what we needed. I can honestly say... The holders are beautiful, good quality, and are the right size to place several on guest tables for candle lighting. Customer service is unbelievable!!! They arrived in just a couple of days and not one was chipped or broken!! What great service!! I would definitely order again!!" GoShopLady from Colorado
06/15/2012 "I bought tea lights from several local stores and then did my own experiment as to how long they would burn. They did not last more than two hours. As I was getting ready to decorate for my daughter's wedding, I knew my tealights had to last longer. I found these 7 hour tealights while searching the internet and was delighted. Very fast shipping and excellent service." mother of the bride from Mississippi
06/14/2012 "Perfect size love the shape of the votive holder, did a trial burn time on candles and last 11 hours I actually had to blow them out... Customer Service was very helpful and friendly, they made sure I was satisfied.. for the price of the candles I will repurchases just for my home use to have around ...." DeAnna from Illinois
06/14/2012 "These little guys are perfect for my fall wedding! They look a little more on the yellow side in the photo, but they really are a beautiful orange color....perfect for the fall!" Future Mrs McGrew from IN
06/13/2012 "I ordered 25 sets of the square candles holder for a wedding. They looked awesome on the tables. The quality was great, I liked how fast they came and the staff is very helpful!!" Jeanne from Garfield MN
06/13/2012 "I bought 3 mongrammed vases to use as the Unity candle at a wedding- I love the product but was most pleased by the above and beyond customer service. I will definitely shop quick candles for all my candle purchases going forward. THANK YOU!" Mother of the Bride from Verona Wisconsin
06/12/2012 "I surfed the net for weeks as well as shopping all the stores and found Quick Candles to have the best price for unscented votive candles for my son's wedding. I needed ones that would burn for more than 4 hours, these will burn for 10 and even after 6 hours they were barely used. We were required to use containers for all candles and the price of the candles plus the votive cups was more than I wanted to pay until I found Quick Candles. The price was so reasonable I was able to order more than I actually needed and used some of the glass cups for the centerpiece on the small cocktail tables which also saved me $ as I did not have to buy extra vases. All in all, perfect for all my candle needs for the wedding. I will be back." Mother of the groom, wedding planner from TX
06/12/2012 "They (Hurricane Vases) were exactly what I wanted for my wedding centerpieces, and they shipped quickly. Because I ordered so many at once, unfortunately, I received one box of 4 shattered vases but they sent me 6 immediately to replace them the week of my wedding. Great customer service!" JShau from NY
06/11/2012 "Ordered these (Cylinder Candles) for my daughter's wedding. The holders are thick,clear glass,just as shown.Made in America.I chose white candles(imported) for the wedding,and they were just that a pure white.They look just like the picture,were packaged well,and arrived very quickly.I thought they looked beautiful on the tables with the clear glassware.This is my first order,and will definitely recommend Quick Candles to family and friends." Gracie Louise from NJ
06/11/2012 "Thank you for selling votive cups in quantities at such an affordable price ") I sell candle products through home parties and we do not offer votive cups seperately... I give votives in your cups as gifts and prizes, knowing that my customers will be very happy because the wax won't melt and run all over the place!!! You have helped me be much more successful by practicing great customer service in this way... And I have recommended your product to other members of my group to use in the same manner. Again, THANK YOU!!!" Forever on FIRE!!! from CA
06/10/2012 "High School Class reunion (50th) at the Country Club. We were going for elegance as this was our big one! The candles were floating in cocktail glasses surrounded by yellow roses and daises. With out these floating candles that burned from 5pm in the afternoon to after midnight, we could not have created the atmosphere, we as a decorating committee were going for. The candles burned down very little and we would certainly buy them again." Sam from TN
06/10/2012 "We used 4-5 votives on all of the guests' tables at our wedding reception. They remained lit for the entire reception (about 5 hours). They added just enough sparkle and helped set the mood." Happily married from Northern Virginia
06/10/2012 "Black pillar candles were impossible to find locally when I needed them for an event. I found them on line at Quick Candle and trusted their same day ship guarantee. As their name implies, the candles were on my doorstep very quickly... in plenty of time for my event. The candles have a deep, rich color and were beautiful on a white background." Nelle from SC
06/09/2012 "These hurricane vases are going to be perfect for my daughter's wedding centerpieces. Since we needed alot the cost factor was important. These inexpensive,attractive vases fit the bill. They are getting married at a vineyard and we needed a vase wide enough to put wine corks in the bottom. Accompanied with a tall pillar candle and flowers around the outside they will be beautiful!" Kath from New Jersey
06/09/2012 "We used the luminaire at my daughter's wedding in the woods. They were used to light the paths around the venue and for ambiance. It was beautiful!" MOB from PA
06/08/2012 "Love the color of these (orange votive) candles. It's a very pleasant orange that blends nicely with home decor and doesn't scream "Halloween" The candles are also very economical and quickly shipped." Go Jo from Illinois
06/08/2012 "These candle holders and candles were perfect for the look I wanted. They were used for a bar mitzvah candlelighting ceremony and were beautiful. With dye to color the water and a battery powered light placed in the water, it looked fabulous!!!" Ballet Girl from WI
06/07/2012 "I bought these candles for a wedding and they were just beautiful in the vases. They lasted the entire wedding and still had plenty of candle left. Great purchase, wonderful price. Would purchase again from Quick Candles when I need large quantities. Delivery time was very quick." Bella Vanilla from CA
06/07/2012 "I was looking for candle centerpiece lights for my daughter's wedding reception that would last the whole reception. Most tea lights only last three hours and go out during the event. These lights were still glowing 4 1/2 - 5 hours later." Jackie from Ohio
06/06/2012 "After being quoted an astronomical price by a florist for centerpieces I decided to do them ourselves. I found these (Cylinder Vases) online and they were perfect. We put crystal ice at the bottom of the tall vase, bought a personalized cling at another supplier and surrounded these with silk rose petals. Just as good as what a professional would charge at 10% of the price." Mom of the bride from NY
06/06/2012 "We will be using hundreds of votive candles at our daughter's wedding reception. The candles last a approximately 8 hours. They don't have a scent which is preferable because they won't compete with the flowers in the centerpieces. The glow they will produce will enhance the evening's events. Everything arrived in perfect condition. We can't wait to put them all (280) to use!" Homamma from VA
06/05/2012 "I bought these candles to use in centerpieces for a mother/daughter brunch. We wanted candles that would burn clean, would not be messy and had no scent because of allergies of several at the brunch. The colors were perfect with round placemats of various colors we used. We were very pleased with the candles and would purchase them again when we need them. Thank you for this excellent product. " Happy Customer
06/05/2012 "I bought 36 cylinders with white floating candles for our wedding and then we also bought some purple and lavander floating candles. Everything was fantastic, the color, quality, etc. I was very happy to see the size of the candles (big, and beautiful). Unfortunately, that day was very windy and was impossible to keep the candles lit. However, they were beautiful as centerpieces. The delivery was super fast. We received 3 broken cylinders, but we weren't sure if that happened when we received them in USA or in our trip to Mexico. I will definitely recommend this product and this website. They are just fantastic!" B from CA
06/04/2012 "Purchased for my wedding centerpieces, they are not too tall (not blocking the view across the table) nor are they too short. Candles fit perfectly with the holders and buying in bulk saves money! NOT cheap quality! Looked all over town and's price could not be beaten!! =)" Budget Bride from TX
06/04/2012 "I bought these (flower pot votive holders) for table decorations at my daughter's wedding. After searching local candle "outlets" and the internet, this was by far the best deal for the money. They were expertly packed and shipped fast. I'll be a returning customer for sure." Pleased Mother of the Bride from PA
06/03/2012 "I ordered these candles/holders (square votive holders) for my daughter's wedding reception. The design is simple but perfect for our needs. We received great customer service and the order was received quickly. One of her friends is going to re-use the holders for her own wedding reception. I will recommend ordering the candles from you due to the great service we received! Thank you!" Mother of the Bride from Colorado
06/03/2012 "Our class does school floral functions, and we needed these quick for a Gala event. The descriptions were precise, and fit our arrangements and budget beautifully. Will definitely use Quick Candles again!" Mrs. R from PA
06/02/2012 "I shopped every where for hurricane vases. i was so luck to have found this website. These 9" ones were perfect and such a deal! I was amazed at the quality for the price. I will definitely shop the site next time I need candles or vases." Barb from MI
06/02/2012 "This (colored votives) was used as a last minute favor for my grandmother's 75th birthday celebration. They were perfect for my needs. The color was delightful and I got lots of lovely feed back from my family." Da Jersey Lioness from NJ
06/01/2012 "Ordered these (monogrammed votives) for high school graduation party favors. Easy and a nice gift for all the guests." Nutmegan from FL
06/01/2012 "The votives (personalized votives) were used as birthday favors. The first set had no spacing in the date, I called and another set was sent out with correction. I was not charged and the votives arrived within four days. Just in time for the party. Thanks for being prompt about the issue at hand." Grace and Mercy at 80 from FL
05/31/2012 "We had a gala dinner for a not-for-profit foundation. I ordered candles and hurricanes for the tables. The wrong item was sent and when I contacted the company, they replaced the items at no additional cost. They were delivered promptly and we had everything we needed for our big day. They were beautiful !" Galas are us from NY
05/31/2012 "Ordered these votives (Petite Hurricane Votive Holder) for my daughter's upcoming wedding! They are very pretty. One arrived broken and due to the fact that these are hand blown, two were a little smaller than the rest. Called and was immediately sent replacements. Nice to call a company and have excellent customer service and someone actually answer the phone! Would high recommend and definitely order from again!" Red Wine Lover from Virginia
05/30/2012 "I am using these (square votive holder) as gifts for my daughters wedding we put a votive in each and placed them in a personalized satin bag. they look great. I actually dropped one on tile flooring and it didnt break, impressive. nice thick glass and the square shape is attractivley different. my only complaint is shipping choices regular shipping should be a choice also even though your Quick Candles." wedding mom from FL
05/30/2012 "I was very satisfied with my Fleur-de-lis tea holders. You cannot get the full benefit of their beauty until lit. Wish the tea candle was not affixed permanently to the bottom of the holder... although, If you soak them in hot water, they come right out and can be used over and over again. Takes a little time to get the used candle out, but well worth it. Makes a very elegant presentation." Lindy from LA
05/29/2012 "I purchased this product to be used as a table centerpiece for my son's wedding. I placed it in a globe and attached ribbon to it. I placed it on a mirror which I then adorned with beads. It looked great!" Greekimp from NC
05/29/2012 "My daughter was getting married and wanted a special effect on the tables. She found beautiful votive holders and wanted the votives to glow all evening. We ordered these 10 hour votive candles and they were fabulous. The tables looked beautiful and the votives glowed for the entire reception - we never had to replace any. Thanks for making such a great product!" Tree from NY
05/28/2012 "We almost forgot to order candles for my sons wedding reception. I found this site and was very pleased how fast my order was processed and delivered to Iowa. These (Pillar Candles) were centerpieces on 9 tables and looked so elegant. A lot of positive comments from several family members and guests. Thank you for making our evening beautiful! I will order again!" Pam from SC
05/28/2012 "As a professional Wedding and Event Planner, details matter. Sure anyone can buy the aluminum candle tea lights but why? Detail is important and I would not ever use anything but this product from this company. They have always shipped on time every time." Florida Dream Weddings from FL
05/27/2012 "I use these to add small amounts of light to a massage room. Being enclosed in small metal cups makes these tea lights easy to use and dispose. I have not had a single one last 7 hours yet, but they DO burn some longer and cleaner than the cheaper ones which I have also used. I will continue to use and reorder this product, but don't expect a seven hour burn." MassageQueen from OH
05/27/2012 "I use these to add small amounts of light to a massage room. Being enclosed in small metal cups makes these tea lights easy to use and dispose. I have not had a single one last 7 hours yet, but they DO burn some longer and cleaner than the cheaper ones which I have also used. I will continue to use and reorder this product, but don't expect a seven hour burn." MassageQueen from OH
05/27/2012 "We bought these (votive holders) to use at our wedding in August. We haven't used them yet, but are already so happy with them!! They are exactly what we were looking for, arrived quickly, and not even one came broken!! We can't wait to use them for our wedding!" Katie from CA
05/26/2012 "We purchased the (votive) candles as favors for our wedding. One of our colors was navy blue and we wanted scented candles. The scent is OK, but we wish we selected the Fresh scent and found another way to incorporate the color. Don't let this disway you from purchasing from this company. The ordering was easy, shipping REALLY fast, and prices CAN'T be beat!." May Bride from NV
05/26/2012 "I searched the internet until I came across your website and found the Adena Hurricane Candle holder. It was perfect for what I wanted as a center tabletop decoration. We decorated for a brunch for 60 ladies. Each 6' round table had the hurricane candle holder in the middle as a centerpiece. I liked that it wasn't too tall, was clear so the candle could be seen burning and the pedestal allowed for small vases with flowers to be placed around it. We used fine china and silver and crystal, but these candle holders could be used very casual as well. They are very sturdy. Just what I wanted. Thank you for this perfect product. All eight of our table were beautiful." CD from California
05/25/2012 "I needed real Navy blue floating candles for the clambake color scheme. These were perfect. They burned very brightly for the six hours I needed and would have lasted longer. The graceful shape looked nice. The only possible improvement would have been for the candles to be solid blue rather than blue over white candles. Ordering was easy. Delivery was as promised." Del from FL
05/25/2012 "These (red votive candles) are being used for a wedding and this was the best priced site that we found and had great color options. The other really nice thing is that (unlike a lot of cheap candles) the color goes all the way through. Love them so far, excited to use them for the wedding in October!" Scott from MI
05/24/2012 "Ordered hurricane votives for my daughter's wedding. They shipped quickly. One was broken when they arrived and two were a little shorter than the others due to the fact that they are handblown glass. I called and it was no problem with them at all, they shipped new votives out promptly at no additional cost. These are very pretty for the price and the staff at Quick Candles is very friendly, efficient and accommodating. I would definitely do business again!!" Red Wine Lover from Virginia
05/24/2012 "Very difficult to find black, unscented votives that burn 10+ hours...these votives are more substantial in size...burn time is extremely important when having an event that continues for 6+ hours...truly, I do not bother shopping around when I need the way, the order process couldn't have been easier and delivery was super quick...a very satisfied customer!" Pam from Chicago
05/23/2012 "As a Wedding Planner I find that this 30 piece set (Pillar Candles) is the perfect base core for wedding receptions. Begin with this set and add to it to create the effect you want. The Ivory gives that golden glow that makes any event seem more elegant." The Veiled Rose Weddings and Events from PA
05/22/2012 "Great candles at a great price and great customer service!! The candles were just a little shorter than I was expecting, but still looked fine in a clear votive! Would definitely use this company again and tell my friends to do the same! THANK YOU, QUICK CANDLES!!" Anoush from CA
05/22/2012 "I thought customer service was dead until I received my shipment and only one vase was broken--incredible packaging due to the fact that I bought 24 sets of 3 vases. Upon receipt of the product and noticing the broken vase I called Quick Candles and explained that I had one broken vase. I was not asked anything, the customer service representative immediately apologized and asked me to verify the shipping address. I was amazed!!!!!!!" Lola from CA
05/21/2012 "I own a Concierge Service for couples and I ordered the votive candle holders to use them in my complementary baskets as a thank you, which came quickly ;-) Unfortunately, two of my votive candle holders were cracked and broken upon arrival. I was delighted when I called customer service and they were replaced with no problem. I will most definitely use Quick Candles in the future :-)" Kissable Retreats from Florida
05/20/2012 "Used these candles at the reception for my daughter's wedding-- they are exceptional candles and everyone had wonderful things to say about the decorations with the floating candles in the bowls of garland water--the service of Quick Candles was terrific and I will definitely shop with you again--thanks!" Nana from Southwest Virginia
05/20/2012 "I am using these (monogrammed votives) for my wedding! They smell amazing and look great with my decorations!" Drew from GA
05/19/2012 "I had a large order, as I am using these as the centerpieces for my wedding reception, and they came very quickly, and in perfect condition. I could not be any happier!" Drew from GA
05/19/2012 "We ordered these wine bottle stoppers for our daughter's reception in June. Although we haven't used them yet, I couldn't be happier with the design and how well they are made. Since the reception is at a winery, they will be the perfect addition to the bottle of wine that will be at each guest table." Nancy from PA
05/18/2012 "These (mini luminous lanterns) were perfect as a centerpiece at my daughter's birthday party. Just added a bow accent and flame less tea lights to complete the effect. They were perfect! Very pleased." Pleased momma from FL
05/18/2012 "Used these (votive candles) in a centerpiece for a bridal shower. they were perfect. and, the fact that i was able to get unscented made them even more perfect. last thing i wanted in a room full of people and centerpieces was to have an additional scent from the candles! the service was fantastic. i ordered them and received them with amazing speed!" LP from NJ
05/17/2012 "I am the go-to person at our church for centerpieces for various functions. For a spring women's luncheon I floated these candles with fresh flowers, beads & decorative stones in plastic "crystal" bowls. The candles stayed lit for the entire luncheon & they weren't smokey like cheaper candles are. They can be used again for another luncheon next month. I was very pleased with the quality & price & the delivery time was super quick. I will definitely purchase again." Montycarlo from PA
05/17/2012 "In the past, I would have to locate a store that carried them and then drive quite a distance to purchase 10-hour candles in quantity. They were more expensive than the ones I purchased from Quick Candles, and I don't think that they burned as well. I received my order so quickly that I was actually surprised. Quick Candles is why Internet shopping is really the way to go with specialty items." Mary from CA
05/16/2012 "I bought these (votive) candles for one of my clients wedding, this was my first time using Quick Candles so I was worried about how long they would last. The order came very quickly so I had time to burn one to test it out. I lite the candle at 11:00pm and when I woke at 6:00am the candle was still burning. the next week I used the candles at the wedding and they burned all night no problems and no worries. I will use Quick Candles for all of my weddings that require candles." T T from Georgia
05/16/2012 "I ordered these for my son's wedding. I was a little uncertain about ordering sight unseen so I did a trial of 1 dozen. They came very quickly and were packaged very well. The size and color were very close to what they looked like on the computer, and I am very pleased with them. Ordered the pink and it was a very nice shade not the fluorescent pink I had seen elsewhere. I returned and placed the full order for the full gross, and they arrived just as fast. Haven't used them yet but I will return to comment on that after the wedding. I placed both orders over the phone and they were very helpful." Tom from NJ
05/15/2012 "I ordered the set of 3 cylinders of varying heights as well as floating candles. [@], one cylinder was worth [$]. On your site, THREE cylinders, plus THREE candles were worth [$]. We are using this for our wedding centerpieces and we are very pleased with the quality. I ordered 20 sets of three, and not a single cylinder was broken when they arrived. They came earlier than I expected -- within a week! This is a great site for the budget-friendly bride who wants to get high-quality goods at reasonable prices. Thanks Quick Candles. We were able to save money for our honeymoon!" Aileen from RI
05/15/2012 "I use lots of tea candles in my daily altar work and I have been looking for a source of good quality candles at a reasonable price. I found them here. The wick-to-wax ratio is just right, so the candles burn all the wax without creating smoke, and they burn for several hours. Now, if only they came in soy or beeswax at the same price, I would be even happier. But at least I can recycle the little metal cups the candles come in and they AREN'T PLASTIC, which is great." Novellen from Oregon
05/14/2012 "These vases (Adena 7.5 Hurricane Vase) came in no time it seemed. Quick Candles is on top of their game! I ordered 8 vases for a bridal shower I was throwing my sister-in-law. I was happy with the height of the vases because I did not want them obstructing anyone's view when sitting at the tables. I wrapped a wide zebra print ribbon around the center of the vase with a small royal blue (her wedding color) ribbon in the center of the zebra one. I added a floating candle and they were beautiful. I received so many compliments on these vases! I found that Quick Candles had the best prices as well. I will be using this site more often when purchasing these types of products." Angie from NC
05/13/2012 "Dear Madam/Sir, I had to write a quick note to thank your company. After many years of faithfully buying all my votive candles from Yankee Candle, I became really dismayed by the rising prices; the last I seen, they were $2.00 per candle - they burn about 10-12 hours - sometimes, more.. Anyway, they got too expensive, and I could never bring myself to pay that much for one candle - so I switched to candle jars. And while okay, they never do have the same "ambiance" of a votive, but I switched between them and tea lights and was happy enough. I'm a faithful, now, shopper, and I happened to see your candles there. The Ocean Mist set of 72. For the price, I wasn't sure what to expect, but to say that the price was extremely good. So I bought them. They were delivered right away. And I'm ASTOUNDED at how good they are. I bought that set and the set of tea lights, which are absolutely perfect, by the way. I had one of the votives in a small, votive holder - and folks, that thing - God bless you guys - burned at least 14 hours. I lit in the in the morning and much later that night, I was DARNED at what I was seeing because it was still going. And they smell good. My mother and brother came to visit me last week. I had burned two of your candles the day before, and nothing was burning when they came. They walked in and immediately commented on how "fresh and nice" the house smelled. They thought that I had just finished doing laundry and they were smelling fabric softener! Please don't listen to anyone telling you that they are weak scented. They are not. So, had to drop you a note to congratulate you - heck, even SALUTE you - on a great product and for an extremely good price. I intend to buy all of my candles from your company for now on and I can't thank you enough. Thank you!. " Marie
05/13/2012 "I am responding to your email. I want to thank you for the wide selection of all your beautiful candles. I purchased the 2" Ivory Floating Candles. Set of 36. I am so pleased to have purchased my candles with a wide selection. I looked at different web sites and the Quick Candles was the one for me. I haven't used them yet, I'm waiting on my Wedding Day. June 23 2012. I already love them, they match perfectly with my color theme. So I can't wait to see the glow in the vases and the light they give off. I want to Thank you again for my candles. I really appreciate doing business with Quick Candles. " Teresa
05/12/2012 "I purchased these votive holders for party favor gifts for my daughter's christening. I bought flats of individual flowers and then planted an individual flower in each of these holders. I set a flower at each place setting and people could take the them home and plant them in the yard. My guest loved them and it also acted as decoration for the party. Some of the guest continue to use them as candle holders and some even continue to plant individual flowers in them and set them in their window sills. They are durable too because I was planting the flowers I dropped a few and they held up fine. Good price, ships fast, great product. " Tellkorieastory from NJ
05/12/2012 "I plan on using these (3" Floating Candles) with some polished river rocks for my wedding centerpieces. The quality is great and the cheapest price on the internet. The order was delivered in perfect condition and very quickly too. I would definitely order from again and I would recommend them as well. " Cutehokiegal from MD
05/11/2012 "I purchased these candles (scented votives) at the last minute for someone who forgot they needed candles for a reception. They were shipped to my house in just 2 days. Compare that to the 5-7 day shipping from a competitor. The fragrance of vanilla filled the room and added to the ambiance at the reception. They lasted for hours and the only problem i had was trying to remove them from the votive candle holders. " Shawndra from MD
05/11/2012 "I'll be using these (votive candle holder and candles) for my wedding. I ordered a ton of them and am completely satisfied!!! Thick glass and candles are a good size, plus they are an amazing price!! I glued mesh wrap on them and they are now ready to be a great highlight to my special day. " Bride to be from CA
05/10/2012 "The 36 cylinders with candles all arrived promptly and all were packaged well so they arrived unbroken. They were exactly what we ordered. Excellent turn around time. Wedding coming up and if the candles burn as advertised it will be a perfect purchasing experience!!! " MOTB from GA
05/10/2012 "Im a DIY'er and I was looking for something really cute for my dinningroom table. At first when I ordered I didnt think much of it since it was 3 engraved vases for only 19.99 (Square Candle Vases) but when they arrived I was amazed the glass is nice and thick kinda heavy which is a plus, They look expensive!!! The only con I have is the engraving is kind of light on one of them but not to the point that I would send it back. Everyone loves them and 3 different sizes look great in the center of my table. " Designs by Shelia from MI
05/9/2012 "I loved the photos on the site and when they arrived, I was even more excited! I ordered 144 purple votive candle holders and candles for our June 23rd wedding. I will place 7 on each table to symbolize our 7 years of being together. I've placed them on my ivory pintuck table cloth and 3 different/size frames and they are the perfect pop! Quick candles also offered the best pricing I found for this product - some were far more expensive - near $200 so, grab it while you can! " JC from NY
05/9/2012 "I purchased 24 of these flameless candles (3 days prior to my wedding) to be placed down each side of the aisle b/c the hotel told me we could not use real candles b/c of the fire hazard. I knew Quick Candles could get them to me in time b/c I had just placed another order for 48 (3 inch) floating candles a week or so prior that I received the very next day , so I knew Quick Candles could have them here in time for my wedding. FedEx lost them and after a few calls one of my Bridesmaids had located them w/ the help of FedEx. The candles were placed down the last min b/c they they were found so late. They looked so real that while the directors assistant was putting them in place the guest were cautioning her to be careful of her hair and dresses of the guest. The candles were left in place all night and were still flickering the next afternoon. We have used them several times since then on our honey moon and at home. They are still going strong. I WOULD ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT TO ANYONE CONSIDERING THEM. ENJOY, we still are. " LaTanya the Happy Bride from VA
05/8/2012 "I used these candles in decorative bowls with colored water as some of the centerpieces for my wedding. They burned about five hours and looked lovely. The price can't be beat, especially for the wide assortment of colors offered. Would highly recommend! " FaerieSpell from CO
05/8/2012 "I ordered floating candles to create centerpieces for a 700-guest event. These candles were perfect because they are unscented (I used three candles per table so any scent would have been overpowering). They also looked beautiful and lasted through the whole event. The centerpieces were a little messy to clean up, but I knew they would be. A tip: if you 'sink' the candles instead of blowing them out, you will get less wax on your glass. Another thing I loved... the candles were NOT individually wrapped, so I didn't have to spend time unwrapping them. VERY pretty, too. The centerpieces looked BEAUTIFUL. " Event Planner from New Jersey
05/7/2012 "We ordered 144 personalized votives as keepsakes for our upcoming wedding and were to fill them with Jordan Almonds wrapped in tulle. The votives came in a few days but four of them were broken. I called customer service and they immediately replaced the broken ones without any hassle. " Cathy, bride-to-be from FL
05/7/2012 "These were a good price for the amount of candles that you get. I haven't used them yet but we're using them for our wedding center pieces and they were just what I was looking for. They shipped quickly. Would definitely recommend! " Mary from MN
05/6/2012 "I haven't used the candles yet. They are for a wedding on June 2. However, they are very pretty, the votive holders are ridiculously inexpensive, and the service was astonishing! They came literally the next day! Thank you for one thing I didn't have to worry about in these wedding preparations. " Debbie Spear
05/5/2012 "Woke up this morning and package was waiting for me at the door! Good thing because the wedding is tomorrow. I was praying the package would arrive on time and it certainly did. I just wanted to say thank you. The muti colored votive holders are the perfect accent for the Cinco De Mayo wedding!!! Thanks again, have used Quick Candles before and was very satisfied as well. Will continue to use & recommend. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!" Kelli Baugh
05/5/2012 "I ordered these for tables at a formal event. It was an eight hour event and not one candle went out. Shipping was quick. Product was as described. Easy to box back up to save for another event. I am back ordering again for my home." Tinna from CA
05/4/2012 "Looked amazing! Very easy to put together and burned all night at our reception! I want to order some just to have around the house. These things are great and so inexpensive!" BrideDee from MN
05/4/2012 "The items came in very fast. Haven't used them yet our event isn't until July. But we did burn 1 to see if it last as long as they say and it seems to do that. Will update more after the Wedding." Powerstdsz from TN
05/3/2012 "I always use Quick Candles for all of my events. They are always fast with shipping, great products, inexpensive prices, and bring any event to the next level. I recommend them." Meghan from NY
05/2/2012 "We bought these candles to use in centerpieces for our wedding reception. They were very reasonably priced and burned just perfect on the tables. Great deal and very good quality! I would recommend them to anyone!!!" The new Mrs. J from NY
05/2/2012 "I used these candles (pillar candles) in two large lanterns that I have on our screened porch. They have burned well so far and add a nice ambiance when we are sitting out there at night. They came quickly and were packaged well. The red color was a true red also. I will use Quick Candles again." Momof5 from KS
05/1/2012 "Our daughter is getting married in a barn on a 15,000 acre ranch in a couple of weeks and they do not allow any candles or open fire. The frosted votives and flickering amber LED lights for the candelabras that will sit on the dinner tables will add a soft, flickering glow. Out of the 240 LED that I ordered, only 10 did not work. Ordering online was easy, and I actually received all of the items in good condition within a few days." Mother of the Bride from CA
05/1/2012 "Its a great product for the value of money. I ordered small red apple cinnamon votives to make my own wedding place-card holders. Candles were exactly what I ordered, came in perfect shape and time, well packed. Their nice scent made the area around my placecard holder smells great. Also, they became cute little wedding favors for the guests as I decorated them with ribbons and stuff." Meenal from MN
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