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Home > Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Quick Candles is fanatical about customer service. We offer wholesale pricing but we have boutique quality customer service.

How do we do it?

  • Friendly, helpful customer service professionals, available toll free at 1-800-928-6175.
  • Hand picking, professional packing and Same Day Shipping in our warehouse.
  • Fast, FedEx Delivery right to your door.
  • After sale support, including our famous Easy Returns.

Read what just a few of our customers have to say about us. We would love to hear from you, too.Quick Candles, the home of Quality Products and Quick Shipping!

5/11/2015 "The product(Set of 48 Candle Holders and 48 Tealight Candles) was perfect for my needs! They were for our daughter's engagement party. They were delivered in quick time and served the purpose of accent lighting on tables, beautifully! "KP from PA
5/11/2015 "I purchased these(Votive Candle Holder Clear Glass Box of 72) for an upcoming wedding that I will be making soy candles for. They arrived very quickly and were just as described. Good quality and excellent price! Very happy... I will be a return customer... "Clear Creek Candles from OR
5/10/2015 "LOVED THESE LIGHTS(Set of 72 Flameless LED Tealights White ). VERY LONG LASTING. "SusieQ from OR
5/10/2015 "Candles(Pillar Candles Unscented 3" x 3" Hand Poured Set of 12) are just the size I needed for glass holders I own. They surround the pole of our patio umbrella and add such a nice touch to outdoor evenings. "SusieQ from OR
5/10/2015 "We ordered 6 sets of these candle holders(Set of 18 Square Holders and 18 Floating Candles ). (18 candle holders total) We found that 6 were broken and the packaging was not the best. We called customer service and they were extremely nice and helpful. Instead of sending us just 6 pieces to replace the broken ones, they sent us 10 in case some of the replacements broke on the way. No need of proof that pieces were broken. No charge for replacement pieces or shipping/handling. "Jackie from SC
5/10/2015 "Good product(White Votive Candles Unscented 10 Hour Set of 144) for the price and fast delivery "Sassy from PA
5/10/2015 "I purchased these candles(White Pillar Candle Unscented 3" x 3" Hand Poured ) to use at my daughter's wedding. They will be added to lanterns for centerpieces and are just what we were looking for. I was pleased with the brightness of the candle, the clean, long-lasting burn time, and that it was available with no scent. I would highly recommend your products to all. "Carol411 from ME
5/10/2015 "I purchased these votive candle holders(Square Votive Candle Holder Set of 72) to make favors for my daughter's wedding. I planting small succulents in them and added a personalized sticker in their wedding colors to the front. They are just what my daughter had dreamed of. Excellent quality, service, and price. Thank you for helping to make this a special day for all. I will highly recommend your products to everyone. "Carol411 from ME
5/9/2015 "We utilize this product(White Votive Candles Unscented 10 Hour Set of 144 ) for our Relay for Life annual event. Remembering those who have last the fight against cancer.these candles are economic and last very long perfect for our ceremonies. "Trev from PA
5/9/2015 "I used these(White Floating Candles 3" Set of 24 ) candles for my daughter's wedding reception and they burned for 8 hours until we blew them out. I have ordered more to use at my son's wedding in June. I also used the 2 inch pillar candles and they were great too. "Kathy from KY
5/9/2015 "The product(Set of 72 Flameless LED Tealights White) came in on time and functioned well as advertised on the website "Spence from ND
5/9/2015 "We wanted a mix of white and coral silk petals for the aisle way. These petals worked out perfectly. We did a trial run to make sure we ordered enough when they were spread out. Looked so nice. My niece very pleased and looking forward to using them. A great value and good quality. The coral color we received was perfect. Not too bright. "CK from TN
5/8/2015 "We used these(Set of 144 Luminary Bags and 144 LED Tealight Candles ) for a charity walk that we did. "Event Coordinator from TN
5/6/2015 "Bought these glass containers(Eastland Cylinder Vase Set of 4 ) to make seasonal displays with and I am very happy that I happened to find this site. they are much nicer then I thought they would be and the quality is excellent. Makes my displays look like they where done by a professional "Whale from WI
5/6/2015 "Hi, just wanted you to know that I love your merchandise—everything I got!! The organza is beautiful, as is the silk runners. I plan to order a few more items for our 50th class reunion. Appreciate your prices, along with the quality of everything… I will certainly be a long time client…and am spreading the word!! "Connie from KS
5/5/2015 "We use the candles(White LED Pillar Candle 3" x 6" ) to decorate a buffet table. It was really pretty and safe to use. We did not want to use real flames for safety reasons. The candles came with batteries which was very convenient and the shipping was very fast. They look like real pillar candles. "Dee-Vine Designs from GA
5/5/2015 "These(Submersible Richland LED Tealight White Set of 12) were great. Used to create light for table lamps "ambiance maker from NC
5/4/2015 "I am using these(White Richland Floating Candles 2" Set of 24 ) floating candles at my wedding reception this June. My florist recommended Quick Candles and i couldn't be happier. They were reasonably priced, arrived promptly in the mail and burned for at least 4 hours! Very pleased! "Cait1231 from WI
5/4/2015 "Great company! We order year after year for our annual formal and have never been disappointed. The candles(Square Votive Candle Holder Set of 72 ) always last through the event (five hours long). the holders are beautiful and have upheld for through years of use. Delivery only takes a day or two (i'm always shocked at how fast they arrive). "formal mom from NC
5/4/2015 "The chair covers ironed up nicely and are a great price. They added just the right amount of elegance for the bridal shower I was hosting. "Debbie from OH
5/4/2015 "I use them(White Tealight Candles Unscented Set of 125 ) for an outdoor tea light holder. They aren't like some tea lights that don't burn good. These burn 4 to 5 hours. I would diffently order them again. I highly recommend them! "Debbie from FL
5/3/2015 "I ordered these(Glass Adena Hurricane Vases 10.5" Set of 12) for a party, can't wait to illuminate! They are beautiful! "Shelly from NY
5/2/2015 "I use these votives(Votive Candle Holder Clear Glass Box of 72) in recycled liquor bottles and have been extremely pleased with them. Also very pleased with the quick delivery of my orders. Very good product. "G&G Creations from MO
5/2/2015 "Will be using the Eastlake Chalkboard votives for a baby shower favor/decoration. So looking forward to decorating with them. The fact that you can use them over & over is a great feature. "Peaceful J from IL
5/2/2015 "These(Navy Blue Floating Candles 3" Set of 12) will be part of my center pieces at my upcoming September wedding. They are going to look great! "Natalie on budget from TN
5/1/2015 "After a lot of research and reading reviews, I bought these(White Floating Candles 3" Set of 24) candles for the centerpieces for my daughters wedding. I am so glad that I purchased these. They lasted the entire reception (4 - midnight) and they looked great! Shipping was fast and they are package very well so they arrived with no issues. You may find cheaper candles elsewhere but you will get what you pay for and I believe these are very reasonable. Believe me, I did all the research and review reading for you. I will definately buy these again! "leamer03 from WI
5/1/2015 "This store has become my source for candles. The products are high quality and shipment is super fast. "DV from FL
5/1/2015 "I ordered these(Set of 72 Votive Candle Holders and 72 Votive Candles) initially for a wedding favors but then decided to use them as table decor for the reception/wedding favor. So happy with this purchase they looked amazing and burned very well. Will definitely order from Quick Candles again. "MLB from NJ
5/1/2015 "Very nice and useful(Eastland Chunky Tealight Holder Red Set of 12 ). They are very well made. The glass is thick, smooth and bright. With the tea lights lit, a halo the color of the glass is emitted around the holder; which adds to the ambiance. I bought a whole box and use some of them to illuminate my religious icons and the rest to add ambiance around the house or the dinner table. "DV from FL
4/30/2015 "I bought these(Cylinder Vase 6" Set of 12) for center pieces for our sons up coming wedding Next May (2016) Very Surprised at how fast they arrived after I ordered. (4 days) Very well pkgd. 100% intact Very Happy :) "scoobieruby64 from IA
4/29/2015 "The replacement lanterns arrived today in perfect condition. Not 1 broken piece. I want to thank you for going above and beyond. The Priority packing was more than expected. I am now able to take the 99 lanterns with me to Ohio. I will continue to regularly purchase from your company knowing the product will be shipped and packed with care. "Michael from PA
4/29/2015 "Purchased this set of votive holders and unscented 10 hour candles (along with a larger set of 288) to be used inside mason jars at a beach wedding. The candles really do burn for 10 hours as long as you burn them inside the votive holders. We chose the frosted holders for a softer look, but I'm sure the clear ones would have been lovely, too. You can't go wrong with this product! Prompt delivery & a great value. "Maya from WI
4/29/2015 "For an event we use between 40-70 candles(Set of 72 Votive Candle Holders and 72 Votive Candles) to highlight photos and provide a warm, comforting feeling to our guests. We used to purchase from the local box store and throw away the glass after the candle burned away. They were impossible to replace because the wick base was glued to base of holder. These candles last a long time, and are easy to get out of the holders when they need to be replaced. They always ship super quick. I am so glad we found this company. "Grateful Parlor from UT
4/29/2015 "Fun gift(Votive Holders Eastland Chalkboard Set of 12 )! I included a chalk pen and the bride loved this gift. Groom thought they were shot glasses!! haha which I guess you could have BIG shots in them. very reasonably priced compared to other sites/stores. These arrived promptly and I was so excited because they were a wedding gift. I was disappointed when 2 were chipped:( Called customer service, they were so helpful and very pleasant to deal with. My replacements were shipped right away and arrived before they were back from their honeymoon. "meeshell from CA
4/28/2015 "I am an event coordinator and designer. I was more than satisified, not only with the quickcandle products,but with the price and speed that I received them. " from WI
4/28/2015 "We purchase the candlight(White Votive Candles Unscented 10 Hour Set of 144) to add that final touch to an evening of Italian food, wine, and live music. Pricing is economical, delivery is prompt, and the candles do their thing flawlessly. We've been repeat customers for years and never been disappointed. "The Old Lamp Lighter from TX
4/28/2015 "I used this product(Eastland Diamond Wrap Red Roll 30 Feet ) to decorate tables for my nieces Wedding and also to decorate vases for the centerpieces. It was an absolute DREAM to work with and was VERY effective "Lunar Orchid from GA & UK
4/28/2015 "purchased for wedding(Cylinder Vase 6" ), makes a beautiful centerpiece arrangement, with Aqua beads and real flowers. One vase arrived damaged quick candles replaced it immediately, great customer service. A true leader in what customer service should be. Loved my purchase and the company standing behind there product. "All about the wedding from NJ
4/28/2015 "Very affordable and great quality(Set of 3 Cylinders and 3 Floating Candles ). Fast shipping and highly recommend. "Owens Family from FL
4/27/2015 "They(Purple Floating Candles 3" Set of 24 ) were bigger than I expected them to be. They are perfect for what I need them for. I am so glad we ordered with QuickCandles. They came on time and weren't broken. I am so happy and I can't wait to use them for my wedding. "Lynn from TX
4/26/2015 "I am going to use these(Grande Frosted Hurricane Holder) in lanterns for my daughter's wedding reception. I bought the 10 hour votive candles to go in them. "Bulletproofgirl from OH
4/26/2015 "Purchased fillers(astland Clear Acrylic Diamond Gem Vase Fillers (24 Container Bulk)) for our wedding centerpieces which had to be pre assembled before taking them to the venue. Because of their light weight, it didn't add too much weigh to the overall peices. The look exceeded what we were looking for, the pricing was awesome. Did I mention that the package arrived super fast? I would purchase from quick candles again. "MCandy and Rizza Carrizales from CA
4/25/2015 "I buy these candles(White Votive Candles Clean Linen Scented 10 Hour Set of 288) a few hundred at a time and use them for weddings all of the time. One of the best products that I have found, very fast shipping and excellent customer service! "Memorable Occasions from MI
4/25/2015 "I have tried these in the past when I tried the assortment box of all the Quick Candles scented votives. They burned and smell perfect. But this was the first month that I bought a whole box of 72 votives in Lavender. First, they do burn beautiful. The scent is immediate, though light and pleasing. Not only this, but it's light and pleasing in that it "lingers." You will smell a faint scent of this candle the next day after burning one. Lovely. In a cut, glass votive, it's beautiful while burning. The lovely lavender hue compliments the flame and they "bounce off each other." Don't know why waited so long to get a whole box, but now that I have, they are definitely a favorite. Perfect scent for the home. "Shanahan the Candle Burner from MA
4/25/2015 "We ordered 4 sets(Set of 4 Cylinders and 3" Floating Candles ) for my daughter's Sweet 16 candle lighting ceremony. They were shipped very fast and came to me with no cracks or broken ones. I painted and decorated them and had no problems at all. They were a big hit! I would definitely order them again. "Crafty Mom from NJ
4/24/2015 "Love the product(Cylinder Floating Candle Vase Set of 3 ) and service was great!! Purchased for a wedding and not disappointed! "the Nonny from TX
4/24/2015 "As advertised(Pillar Candle Unscented 3" x 3" Hand Poured). Great backing by company. S grew candles arrived damaged and were replaced promptly with no questions asked. "wedding from RI
4/23/2015 "Will be using these(Set of 36 Cylinders and 3" Floating Candles) for some of the tables for our daughter's wedding and adding embellishments. Best price I could find that included candles. "momofbridex2 from MI
4/22/2015 "This is everything that a business could ask for. "MaRgo's from TN
4/22/2015 "I used the mirrors to sit my centerpieces on and it looked so elegant. I received my mirrors in a very timely manner. I found this website and I will definitely be returning in the future. More than sastisfied. "25/21 party from TX
4/21/2015 "I have ordered from Quick Candles a few times. I have always found their products to be quality items. Their shipping is quick and packaging great. Keep up the excellent work! "Jabbit from PA
4/21/2015 "Great for wedding(Set of 6 White LED Pillar Candles 3" x 6"). Good price and quality. Excellent customer service, easy ordering and prompt delivery. I will order from Quick Candles again. "Mother of the Groom from FL
4/21/2015 "I love these candles; they(White Floating Candles 3" Set of 24) fit perfectly into the cylinders sold at Quick Candles. Fast delivery and excellent product. The white candles are a true white. "Bride on a Budget from NJ
4/21/2015 "All excellent quality of candles. Super delivery time. Service is always on the target. "Nilda from CA
4/21/2015 "They(Set of 144 Votive Candle Holders and 144 Votive Candles ) look amazing. Can't wait to use them for my wedding! "Katie Kakes from MN
4/20/2015 "I purchased 36 candles and holders for a large event. They were attractive and sturdy, but I only received 35 holders. When I called Quick Candles, they immediately sent not one, but two replacement holders that arrived within 48 hours. This was unnecessary, but a sure sign of extraordinary customer service. And, the event went very well, with beautiful lighting. "JM from GA
4/20/2015 "They(White Richland Floating Candles 2" Set of 24) were delivered very fast and work perfectly for what I needed "Heidi from MI
4/20/2015 "Great Candles(White Floating Candles 3" Set of 24)..Second time buying. Use them a lot for my events for my clients. Like that they last a long time. "Debbie the event planner from AZ
4/19/2015 "Looks exactly as they(Eastland Tall Cylinder Vase 4" x 13" Set of 6 ) do online. Reasonable price as I did a lot of shopping around. Places that offered a similar product for a less expensive price would make the difference up in shipping. QuickCandles did not, got them to me in a timely manner and in excellent condition. "Mandy from CA
4/18/2015 "This 4 inch diameter x 13 inch tall vase was shipped quickly and arrived here in less than two days. The item was beautifully double boxed and copious amounts of bubble wrap were used in each box to prevent any possible chance of breakage. This is Precisely what I was looking for to be used as a container for a fluidized sand filter in aquaria. The container has a nice fire polished rim at the top. thin walls, a 3/4 inch thick heavy base section, and measured an exact 4 inch outer diameter at the top. The overall height measured at exactly 13-1/8 inch. "Orthocon from OR
4/18/2015 "I was extremely pleased with the personalization that was on the(Personalized Cylinder Vase 7.5") candles we ordered. The service, delivery and workmanship was excellant. "Char from TX
4/18/2015 "Great candles(Pillar Candles Unscented 2" x 6" Hand Poured Set of 10) for many uses. Inside and outside creates a lovely ambiance and last a long time. Burn very slowly so they are so easy to clean up. I will continue to order these and they were delivered so quickly. "Melinda Chipley from AZ
4/18/2015 "They(Ivory Votive Candles Vanilla Scented 10 Hour Set of 72 ) were for a baby shower favor... Love them "Karen P from TX
4/18/2015 "Ordered these(Eastland Tall Cylinder Vase Set of 18 and Floating Candles ) for our wedding centerpieces, love them they are just want I wanted! Very fast shipping, nice packaging, everything was perfect. "budgetbride from ME
4/18/2015 "Awesome site! Good Prices, Fast Delivery and overall I am very pleased! We purchased the candles for our wedding in June. Thank you! "Becca Bride to Be from MN
4/18/2015 "I light candles in memory of my mom. This is the second order I have placed with Quick Candles, and I am completely satisfied. I also ordered the Amber candle holders as well. I will continue to order from Quick Candles in the future. "AS from NYC
4/17/2015 "These(Cylinder Vase 6" Set of 12) are going to be part of my wedding centerpieces and were exactly what i was looking for and needed. Very well packaged. "Ashley from RI
4/16/2015 "Thank you so much for your prompt and courteous service! It is so wonderful and unfortunately rare when you receive great customer service. I look forward to recommending you to my friends and I will definitely be a returning customer. "Michelle from CA
4/15/2015 "I bought three of these(Eastland Porcelain Tealight Holder with Wire Stand ) for myself on a whim as part of a larger order. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they are even more charming in person than they appeared in the website. I burn white clear-cup tea lights in them and the candle light glows through the porcelain, giving a cute French bistro feel. I just purchased twelve more to give to two friends who are getting married this summer. "Doctor D from VA
4/15/2015 "Bought these(Eastland Cylinder Floating Candle Vase 3.25" x 9" Set of 12 ) for my wedding centerpieces. I love them, very impressed! "Emac from NY
4/15/2015 "I bought these(Eastland Tall Cylinder Vase 4" x 17" ) vases to use as centerpieces for a party. They were the perfect size and good quality. The price was right too! "Party Planner Mom from NY
4/14/2015 "I made ornaments with it(Eastland Diamond Wrap Pink Roll 30 Feet)! It was easy to use and a lot of fun! "sophie.offie from FL
4/14/2015 "Product(Pillar Candle Holder Glass Set of 12) arrived with no damage. These will make the perfect finish to a set of Embossed candles. So happy with my selection and the quality of the holders. "Wingz of Love Keepsakez from TN
4/14/2015 "Vases arrived so fast. There was no damage to any of them. Elegant styling.. I make Embossed Candles and want a holder that would add some class without paying a lot of cash. Best choice ever! You don't have to look any futher...POW POW! "Wingz of Love Keepsakez from TN
4/14/2015 "We will be using these(Eastland Mirrored Chunky Glass Holder 2.5" Set of 48 ) for our daughter's upcoming wedding reception. While I expected them to be attractive, they look much higher end than we anticipated. I think the reflection of the candle off the inside mirror finish will add lots of reflective light. A good testimony to how nice they look is that our wedding decorator wants to purchase them after the wedding to include in her stock! "Casey from MO
4/14/2015 "I haven't used these(Eastland Oyster Cocktail Glass Votive Holder Set of 144 ) yet, but I've unpacked them and tried out a couple. They are well made and sturdy. They fit LED tea lights perfectly. They arrived within a few days and were well packaged, none broken or chipped. "motherofthebride from CA
4/13/2015 "Perfect for my childs baptism, I used them(Eastland Adorn Hurricane 8" Vase Set of 4 ) as centerpieces full of marshmallows and topped it off with different sizes of lollipops so my guest could take them home and enjoy "La Eve from CA
4/13/2015 "We used hurricanes with LED candles for wedding reception decor, and they were simple and perfect. Excellent shopping experience. "Ann from NM
4/13/2015 "I ordered the blue votives, and they look great! They arrived very quickly, and were packaged securely. Also, the price was very affordable. I would definitely order from here again! "Jen from PA
4/13/2015 "The quickest shipping I have ever had. "Jen from NY
4/13/2015 "I love how quickly they process your order. The best service I have had with dealing with a company. I've used them for years and they always get it right. "Afaireslady from NC
4/13/2015 "The Eastland Square candleholders are even better than the picture shows! They are much heavier than I expected them to be. They are going to be perfect for favors for a charity luncheon I am hosting! "B Ruth from PA
4/12/2015 "These chargers were perfect in color and just what I was looking for....that the color shown was precisely what arrived was a relief, as blues are often hard to photograph accurately. Love this product!! "JoJo from VA
4/12/2015 "I have ordered in the past and I especially like the fact that they(White Tealight Candles Extended Burn 7 Hour Unscented Set of 400 ) are made in the USA. I also like that they are long burning. "None from VA
4/11/2015 "I bought the yellow rose petals for my son's wedding. The sunbeam yellow was the perfect color and the size was just right for placement on either side of the aisle runner with plenty left over for the flower girl's basket. I would order again without hesitation. Shipping was quick and the price was great for a budget wedding. "Mom the shopper from AR
4/11/2015 "I used them(Round Diamond Mirror) under my flower centerpieces. They were lovely! Looked so elegant! "Brenral from KY
4/11/2015 "We've been looking for a scented votive candle that masks odors and couldn't find the brand we'd bought in the past. Came across QuickCandles and liked what we saw and bought them. They're the right size and quantity; when combined with the shipping, it's a good value. "nobs from OR
4/11/2015 "I ordered these(Tall Cylinder Vases) in a rush before a large party. They arrived in no time, all intact, and looked lovely with large, pink floating candles in them. They were an inexpensive and attractive way for us to create centerpieces for large tables. I was very happy. "Bat Mitzvah Mom from NY
4/11/2015 "These(White Tealight Candles Unscented Set of 125) candles last longer than the stated four hours. They are made in USA so I don't have to worry about getting lead poisoning since the wicks are cotton. They arrived quickly and well packaged. I light one in my bedroom every night and with the aluminium cups they're safe and sturdy at a reasonable price. "Pashka from CA
4/9/2015 "I used these cylinder glasses for my Centerpieces and put flowers and candle in it! Beautiful and perfect size!!! "Abster from CA
4/9/2015 "Overall great product(Votive Candle Holder Frosted Glass Box of 288 ) for the cost. Was very concerned when arrived because outside boxes were heavily damaged, but thankfully quick candles packs these items well - only 2 out of 288 were broken! They are a little smaller than I imagined but will work great. Basically they are the size of a shot glass. "JPix from OH
4/7/2015 "Purchased glass voltives for my daughters weddings. Excellent product and durable. "Quality Treasures from NJ
4/7/2015 "Perfect! Just as I had expected the color to be!(Lavender Tealight Candles Unscented Clear Cup Set of 50) "Bride to Be from IL
4/6/2015 "I haven't used them(Set of 144 Votive Candle Holders and 144 Votive Candles) yet but they were shipped extremely fast and none were broken and I ordered 144 of the candles and votives. I am decorating them myself for my wedding and they are absolutely perfect! Great buy for a great price! "Val C from NY
4/6/2015 "I head up the Altar Guild at our church and the pastors wanted 7 black pillar candles for the altar on Good Friday. I have been ordering candles from Quick for several years, and everything is of very high quality and arrive well packed. Their candles are long burning and of exceptional quality. The black candles were perfect in quality and pure black color. We have always been highly satisfied. "scraplady42 from CO
4/6/2015 "Got these(Monogrammed Adena Hurricane Vases 7.5" Set of 4) for my daughter's wedding and got the "J" engraved for her new last name, will put them on the bridal table for the bridesmaid and bride's bouquets which look wonderful in these hurricanes. Would also be good with a candle. Will give them away after the reception to people whose last names start with "J"! "BJZH from OH
4/6/2015 "these(Clear Grande Votive Hurricane Holder Set of 48 ) are better quality than votive holders found in stores, they are a little more narrow and tapered than the larger round ones, I like them way more, shipped well no breakage "BJZH from OH
4/6/2015 "I bought these(Cylinder Candle Vase Set of 48) for my daughters wedding and I am very impressed with the quality. They arrived very fast and all unbroken. This was an excellent purchase and will look beautiful at my daughters wedding. "lharris from AL
4/5/2015 "The candles(Black Pillar Candles Unscented 3" x 3" Hand Poured) provided the desired affect during their use. They burned evenly and provided a safe ambiance. "David online from AZ
4/5/2015 "We used these(Bubble Ball 8" Set of 4 ) to create center pieces for a special church dinner using potted orchids, decorative rocks/beads and LED lights. They turned out very pretty - we recieved many compliments! "GrammyPammy from CA
4/5/2015 "I'm a homebased event planner and always have tight budgets to work with (weddings, baby showers, quinceañeras (sweet 15/16) so after several hours of searching, I found Quick Candles website and I am very satisfied with my purchase and quick delivery. I will be purchasing from you again! "Events by YCJ from RI
4/5/2015 "this product(Set of 72 Votive Candle Holders and 72 Votive Candles) was perfect everything I was expecting I used some of the voted for favors for a wedding and the rest for ambiance on tables everyone loved them the venue beautiful and with this added touch made everything again perfect "Tee from PA
4/4/2015 "Bought these(Cylinder Floating Candle Vase Set of 3 ) for wedding reception centerpieces. Exactly what we needed. Thank you. "dandjstone from FL
4/4/2015 "Exactly what we were looking for to decorate for our son's rehearsal dinner in a barrel room of a winery!(Set of 72 Votive Candle Holders and 72 Votive Candles) Delivery was very quick and well-packaged! "J1H from AZ
4/4/2015 "I put these 3 different colors (lavender, yellow and green) in the candle holders on my fireplace with a very Spring like wreath and they matched perfectly. It's hard to find 3x3 candles anymore, especially in lots of colors. thanks. "annet228 from OH
4/4/2015 "I found these(Lavender Votive Candles Scented 10 Hour Set of 144) candles to be an outstanding product for the price. The scent was pleasant without being overpowering. I received my order in very good condition and the shipping time was excellent. I would not hesitate to place an order with this company again. "Bills Fan from NY
4/4/2015 "I recieved this order quickly and the candles came in perfect condition. I am using the tea light candles, along with another color/scent as party favors so I havent burned any yet to comment on longevity and scent but the unburned candles do have a nice scent. "WhoDat! from LA
4/3/2015 "I used this(Grande Votive Holder Clear Glass Set of 72 ) for my niece's wedding reception.They are the perfect size. "butrcup from NJ
4/1/2015 "I was looking for a long burning tealight a few years ago for an outdoor party. I was tired of having to switch out tealights during parties, sitting outdoors in the summer, etc. I stumbled across the reviews for these online and was a bit sceptical. Really, burn for 7 hours?! Well, I took a chance, bought them, used them for my party (outdoors from 7 pm-1 am) and believe it or not, when I went to blow them out, they were all still burning! Ever since, I have used these candles and no others. They have saved me time and money! I love them so much that I bought them for a friend that was watering my flowers while on vacation as a thank you gift and now she will uses them exclusively also!! Fabulous product!! "CandleKarin from IL
4/1/2015 "Best value I've found(and I looked),very pleased with the quality as well. Used as a party favor at Mom's 80th birthday(added a label with her picture & date) they(Votive Candle Holder Frosted Glass Box of 144 ) were a hit! I've shared this site with anyone who'd listen "Patricia from TX
4/1/2015 "I was inspired by a pinterest design that showed a lantern on a table with the ribbed candleholders that spread the light into rays around it, and then I found these candle holders. I had high hopes...and they are exactly what I was looking for. I would highly recommend them for someone that wants a romantic mood for a centerpiece! "CopperToddZeus from OH
4/1/2015 "Very pleased with votives and flameless tealight candles. At first I thought the votives were a little big because of the flower pot design but they fit perfect where we plan to use them. I can't wait to use them at the wedding reception. "wedding mom from AL
4/1/2015 "This multi size set of vases are just what we were looking for our wedding - great price and quality. thanks! "Kara and Joe from MA
3/31/2015 "THANK YOU I have received my order SAP .. Satisfied with order . Will be a return customer Thank you again "Pam from OH
3/31/2015 "About three weeks ago I ordered LOTS of candles, candle holders and crystals from you. These are for a wedding we’re having in May but also some of them were to be used for a bridal shower. I was SO satisfied with the quality of everything that I received, how it was packaged and the turnaround time in which time I received the order. I’ll recommend you to everyone because of all of the things I mentioned in addition to the large variety of products you had to offer. Thank you for helping make my granddaughter’s wedding day special! "Emily from NC
3/31/2015 "Out of the 24(Votive Candle Holder Frosted Glass Set of 12) we ordered, 1 was broken. I wasn't going to say anything but QC emailed me and I mentioned it and they shipped me a replacement, no questions, no troubles! Wasn't expecting that because they were so cheap to begin with. Pleasantly surprised. "Community Center Managaer from OR
3/31/2015 "These candles(Red Votive Candles Apple Cinnamon Scented 10 Hour Set of 144 ) are great. I use them mainly for the ambiance. They really do last 10 hours "Lcab01 from PA
3/31/2015 "I am going to use this(Cylinder Vase 10.5" Set of 12 ) for centerpiece at my wedding. They look amazing and shipped fairly quickly. "Bride on a Budget from NJ
3/30/2015 "Our church was looking to replace the votives on the devotional table and I came across Quick Candles. It was a blessing. We ordered them at a reasonable price, and received them(Votive Candle Holder Colored Glass Red Set of 72 ) very quickly to have them in place just in time for Holy Week and Easter services. Thank you Quick Candles! "Bulgarian Bob from MO
3/30/2015 "I purchased several sets of these vases(Cylinder Floating Candle Vase Set of 3 ) last year for wedding reception table centerpieces. They were loaded with flowers, water and floating candles. They were quite beautiful. I needed more for an event this year and didn't hesitate to order this product again. I was very pleased with how delicate they looked but were very durable, having been packed, loaded, emptied, washed and repacked. All survived. Would highly recommend. "Sue from MI
3/30/2015 "I bought these(Set of 96 Candle Holders and 96 Tealight Candles) for my wedding in July. They are perfect. The price was great too! "hartpj from NJ
3/30/2015 "I ordered 18 of these(White LED Pillar Candle 3" x 6") and when received there were four broken ones. They immediately shipped me replacement candles. Their packaging is fantastic and so is their customer service. "Skeeter from OH
3/30/2015 "I am using this wrap(Eastland Diamond Wrap Blue Roll 30 Feet) for my Nautical Birthday celebration and was enough wrap to last forever, especially for the price. Easy to cut and use on all sorts of things. I recommend buying all the colors and saving them for another use. "Hollywood of the Bronx from NY
3/30/2015 "I needed candles that children could decorate using beads, ric rac and paper designs. For years I bought candles from Michaels however the last few years nothing would stick to them. These(Pillar Candle Unscented 2" x 9" Hand Poured Set of 20 ) worked so well all I needed was elmers glue. I had resorted to expensive glues and even a heat gun with the Michaels candles without success. Must be the coating on them. "KT from GA
3/29/2015 "The mesh diamond roll is very pretty. I was very pleased with the order I highly recommend. "Apria from LA
3/29/2015 "I used these(Pillar Candles Unscented 3" x 9" Hand Poured Set of 12 ) candles for my daughters wedding. They were perfect and burned all night. Delivery in less than 24 hours. "Mom of 4 from GA
3/28/2015 "The candles(White Votive Candles Unscented 10 Hour Set of 12 ) served their purpose in our church. We are planning to use them again in the future. "SF Gram from CA
3/28/2015 "Love the vases(Cylinder Floating Candle Vase Set of 36) am planning on using them for centerpieces for my daughters wedding in June very well packaged none were broke and got my order very quick.Liked them so much I ordered a second time and now have others ordering. Will definitely use them again, Glenda "Glenda from NY
3/28/2015 "I use this(Eastland Diamond Wrap Black Roll 30 Feet) in my art. The color is exactly as I wanted, deep and dark.. "Barb from TX
3/28/2015 "I use this(Eastland Diamond Wrap Pink Roll 30 Feet ) in my art. The colors are exactly as I wanted, bright and intense. "Barb from TX
3/27/2015 "These things(Frosted Flower Pot Votive Holder Glass Set of 12) are perfect for more than just candles. They r a great size for plant favors. I am doing lucky bamboo and making them myself. These are gorgeous and super cost effective! And shipped super fast and all arrived in great condition. "Ivone from NY
3/26/2015 "I wish I had bought the bigger package! Well worth every penny! Great Ambiance!(Set of 72 Votive Candle Holders and 72 Votive Candles) "Ro from TX
3/25/2015 "Wrapped these(Cylinder Floating Candle Vase Set of 3) in raffia to give an extra touch and tie in the colors of my wedding. Perfect Centerpieces looks like I paid so much more than I did! "Tiffany from AR
3/25/2015 "Nice, clear mirrors, without cloudy spots, or waves. I like the smaller size. "JustJoan from IL
3/25/2015 "I was searching for a beautiful option for centerpieces for our non-profit adult day program. As we are just getting started, I was very pleased with the variety of budget friendly options available through There was an instance of one of the glass hurricanes arriving shattered, but their customer service was top notch for quick replacement. Thank you! We will be using you again. "Christine at Great Lakes PACE from MI
3/25/2015 "Used the diamond ribbon to decorate a party and it was just right the touch of bling to make the room sparkle. "Ms.B from TN
3/25/2015 "I purchased these(Votive Candle Holder Clear Glass Box of 72) for our tables at our upcoming wedding. They are SO much heavier & better quality than I had expected, I was extremely happy with this purchase. We bought the ivory candles to go with these & they are so beautiful & the price was a steal. Shipping was fast also. Excellent products & company! I've already sent other people to this site for their upcoming weddings & parties! "Kelly from NY
3/25/2015 "Perfect choice for a beach wedding(Set of 3 Cylinders and 3 Floating Candles ). To be filled with pebbles and topped with floating candle. Saved me hundreds of dollars and I can give to wedding party as a gift as well. Very pleased. Would highly recommend this company. "Nrjzrbunne from VA
3/25/2015 "I bought these(Set of 4 Cylinders and 3" Floating Candles) for my daughters bridal shower. They arrived safely and very fast. Good quality at a good price. You will be very happy with these glass cylinders and floating candles. Just the right touch to add elligance to any decor. "Sandy, mother of the bride from WI
3/24/2015 "Thank you for the inquiry . I enjoy everything I have ordered from you thus far and have just made another order. Thank you for prompt shipment !! "Jeanell from ID
3/24/2015 "Just the right color to go with theme!(Lavender Votive Candles Unscented 10 Hour Set of 12 ) Fit perfectly in decorated glass containers, and burned full time of party. "Big Papa Tl from MI
3/24/2015 "Used as alternative centerpieces(Adena Hurricane Vases Glass Set of 12 ). Great value and nice size. Arrived within a few days. Would purchase again. "no one special from CA
3/23/2015 "The product was perfect(lue Votive Candle Holder Colored Glass Set of 12) its what I need. "Alamo from KS
3/23/2015 "Using(Set of 48 Cylinders and 3" Floating Candles) for my wedding .... So happy I found this site! Will be ordering favors as well. "Married T from NY
3/23/2015 "Using for my wedding. We painted them(Frosted Grande Hurricane Holder Set of 72) an antique gold and they look great!we wanted frosted to give it more of a hazy look instead of shiny. "bbkingster from GA
3/22/2015 "I'm so happy I found this site! I've placed 3 orders in the last 2 months and will never look anywhere else for candles "Laurie from MA
3/22/2015 "I used these(Set of 288 Votive Candle Holders and 288 Votive Candles) in a twofold format - decoration and favors for my guests. A beautiful yet inexpensive way to make an impact on my guests. "LA White from AR
3/22/2015 "These vases(Adena Hurricane Vases Glass Set of 12 ) were just what I was looking for. They set the right ambiance for my daughters small intimate wedding. They shipped fast and were packed perfectly so as not to damage the product. "Terri from NH
3/22/2015 "These(Clear Petite Hurricane Votive Holder Set of 12 ) are nice. Heavy bottoms so they don't tip easily. They feel sturdy. "Decorations for a fundraiser from LA
3/22/2015 "Best price and product on the market. This site rocks! If you want quality products at the best price shop at quick candles. Thank you for your great products, prices, awesome customer service and speedy delivery. "Kim Caswell Wedding Decor 101 from ND
3/22/2015 "The holders that I purchased(Set of 288 Votive Candle Holders and 288 Votive Candles ) were urn shaped ... Very nice, looked slightly more upgraded than the plain holders shown in picture. With the black candles the room looked elegant! I highly recommend this product and company. It was my first time using them, but I was elated with my purchase, the shipping time and the cost. "Vicki from GA
3/22/2015 "I absolutely loved the candles an glass cylinder vases. I order 3 cases for my upcoming wedding and I decided to do a test run. They look amazing, very elegant. They were just the look I was going for. Quick candles was the only site that sold in bulk for a price within my budget. I also had a coupon that allowed me to save even more. Love this site and the customer service. I will be definitely ordering again soon for the taller vases for my aisle and napkins. The items were packaged very well and the vases didnt have any damage. Feel free to order without hesitation. You wont be disappointed!! The shippment arrived in about 4 days. Pretty good delivery time as well. "Nubride from MS
3/21/2015 "Fed ex dropped off the package upside down and with a crushed box. I took pictures and called Quick Candles. They assured me if anything was broken they would send a replacement immediately. After close inspection, not one glass holder, vase, or mirror had a chip. Great packaging and customer service.. "Carolyn from FL
3/21/2015 "Received the candles(Orange Votive Candles Citrus Fruit Scented 10 Hour Set of 72 ) in just a few days after ordering. These candles are the best value on the market and look and work great. "Romer11 from TX
3/21/2015 "These(Clear Grande Votive Hurricane Holder Set of 12) were replacements for votive candle holders that were damaged in shipping. I called Quickcandles the day I received the shipment and the customer service rep was very courteous and helpful. The replacements were shipped the next day and I received them within 2 days. I cannot wait to see how the votives look along with the tall cylinder candle holders/floating candles in the wedding photos. "Shell from SC
3/19/2015 "This was just delivered today and I love it. It looks exactly as pictured. It was packed extremely well. Also packaged in the box was a catalog which is nice to have on hand for future purchases. I placed the order Sunday night, it shipped Tuesday and I received it today (Thursday). From the durability and quality of it I know it will last a long time and hold up well. I purchased it to place a vase and candle holder on it but it's too small, which is my fault as my measurements were off. I'm going to order the next size up and keep this one instead of returning it because it's so nice. I would definitely order from quick candles again! "Mmb from NJ
3/19/2015 "These vases(Cylinder Vase 10.5" Set of 12) are simply gorgeous! FAST delivery and packaged perfectly. "Anonymous from NJ
3/18/2015 "I ordered these(Ivory Floating Candles 3" Set of 12 ) for our daughter's wedding. I was very pleased with them. They were delivered quickly, excellent condition and lasted the entire evening. We were very pleased. "LynnO from FL
3/18/2015 "exactly what i was looking for(Eastland Clear Acrylic Diamond Gem Vase Fillers (Single Container)) thank you! "Zenna from CO
3/18/2015 "I ordered this product(Set of 72 Assorted 10 Hour Scented Richland Votive Candles ) as a birthday party favor. Everyone loves them. "Candle Lover from NY
3/18/2015 "I purchased 72 candles(Purple Votive Candles Mulberry Scented 10 Hour Set of 72) I love burning candles, the price was very reasonable. I received my order and after burning a couple candles, I quickly got online and placed another order. Delivery was excellent. The quality and price are so good I am so happy I found this company to order my candles from. "Pat from WV
3/18/2015 "I was very happy with this product(White Tealight Candles Unscented Set of 500 ). Delivery was fast and packaged well. I will buy this product again and will tell family and friends about it. "Bove from NY
3/17/2015 "these are the best tea lights EVER(White Tealight Candles Extended Burn 7 Hour Unscented Set of 100)! I'm getting at least 8 hours per candle. have stopped buying from my local stores. "shippat from MI
3/17/2015 "These tall pillars have added a beautiful light on many gray winter days here in Oregon. They are gratefully unscented, and burn exceptionally well. "Jerry Lynne from OR
3/17/2015 "Perfect addition for decorating tables for a party!(Set of 12 Votive Candle Holders and 12 Votive Candles ) "Tpop from NY
3/17/2015 "Quality product(Set of 4 Cylinders and 3" Floating Candles ) at an Unbelievable Price! Perfect for decorating tables for the perfect party! "Tpop from NY
3/17/2015 "I ordered these vases to be used as centerpieces for prom and was very pleased when they arrived. They are a beautiful, classy looking vase and work perfect for putting a flower in and floating candle. When the package arrived, one of the vases were shattered. I called customer service and they sent a replacement the same day. Definitely will use this site for school events, as well as personal purchases. Excellent quality and service! "Stephanie, Prom Sponsor from MO
3/17/2015 "These(Set of 72 Votive Candle Holders and 72 Votive Candles) candles are used as part of our final Mass for our seventh graders. These are the perfect color and size. "Catholic School Teacher from LA
3/16/2015 "Love them!!(Set of 48 Candle Holders and 48 Tealight Candles) Great Product! "TG from IN
3/16/2015 "These candles(White Votive Candles Unscented 10 Hour Set of 144) are used each year for a memorial service. Last year I bought the glass votive holders and they look very nice. I simply re-use the holders by putting them in the freezer and the old candle pops out when turned upside down. Great candle for a good price. "becky from NJ
3/16/2015 "Beautiful set of cylinders. Packaged well, shipped quickly and perfect for my daughter's wedding! "Buddyhollystori from FL
3/15/2015 "This is great, way better than I was expecting for the price!!(Set of 36 Cylinders and 3" Floating Candles ) "kar from IL
3/15/2015 "Great candles for a great price(White Floating Candles 3" Set of 24). "kar from IL
3/15/2015 "Used for a fundraiser in 65 centerpieces. Everyone loved them(Navy Blue Votive Candles Unscented 10 Hour Set of 72 ). "The ultimate party planner from CA
3/13/2015 "I purchased these(Cylinder Vase 9" Set of 12 ) to use as centerpiece decorations for a wedding. They were packaged very well and very nicely made. Thicker glass, not delicate that would cause concern over accidental breakage. Just what I was looking for. "diyourselfer from PA
3/13/2015 "Had purchased the votive candles several years ago and noticed they didn't burn as long as stated. Using these votive candles inside my candle holders(Votive Candle Holder Clear Glass Set of 12 ) increased burning time way beyond the stated burn time. "Lady D from SC
3/11/2015 "Nice to be used with lantern centerpieces.(Set of 6 White LED Pillar Candles 3" x 3" ) "StepMom from LA
3/11/2015 "We used these(Set of 72 Flameless LED Tealights Amber ) inside centerpieces for a large event. The color and flickering made them look like real candles as you glanced around the room. Easy to "light" and reusable. Far better than actual tea lights or votives. FAST delivery! "Melissa from IN
3/11/2015 "I ordered these(Blue Votive Candle Holder Colored Glass Set of 72) for my daughter's military going away party and they came quick and made an excellent favor. Royal Blue votives were added to this holder. "LT from MD
3/10/2015 "I was very pleased withe my three candles(White LED Pillar Candles) I purchased from you. Thank you for your help and I'm sure you will hear from me again! "Joyce from PA
3/10/2015 "Great product(Blue Votive Candle Holder Colored Glass Set of 12) got what I thought I was getting! I am using it for Part of my wedding centerpieces! Looks great very happy and I got my order fast ! "Talayna from MI
3/10/2015 "Can't wait to use for our wedding(Eastland 7.5" Hanging Dotted Glass Jar with Handle) . Very economical shipping as compared to other websites "Frances from VA
3/9/2015 "I am the events coordinator for a federal agency. I ordered the sashes for a one year anniversary within our agency. I was totally impressed with the Satin Sashes I purchased. They were beautiful and made the event look very elegant. Initially I was skeptical because of the low price but once I received them I could not believe how inexpensive they were. I have referred several people to the site. Over 100 guests included top ranking officials attended the event and they all raved over how beautiful the tables were with the sashes. I was also impressed at to how quick I received them in the mail. I for sure am now a quick candles customer for a long time. Thank you. "Frances from VA
3/8/2015 "Very quick processing and shipping. Ordered on a Sunday night and it was delivered by Wednesday morning. The regular tea light candles burn out at 4 hours. This one(White Tealight Candles Extended Burn 7 Hour Unscented Set of 100 ) burned a little over 8 hours. The light is a little dimmer as the flame isn't as big as a regular one but it's not very noticeable unless you pit them side by side. I would definitely recommend this for receptions/events that last more than 6 hours. "Linda v from NY
3/8/2015 "I will be using these(Petite Frosted Hurricane Holder Set of 36 ) for wedding decor. I absolutely love them!! They are perfect for what I am going to use them for. Exactly what I wanted. "Samanthar from KY
3/8/2015 "I used these(Frosted Grande Hurricane Holder Set of 48) at my wedding reception to hold the small fake candles because my hall did not allow real ones. They were big enough to hide the fake part and gave the tables a nice glow. "Margo the Teacher from NM
3/8/2015 "Very happy with the burn time on these(White Richland Floating Candles 2" Set of 72) candles, 6.5-7 hours. We will be using the candles for centerpieces at my son's upcoming wedding. "Mother of the Groom from WI
3/8/2015 "I am putting the votives in small glass votive holders and putting them on tables around flower arrangements at my daughters wedding reception "Debbygr1 from MD
3/7/2015 "We used these(Votive Holders Eastland Chalkboard Set of 12) candles at our 40th birthday party and wrote fun facts about 1975 on them. Great product! "beckjoy23 from NY
3/7/2015 "We used the bubble bowls to create an artichoke - we used the bowl as the base. We kept adding leaves around the bowl until it was covered, and it looks like a real artichoke. The bowl has the perfect shape to create the flower look. It's the right size and shape for the project. We used double-sided sticky tape on the backs of the leaves to ahear to the sides of the bowl. When we want to remove the leaves, the tape comes off easy and the bowl is ready to be used for the next project. "MGoulding from CA
3/7/2015 "We used this(Cylinder Pillar Candle Vase Set of 3) for table decorations for my daughters wedding and they provides great elegance and perfect lighting. We used with 3" floating candles.Burned perfectly, no problems at all! "Mother of Bride from OH
3/7/2015 "I couldnt get it better, buying the candle holders with the candles was the best option. I save time and the price is wonderful. I got it delivered on time. Im using to decorate my daughter sweet 16 tables centers. "Chinita305 from NY
3/7/2015 "I love this rhinestone wrap, I used to decorated most of all the decorations for my daughter sweet 16. For the price is worth it! Is more than I expected. "Chinita305 from NY
3/7/2015 "Finally, long lasting tealights(White Tealight Candles Extended Burn 7 Hour Unscented Set of 400). Love them. "Nick from Montreal, Canada
3/7/2015 "I am going to use these(Set of 36 Glass Cylinders & 36 Pillar Candles ) as part of my wedding centerpieces! They look great! "kalek from OH
3/7/2015 "These(White Tealight Candles Extended Burn 7 Hour Unscented Set of 100 ) really do burn 7 hours!! "kalek from OH
3/7/2015 "I use these(Dark Green Pillar Candles) for seasonal decorations. I don't burn them (usually). I love that they are unscented. Unscented candles are hard to find. They arrive amazingly quick. "candle user from KS
3/6/2015 "Nicely boxed candles in soothing shades. "Carmen from NY
3/5/2015 "I am using these(Adena Hurricane Vases Glass Set of 36 ) vases and candles for table decorations during the Lent and Easter season at church. They are perfect in every way!!! I am wrapping ribbon around the top of the candles to match the colors of the Lenten season. Purple, Red for Palm Sunday, Black for Good Friday, then White for Easter. It is beautiful!!! "Carol from GA
3/4/2015 "We used all(Set of 72 Votive Candle Holders and 72 Votive Candles) these along the perimeter of the wedding cake table. Perfect number of candles needed and I love that I was able to purchase online and have delivered to my door. The fact that all of the candles were packaged in one box made it very convenient and simple for us to carry. "Wedding from LA 3/3/2015 "The 7 hour tealights were used as part of the table decor at a wedding reception. They lasted the entire time. No problems. They were recommended by our floral designer. Great choice! "M M from NY 3/3/2015 "We had these(Personalized Votive Holders Set of 72) engraved, filled with long lasting votive candles and gave as wedding favors, along with chocolate truffles. They were a big hit. The ladies loved them as candle holders and the guys saw them as souvenier shot glasses. "Mother of the Bride from FL 3/3/2015 "Nice color(Pillar Candle Unscented 3" x 6" Hand Poured Set of 6 ) and long lasting. "Kimmie from NY 3/3/2015 "A beautiful hue of blue(Blue Votive Candle Holder Colored Glass Set of 12). Very attractive. "mike from IA 3/3/2015 "nice they mix the colors for you so that you dont have to buy a dozen of each. they(Votive Holder Assorted Colors Set Of 12 ) add color to the night. "mike from IA 3/1/2015 "These items are amazing, for the price, you get more than what you paid for. I will absolutely recommend this to others and will buy again. "Leah from NC 3/1/2015 "I originally ordered tealight holders from a local store but they did not come in at the expected time. So, 1 1/2 weeks before my son and new daughter in laws wedding I quick went online and found what I needed (60 tealight holders) from Quick Candles. I ordered them on a Monday night at 8:30 pm and they arrived at my door on Friday morning. I was so pleased. I opened all of the boxes to make sure nothing was broke. I was glad that I checked all of the boxes because they kind of had a light film of dust or grit on them. I took them all out of the boxes and washed and dried them and returned them to the boxes. Thank you so much for a beautiful product. It was the perfect addition to the centerpieces and mirrors on the tables. Also, I gave them away to several of the guests afterward as a remembrance of the wedding. Thank you so much. "Vicki from WI 3/1/2015 "I ordered these(Richland Round 120" Brown Tablecloth ) for my wedding reception. There were cheaper than what I could rent the for locally. I contacted them via email and received an email to call them. I called and they were very helpful with the ordering process and answered all of my questions. I had them within 3 days! "LynneRph from PA 3/1/2015 "Consistently good service and products "Painter from FL 2/28/2015 "Well wrapped and packaged(Ivory Pillar Candles Unscented 3" x 6" Hand Poured). Ivory has a pale yellow tint, which is very pretty "Mtnwoman from NC 2/27/2015 "Gave off a perfect light(Submersible Richland LED Tealight White Set of 12 ) even when submerged in water! I'm ordering more!. "AT from WA 2/27/2015 "I ordered my 7 hr tea light set of a 100 on 2 / 25 / 15 and I received them this morning from FedEx at 7 : 30 a. m on 2/ 27 / 15. they shipped them out the same day I ordered them and they also gave you a tracking number the same day to keep track of the shipping. I will definitely continue to order from this site again and again the customer service was great to work with . I highly recommend this site . "Forest from NH 2/26/2015 "The petals are very nicely packed and are not wrinkled. The color is perfect. I order several item for my upcoming wedding and I could not be happier with the entire order. Will order again and recommend to friends. "Loves a good deal from NC 2/26/2015 "Everything we ordered was exactly what it looked liked online, would definitely shop quick candles aagain. Received within 3 days "shellyl from OH 2/26/2015 "Bought this product(Eastland Purple Water Pearls Vase Fillers Set of 12 ) and two other colors for my centerpieces for my wedding. Absolutely love this product. Will order again and recommend the site to friends!!! "Loves a good deal from NC 2/26/2015 "I was afraid of how the lettering would look, so I ordered way early for my wedding, so I would have time to replace if needed. I am more than happy with the entire look of the product(Set of 72 Monogrammed Votive Candle Holders and 72 Votive Candles ). Order arrived as indicated on the site. Will order again and again and recommend to my friends. Thanks for a great job!!!! "Loves a good deal from NC 2/26/2015 "I used these candles(Red Hand Poured Pillars 3"x3", 3"x6" & 3"x9" Set of 3) for valentines day and they were beautiful. I put them on a piece of slate. My boyfriend loved how I decorated the room with these! "Laur the candle shopper from VA 2/26/2015 "I easily placed my order on the website. I received the order quicker than I expected. Every piece was in perfect condition. Several pieces(Set of 12 Votive Candle Holders and 12 Votive Candles ) were used for party favors, and the rest were used around the house for ambience. I was very pleased with the service from this company. The product was of great quality. I will definitely use this company again in the future! "Navy Mom from MA 2/26/2015 "Nice to have a set of 12(Pillar Candle Holder Glass Set of 12). Allows me to use the holders in more than one location. Places the light from a pillar candle close to the surface of the table or counter. I am using some now to hold pillar candles that illuminate a dark corner of a kitchen counter. "Julia the bug from AZ 2/26/2015 "I love my candles(Pink Votive Candles Unscented 10 Hour Set of 12). They fit perfectly in my small votive holders. I love seeing that pink color. Love the price and the fact I can buy in bulk. "Toni from MI 2/26/2015 "I purchased these jars for a gift project. The ribbed design is beautiful, especially with a candle burning inside. They were perfect, and the recipients absolutely loved them! Excellent customer service, too! "Rusty Dreams from MA 2/26/2015 "I was very happy with these mirrors. They were sturdy (thicker than I expected) and had a nice edging that made them more elegant. They were packaged extremely well to ensure they didn't break. I would order these again and may for our next event. Thank you. "Connie from MD 2/26/2015 "Bought these(Set of 72 Votive Candle Holders and 72 Votive Candles) for my wedding, was thoroughly pleased with the product and fast shipping. Was packaged with plenty of protection to ensure no breakage. I cannot wait to give these as favors to my guest! "Bharlow from VA 2/26/2015 "I have loved being able to light a votive(White Votive Candles Unscented 10 Hour Set of 144 ) and have it last for an entire party and then some. My latest order will be used at my daughter's wedding included among the table decorations and elsewhere in the venue. Knowing they will stay lit the entire wedding is so great!!! "Carolee from MD 2/26/2015 "Fast delivery, easy to order, received exactly what I expected, reasonably priced. "Bobdwac from MA 2/25/2015 "My friend makes turned candleholders out of local woods - Sequoia, oak, olive, buckeye etc. Deep orange color(Orange Tealight Candles Unscented Clear Cup Set of 50 ) looks great with the wood! "Edie from CA 2/25/2015 "Ordered mirrors for centerpieces for my sons wedding along with the glass cylinders and floating candles. The mirrors have beveled edges which added to the beauty of the glass. The cylinders and mirrors were packaged for protection and out of 72 we only had one broken in transit. The cost was amazing for the product received and the quantity. Will recommend to others and will order again........ "Angelswing from IL 2/24/2015 "I plan to use them(Cylinder Floating Candle Vase Set of 36) as table center pieces for my daughters wedding next month. I was surprised that I received the shipment so fast, and it was well packaged to eliminate breakage. If I need anything else this merchant has to offer I would not hesitate to buy again. Thank you "Frantic mother of the bride from SC 2/22/2015 "nice packaging, burns good. with candle followers this item had me come back for another shipment. Love the 9in pillar candle, this has become my new staple size for my home. "zen home from OH 2/21/2015 "I love these candles(White Floating Candles 3" Set of 24 ), they fit perfectly into the cylinders sold at Quick Candles, They come packaged well and last for many hours. "Fleura Bella from TX 2/21/2015 "I used these vases(Set of 36 Cylinders and 3" Floating Candles ), 2 sets to a table, at a recent wedding. They added beautiful complimentary light to the floral centerpieces. Easy to set up, easy to pack back up in the shipping boxes. Hint: bring 5 gallon paint buckets to dump the water and burned candles into for easier disposal. "Fleura Bella from TX 2/21/2015 "We needed enclosed votive candles that lasted at least 6 hours. We needed 180 so also wanted a good price. These(White Tealight Candles Extended Burn 7 Hour Unscented Set of 100) candles are perfect, unbelievable price and they shipped fast. Will be using this company again when we need candles. "Mother of the Bride from Midwest 2/20/2015 "Great tea lights(White Tealight Candles Unscented Set of 500)! Part of my tea light order arrived damaged from shipping. Linda of Customer Service was so pleasant and she quickly arranged another shipment to replace the damaged tea lights. The replacement lights arrived in no time, and I appreciated the courteous and thoughtful efforts of Linda. "LJ from DE 2/19/2015 "I've bought the Lavender votives a few times in the past, and I really liked them. The smell is sweet and clean. Definitely lavender. Very pretty color when lit and they do burn 10 hours. "Shanahan the Candle Burner from MA 2/19/2015 "Fortunately my vases arrived in great condition and as described. Quick shipping & service. Even in the past when something has arrived damaged, customer service has always been polite and worked fast to correct any problems. Will continue to buy from this site. "BargainEventShopper from KY 2/18/2015 "I plan on using this product(Ivory Tealight Candles Vanilla Scented Clear Cup Set of 50) for part of my centerpieces on the tables at my wedding reception in July 2015. I love the scent and the fact they are easy to move due to how they are packaged. "dvlshangl277 from ME 2/18/2015 "The shipping on these attractive votives(Frosted Grande Hurricane Holder Set of 48 ) was very fast. There were two that were broken, but after emailing pictures to customer service they were quickly replaced. Thank you for the amazing product and service. "Dan the Restaurant Manager from NV 2/18/2015 "I am going to use these(Votive Candle Holder Clear Glass Set of 12) as part of my centerpiece for my wedding later this year. They look great and I can't wait to see what they look like with candles in them. "dvlshangl277 from ME 2/18/2015 "They arrived quickly, were exactly what I needed. I use these in my bird feeding products and they will make my products more affordable at market. I love the availability to my door arriving in perfect condition, Thank you! "The Birder from WI 2/17/2015 "I ordered these for the table centerpieces at my daughter's wedding and they were perfect. Came in good time, well packed, and easy to use and then re-pack. all that I wanted! "CVD from PA 2/16/2015 "These(White Votive Candles Unscented 10 Hour Set of 144) candles are always as good as advertised. Will be ordering them again. "Romer11 from TX 2/16/2015 "Love the hurricane lamps I'm using them for my son's wedding with the memorial candle inside with some sand around it looks beautiful can't wait to display them at the wedding "Piper from Chicago 2/16/2015 "We used it(Cylinder Vase 10.5" Set of 12) for centerpieces and it was beautiful!! "Miro from KY 2/16/2015 "Knew I could trust Quick Candles again for décor needs for 2nd daughter's wedding. (Very pleased with order a year ago for 1st daughter!) The candles(White Tealight Candles Extended Burn 7 Hour Unscented Set of 100) really do last 7+ hours. "Ann from NC 2/16/2015 "Daughter announced short engagement so needed to quickly get plans in order. Order came within 2 days and I immediately assembled a floating candle setup...beautiful. All items(Set of 36 Cylinders and 3" Floating Candles) neatly packaged and arrived in perfect condition. "Ann from NC 2/16/2015 "Accents to décor for daughter's wedding...these little square votives provide a nice contrast to the lovely round, floating candle vases (also from Quick Candles!) I am using as centerpieces. "Ann from NC 2/16/2015 "The Amber Votive Candle Holder lives up to its name. The color is quite attractive and allows the votive candle to burn, as advertised, for 12 hours. The glow is soft and soothing to the eye. "Lil from NY 2/14/2015 "I just had to write and thank you! Shipping was incredible fast. I purchase the 12 set of three candle holders for $99.00. Not only was this a great deal the quality of the holders themselves are great. Clear, clear glass… I can’t wait for my daughters wedding these will make beautiful centerpieces for her special day. "Dianne from FL 2/14/2015 "Reasonably priced, really nice votives(Blue Votive Candle Holder Colored Glass Set of 12) will make a great accent on the tables at my daughter's Sweet 16. "Vee from NY 2/14/2015 "I bought these(Lavender Votive Candles Scented 10 Hour Set of 72 ) candles for my wedding. I have yet to use them but, I loved the smell right when I opened the box! I'm not sure how long they will last because I haven't lit one yet. The shipping was very prompt! The price was extremely reasonable and I would defiantly order again! "Amber from FL 2/14/2015 "The table runners I ordered for my wedding are perfect. The dark purple color is exactly as it was shown on the website and will look great on my tables. Thank you for your prompt service and excellent product. "Sunny514 from CT 2/14/2015 "The votives(Red Votive Candles Unscented 10 Hour Set of 12 ) were the perfect size and color and burned nicely. "GL from MN 2/14/2015 "Delivered on time. Packaging great, will prevent any future breakage when repacked for storage. Used the mirrors under small vases with tea lights, which made a subtle but polished statement. "Valentines event planner from CA 2/13/2015 "delivery was fast and price was great "Deb from MN 2/13/2015 "Love your tealights(White Tealight Candles Unscented Set of 500). Votives are too small though. Great price! "Zeenie from AZ 2/12/2015 "I bought the votive holders(Grande Votive Holder Frosted Glass Set of 72) to make baby shower favors and they turned out beautiful. I glued pastel sheer ribbon and a butterfly and put a candle in each one. They turned out perfect. Everyone loved them, I made fifteen extra and they were all gone. "1st Time Grandma from IL 2/12/2015 "The candles(White Votive Candles Unscented 10 Hour Set of 144) last a decent length of time (more than ten hours), and produce a good light. "RJ Sea from WA 2/12/2015 "We used these(White Votive Candles Unscented 10 Hour Set of 72 ) candle in a votive holder for a wedding. They were perfect for the event. "Wedding planner from CA 2/10/2015 "I love the smell of strawberry and these candles provide exactly that fragrance. They seem, so far, to be lasting a long time. I have the candle burning while playing video games. "Montana from NC 2/10/2015 "Guests were very impressed with the lights(Submersible Richland LED Tealight White Set of 12 ). Was able to make very unique table decorations thanks to these lights! "Y.Huff from TX 2/9/2015 "We used these candleholders(Clear Grande Votive Hurricane Holder Set of 12) as a small vase for flowers. They were one of three vases used in the center of each table for a wedding. They worked beautifully. They were durable and attractive. "Island Lover from MA 2/9/2015 "Bought(Purple Pillar Candles Unscented 3" x 9" Hand Poured ) for church Lenten candles. Loved that the color is throughout the candle, not a wrapped coating. Haven't burned them yet. "Ardis70 from WA 2/8/2015 "Ordered them(White Floating Candles 3" Set of 24) to use in center-pieces and lanterns for my daughters upcoming wedding. Ordering was easy, multiple amounts and sizes available for purchase. The white candles are a true white. Did a mock up center-piece and the floating candles were the perfect size for the long stem vases we will be using. "Mrs6715 from PA 2/8/2015 "Aside from "Made in the USA", the candles(Set of 144 Assorted 10 Hour Scented Richland Votive Candles) are colorful and attracts attention because of the hues. My guests greatly appreciated the combination of colors and the steady light. "Candyluz from CA 2/8/2015 "Order received on exact date as promised. I had a live online chat with Barbra who professionally answered my other inquiries. I use the candles for church purposes and night backyard parties. I like the candles' steady light and the lavender scent. "Candyluz from CA 2/7/2015 "Using these(Hand Poured Pillars 3"x3", 3"x6" & 3"x9" Set of 36) as center pieces for my wedding . They were exactly what I expected at a good price. The delivery was very fast as well! "Emily wedding from MO 2/5/2015 "Not only is this product exactly as described, this company's shipping speed is incredibly fast. "Barbara R from TX 2/5/2015 "Appreciated prices and the quick delivery of the product.was delivered exactly as presented online! "Rebecca from AR 2/4/2015 "love their products, delivery in less than 4 days and return policy is second to none. I have been buying from them for years and will continue for years to come. "QB from OH 2/3/2015 "I don't have words to express the service i received from your company . I will use you without a doubt in the future and tell or my friends and family. I can't thank you enough for making my daughter's shower amazing ! Your employee I'm sorry i forgot her name really pulled a rabbit out of a hat for me and i can't thank her enough . Thank god i found your company . "Barbara from NY 2/3/2015 "These are the most beautiful charger plates I've every seen. I've shopped over six competitors and they are all flawed, have black marks, and long stratches, and I'm ashamed to put them before guest on the table. These plates are perfect! I use them in my rental business. I purchased 72 in silver and now I'm going to purchase 150 in the gold. They sell out fast because it is such a great plate, above all the rest. "Elegant Evelyn from FL 2/3/2015 "Great votive candles(Black Votive Candles Unscented 10 Hour Set of 144 ) for our table decor. "Kathy from FL 2/3/2015 "Great service! 3 vases out of 42 came in broken and they replaced them so quickly! "tab from AL 2/2/2015 "Great design(Clear Grande Votive Hurricane Holder Set of 48 ), I can use it for candles of a little vase. I filled it up with sugar almonds and wrapped it in tule. looked great! Shopping was fast, they wrapped everything in bubble wrap. "Rian from CA 2/1/2015 "Delivery on our order was awesome! Felt like I'd just hung up the computer and they were here. "Fr. Tere from OK 2/1/2015 "I have no complaints about these(White Tealight Candles Unscented Set of 500 ) candles. My partner uses them in her prayer room. She lights candles for different people, things, and circumstances each day and these have a much longer burn time than store bought candles. "Jenny Rescues Dogs from AL 1/31/2015 "I was happy with the packaging and quick shipment of my product. "jones from MN 1/31/2015 "Lovely flameless candles in three nice sizes. Using these as church decor for a wedding. They have a nice wax finish so they look real and the glow from the light is very soft. I bought the ivory and it is very pretty with an orange glow. Love the timer so I can set it to come on when I want. They come with batteries, ready to use. Received my order very quickly. Two of my candles were cracked when I received them but I sent an email to customer service and they responded immediately. My replacement candles were in the mail that same day. Some of the best customer service I have ever had. Thank you very much! "Jan from IL 1/31/2015 "Everything about my purchase was successful. Fast shipping. Exactly what I ordered and what I was looking for. Bought(Set of 144 Votive Candle Holders and 144 Votive Candles) to use as table decoration for wedding. Can't wait to use them! "JFrank from OH 1/31/2015 "Longest burning tea lights I have ever found. I am a repeat customer. "English Rose from NJ 1/31/2015 "I am packagaing these(Lavender Tealight Candles Scented Clear Cup Set of 50 ) with my business cards for give-aways at a health fair to advertise my Healing Touch business. They are perfect! "Peju of the Desert from AZ 1/29/2015 "very useful, better then most quality wise(White Tealight Candles Unscented Set of 125) "DaveQ from DC 1/28/2015 "I used this product(Ivory Floating Candles 3" Set of 24) to decorate for a rehearsal dinner for my newphew. Simply beautiful! I am always pleased with all the products of Quick Candles and delivery! "Allie from SC 1/27/2015 "I wanted votive holders and candles at a reasonable price for decoration for my daughter's wedding. The colors were perfect. The votive holders were intact and packed very well. Only negative is that some of the candles were stuck together. "Ren53 from MI 1/27/2015 "Long lasting burn and doesn't give off any residue(Red Tealight Candles Apple Cinnamon Scented Clear Cup Set of 50). Half the price of PartyLite Candles. "Nanette from TN 1/27/2015 "I purchased these(White Floating Candles 3" Set of 24) for my wedding in April. They are an amazing fit for the cylinders I already have. I can't vouch for how well/long they burn, but I know they will be perfect for the big day! "Ali from CA 1/27/2015 "I was looking for an inexpensive, yet effective lighting option for my wedding. These(Votive Candle Holder Frosted Glass Box of 72) were it! They lasted longer than advertised, and set the mood for our wedding in the evening. I have nothing negative to say about these candles. We used 2-3 per table and had about 20 tables and the ambiance was awesome! "P-Wagz from MN 1/27/2015 "I appreciate quality items at good prices. I have been purchasing my candles at Quick Candles for a few years now. There is never a problem with my order and it always ships quickly. Every online order should be this simple and reliable. "Dan from FL 1/27/2015 "I used the vases and candles for my son's 40th birthday party with the transparent water gels, and gold and black pearl floaters. It was beautiful. Everyone was fascinated by them and couldn't figure out how the pearls were floating. The vases and candles created a beautiful warm and golden ambience for the party. I will use them again and again. I was also asked where I got them and I told several people Quick Candles online. "Christine from MD 1/26/2015 "The 2" floating candles that I purchased were used in centerpieces on tables for a party. They were the perfect size to float in the vases and the color matched perfectly with the other party decor. I was very happy with the price. I shopped around and found these were the best priced floating candles and I was very happy with the quality and color of the candles as well. "Misty from MD 1/26/2015 "We purchased the candles(Set of 72 Votive Candle Holders and 72 Votive Candles ) to use as party favors for our church's 50th anniversary. They were just as we expected. The best value we could find and shipping was quick. Thank you "Church Secretary from MD 1/25/2015 "The fit of the mirror was a perfect 16". The bevel edges give it an expensive look. The price was great, delivery and packaging were perfect. Speedy delivery. "Teachjr from PA 1/25/2015 "Bought this vase to use at Christmas time. It's very cute when filled with lots of colorful Christmas ornaments. Right now I'm using it as decoration with silk flower orchids. It's just what I wanted and for a great price. "renraven from CA 1/24/2015 "I got tired of buying tealights that lasted only an hour or two. So I looked on the Internet for longer lasting tealights and I found QuickCandle tealights. They are thicker and thus, last longer. Works for me! "Binka from GA 1/24/2015 "They(Set of 72 Votive Candle Holders and 72 Votive Candles) were so inexpensive and the color was gorgeous! "Natalie from NM 1/24/2015 "They(Ivory Richland Square LED Candle 4" x 4" x 6" Set of 12) looked great on our tables. Came in on time. Will recommend Quick Candles to my friends. "none from FL 1/23/2015 "I bought a dozen of these mirrors to use as table centerpieces. They are well made and came properly packed to ensure no breakage. I'm happy with them. "TwoSteppin from CO 1/23/2015 "I use these(Pillar Candles Unscented 3" x 3" Hand Poured Set of 12) candles in our fireplace candelabra, so I'm always looking for a way to buy 10+ nice candles economically. They make a very nice appearance and last several months being lit once a week or so on average. I'm very pleased with them. "KnitRBug from OH 1/20/2015 "Bought this particular color orange to work with a table runner. I couldn't be more pleased. The color is perfect and the votive holder is the perfect size as it does not dominate the table. I love the fact they are not scented as I don't want fragrance around food. And b/c of allergies, I am prone to not enjoy scented candles. In addition, the service was excellent...very prompt and items were carefully packaged. "LoFlame from CA 1/20/2015 "Burn time(Set of 144 Assorted 10 Hour Scented Richland Votive Candles) is longer than advertised.Surpassed my expectations! "Jawahar from CA 1/20/2015 "These Eastland glass cylinders were manufactured by Libbey in the USA. I'm very happy with the quality and heavy feel. The glass is without distortion and great for showing off my holiday ornaments and (now) other similar items of decor. "al-in-chgo from IL 1/19/2015 "I ordering the plates with hope they would come in time for Christmas, to my surprise they came in time for my Cookie Exchange party. I will definitely use them again and share with my friends. "Maimsee from CT 1/18/2015 "Great tablecloths. I needed white tablecloths quickly and inexpensive. Quick candles was both. the tablecloths were the most inexpensive I could find and they arrived in a few days and were sent out the same day I placed the order. The tablecloths washed great and only needed light ironing. I would definitely order from Quick candles again. "Jane C from NY 1/18/2015 "I use these(White Tealight Candles Extended Burn 7 Hour Unscented Set of 100 ) for my tart melts which are scented,therefore I do not need scented tea lights. However I do appreciate the fact that these are long lasting so I do not have to keep replacing the tea lights. It would be great to have long lasting scented tea lights as well. "Uneeda from NY 1/18/2015 "I used these(Set of 6 Ivory LED Pillar Candles 3" x 9" ) pillar candles for a wedding and they looked beautiful!! Definitely will be ordering more! "Floral designer from VA 1/17/2015 "Very happy with these(Set of 72 Votive Candle Holders and 72 Votive Candles)! Good quality at a heart price. "ABride from MI 1/17/2015 "Sold in boxed groups(White Tealight Candles Extended Burn 7 Hour Unscented Set of 100 ) for convenience and well worth their reasonable price. You really do get what you pay for these days. I will be buying these again and again. Great packaging and swift shipping. "Gregory from NV 1/17/2015 "they(Set of 72 Floating Candles 2" and 72 Grande Glass Hurricanes) are just what we wanted for our daughter's wedding! "A mommy planning a wedding from MS 1/17/2015 "Ordered these(Glass Adena Hurricane Vases 10.5" Set of 12) to use as centerpieces for my daughter's winter wedding - filled with ornaments - perfect size without impeding vision across the table. Super fast delivery and great quality. "Dawn from NY 1/16/2015 "I had received a coffee cup from my sister that I wanted to use to burn votive candles. These(Set of 144 Assorted 10 Hour Scented Richland Votive Candles) candles came VERY quickly and burn well and the scent is subtle. I am pleased. "TEmz from UT 1/15/2015 "I ordered the petals for my nieces' wedding and she said they were the perfect color. I had tried to dye them myself, but couldn't come up with the just right color. So glad to find Quick Candles with the perfect color and the perfect price! "Awesome Aunt from PA 1/13/2015 "I will be using these candle holders(Tealight Candle Holder Clear Glass Set of 72) in my wedding in July. Since My mother and I are planning it ourselves, we are shopping around for the best deals and this was it! I searched and searched and these holders were the best value. Can't wait to put them to use! "Waytle from FL 1/13/2015 "This wrap(Eastland Diamond Wrap Silver Roll 30 Feet ) was perfect for the votive candles we used in my dauthers wedding! BEAUTIFUL!!! And very affordable!! "Mother of the Bride from AR 1/13/2015 "Loved the candles(White Hand Poured Pillars 2" x 3" & 2" x 6" Set of 40)! Worked great for my daughters wedding! "Mother of the Bride from AR 1/12/2015 "We received the tablecloths promptly. They were exactly what we needed for our daughter's wedding reception. They looked very nice and were easy to clean. One of the tablecloths on the food table had a huge tea stain, but it came out. "June from TN 1/12/2015 "The customer service I received from Quick Candles was great. The representative was courtesy and efficient. She listened and responded quickly. The items damaged in transit were replaced. I will definitely purchase items from Quick Candles again! "Michaele from NJ 1/12/2015 "I have literally dozens of Party-lite designs or containers for lack of a better word. All of these containers need tea candles(White Tealight Candles Unscented Set of 125). Every evening that I am home I light no less than ten of these holders. I have them in every room of my home bathroom included so I use a lot of tea candles. I have shopped just about everywhere for the BEST ones & I am at the end of my search. It has been years looking for the best price, quality,availability this company does it all. And if you make a comment they call you to see what they can do to rectify it. I have not found anything wrong with this company & I have purchased thousands of candles from them & will continue to do so. "Donna the photographer from IL 1/12/2015 "As always, the products are excellent quality and are shipped very quickly. My go to candle supplier! "Benji from NC 1/11/2015 "I purchased 300 candles to use during a lessons and carols service and as centerpieces for reception type events. The chunky tealight holder is an excellent value. The product was a beautiful shade of blue and a very nice quality. On top of an excellent product the ordering process was easy and I received my order in two days without expedited shipping. I am sold on Quick Candles! "Candle Lover from VA 1/11/2015 "The candles(Red Votive Candles Unscented 10 Hour Set of 72) were beautiful and made great keepsakes for the guests at the wedding. The fact that they were unscented was a plus because it kept the smell from becoming too overwhelming. I love the fact that they shipped the order within hours of it being placed. They arrived in excellent condition. We would definitely use this seller again and recommend them to everyone! "cecibowen1 from CA 1/11/2015 "It's great. I have been looking for a replacement for a while and this place had what I was looking for(Glass Pillar Hurricane Candle Lamp 11.5"). I gave it as a gift and they were extremely pleased! "Ricochet Racoon from MA 1/11/2015 "Wonderful candles(White Tealight Candles Unscented Set of 125) for creating a soothing ambience in our small apartment. They last several hours! "Jan from NY 1/10/2015 "I have candle holders that only the small oil votive would work in(Liquid Paraffin Fuel Cells 8 Hour Set of 12 ). Hard to find locally. Was a great price and quickly delivered. "dublinmayor from OH 1/10/2015 "i use these candles(Pillar Candles Unscented 2" x 3" Hand Poured Set of 80 ) to decorate the scantuary of my church for our New Years Eve service, it was so beautiful, the ambiace was great, everyone was in awe of how wonderful the place was looking "buccament from NY 1/10/2015 "i love these candle(Set of 72 Votive Candle Holders and 72 Votive Candles) i use them for my church candle light service. first time using them and will buy them again any time "buccament from NY 1/10/2015 "These(Votive Holders Eastland White Stripes Decor Set of 12) were given as Christmas favors and they perfectly fit the bill. They looked sophisticated and the candle is slow burning with a yummy scent. And most of all the price was fantastic. "Sis. Debbie from OH 1/9/2015 "Absolutely gorgeous candle holders/candles(Set of 4 Cylinders and 3" Floating Candles ). Using for my wedding, ordered unscented Ivory and they're perfect. Great value for money. Quick shipping and well packaged so there was no damage. "n/a from Canada 1/9/2015 "1st the shipping was very fast. Less than a week. The color was perfect. The napkins(royal blue), napkin rings, & table runner(silver) really complimented each other. Well with 3 kids and a husband of course it was going to be a few spills. And because of my no paper napkin rule on CHRISTmas the napkins were truly tested. It took about a week or so before I made it to the laundry mat. I put everything in the washer together and no color bleeds the silver table runner still looks brand new the food stains are completely gone, same with the royal blue napkins no lose threads or change in shape. I'm beyond impressed with the value I received for the money I spent. "Designs by Shelia from MI 1/8/2015 "We've used the candles(White Votive Candles Unscented 10 Hour Set of 288) for an outdoor illuminated trail walk for the last 2 years. They hold up very well in extreme cold/windy conditions. The candles from last year were still usable this year and we added more candles to add atmosphere. Excellent product. "M the event planner from MA 1/8/2015 "Service was excellent!! Will order again. "agolfer from MI 1/7/2015 "The lights(Set of 72 Flameless LED Tealights White ) were used for a wedding reception. They were inserted into pine wreaths on the tables which gave light to the wreaths as well as the sparkling snow and Christmas bulbs placed nearby. They were also placed in tinted quart jars along with sparkling snow which when light in the darkened room gave a wonderfully warm glow. "Dave from MI 1/7/2015 "We ordered Mirrors for our Tables and it was super easy no muss no fuss. Placed the order online. Just a few short days later the Mirrors arrived in perfect condition the packaging was perfect and very well done. Would order again any day! "Event Specialist from TX 1/7/2015 "The matts have a fresh clean look. They are nice enough to dress up the table for a holiday or they can be dressed down for a special dinner. The only misunderstanding - I thought they were square but they are rectangular which turned out to be better! Great Value! "Pj from IL 1/6/2015 "Our Christmas Eve celebration was so much more elegant with the use of these luminaries(Set of 144 Luminary Bags and 144 LED Tealight Candles )! Thank you for recommending the Amber flicker. It was spectacular. "Kevin from IL 1/6/2015 "I have been searching for true purple(Eastland Diamond Wrap Purple Roll 30 Feet) for quite some time, and usually only find magenta. This was exactly what I wanted!! "Crafty Critter Crafts from TX 1/6/2015 "These martini glasses were the perfect gift for my sister-in-law. She loves them!! The design is beautiful and we put them to use at our last party. They were durable and easy to wash. Great price for an attractive glass! "Just me from TX 1/6/2015 "My clear glass tea-light holders are charming, even romantic when grouped together. The candle lights' reflections are beautiful "Adriana from MN 1/6/2015 "Used the floating candles in the pool at Christmas time. Worked out perfectly. Thanks!! "MKD from CA 1/6/2015 "They(Brown Votive Candles Cinnamon Bun Scented 10 Hour Set of 144) smell as they are called, like warm, cinnamon buns. :) The scent is mild, but definitely there. I'm normally afraid of buying cinnamon candles because the smell can be so strong, it's practically unbearable. But these are perfectly scented. It's definitely cinnamon, but it's not overpowering. I love them. Bought the set of 144. We just got about 3-4 inches of snow outside, so I am happily lighting them all about the house. Perfect for a gray, cold and snowy, January day! "Shanahan the Candle Burner from MA 1/6/2015 "Purchased(Red Pillar Candles Unscented 3" x 9" Hand Poured) to complete a holiday decoration. Color and size were a good match for the piece. Burns evenly and steadily. "Wendog from OH 1/6/2015 "We ordered small little candles in black for all the tables at our New Year's Eve Benefit Dance in Miami, Arizona. Miami is located in rural Eastern Arizona high in the mountains where the majority of United States copper is mined. The dance started along with a cold front that blew in earlier bringing a blanket of snow as our guests celebrated..... we just started our count down at 11:00 and serving a hot Mexican soup called Menudo, when the weather knocked out the electric throughout the town. As we looked around the twinkling candle lights on the tables along with some little battery novelty lights in the balloon drop lite the room. Continuing to serve the soup by candle light everyone visited, laughed and enjoyed this special night as we all sang in the New Year. "Susan from AZ 1/5/2015 "Lovely candles(Ivory Votive Candles Unscented 10 Hour Set of 72 ) that burn for HOURS! Great quality! "Mikesmom from FL 1/5/2015 "Quick delivery & excellent bulk pricing! "Melissa from SC 1/5/2015 "Amazing fast delivery and I am using them(Pillar Candle Unscented 3" x 9" Hand Poured) on my dining room table with glass hurricanes. "Lorna Doone cookie from ME 1/5/2015 "The dish garden was exactly what I was looking for. It arrived earlier than I expected. "Barb from RI 1/5/2015 "I would just like you to know that thru out the holiday season I have done a lot of on line orders and did not have much success with shipping, product quality or customer service. I would like Quick Candles to know that the customer service and product was exceptional. My experience with Quick Candles was above and beyond in custom service. From the time I placed the order, order was sent incorrect, but was resolved and shipped out the same day I called. Product was exceptional as well. I just want to thank Quick Candles for great on line service and product. I will never by candles in a store again "Jean from FL 1/4/2015 "I used 3 of the 2" size red floating candles in my table top centerpiece for Christmas. They added the perfect sparkle with some fresh flowers and greenery in a beautiful large bowl. Not only are they attractive but the burn quality was really nice, too. Fast delivery!!! "LInda from FL 1/4/2015 "High quality candles(Set of 144 Assorted 10 Hour Scented Richland Votive Candles) delivered fast. Scents are all great and they last a long time. I have given as gifts for a couple years now and my family loves them. Would recommend as a gift anytime for anyone. "Brandy from OR 1/3/2015 "We keep them(Set of 72 Assorted 10 Hour Scented Richland Votive Candles ) around our house at all times and light them for various reasons. Very nice to have around when people come over, or just for the odor. "Bones from MI 1/3/2015 "These(Adena Hurricane Vases Glass 7.5" Set of 4 ) candle holders were just what I needed to put together a special gift for two people. Your service was exceptional and delivery was swift! I was so afraid I wouldn't get them in time but they came very quickly. I will be a life long customer and I'm already telling everyone I know about your company. Thanks for making my holidays work. "Desert dame from CA 1/3/2015 "Son and his fiance's rehearsal dinner, our responsibility, wanted it to be beautiful, made centerpieces with glass blocks, mirrors, small vases w/ white roses, ribbon and pearls, votive holders with navy candles. Beautiful, I lit the candles at 4:45, blew them out when we left the restaurant at 8:45, still only partially burned, no problems, color was true navy. Will use this co. Again "Olveyl from CA 1/3/2015 "I used these(Ivory Votive Candles Unscented 10 Hour Set of 144 ) for our Christmas luminarias and they lasted for at least 10 hours each. Very happy with them. "Christmas Jo Ann from DC 1/3/2015 "We purchased these votive candles for use in our Luminarias for Christmas Eve at our church. We use empty gallon milk jugs with the lid removed and a hand-sized hole cut in the side. We put sand in the bottom and then a candle in the sand. They are placed down both sides of most the streets in town and lit at around 3 pm and last most of the night. These candles performed wonderfully! We will be purchasing them again next year. Thank you for a quality product. "Kathy from IN 1/3/2015 "Perfect for me as I am allergic to all scented candles, love the red for Christmas decor . These(Red Hand Poured Pillars 3"x3", 3"x6" & 3"x9" Set of 3) arrived quickly and were packaged very well. I would order from you again. "Nonni from GA 1/3/2015 "This is the 3rd year ordering candles for holiday luminaires. Great delivery and best prices.I'll be back next year.Maybe order some birthday gifts in the coming year. "Francis from CT 1/2/2015 "Used as party favors(Frosted Square Votive Holder Set of 72)... Guests loved them! "Gail from GA 1/2/2015 "Delivery was very quick. Candles(Ivory LED Pillar Candle 3" x 3" ) look very realistic. "mz from IL 1/1/2015 "Pure white, looked good as part of Christmas decorations. Best price I found(Hand Poured Pillars 3"x3", 3"x6" & 3"x9" Set of 3). "EdC from NY 1/1/2015 "The lights(Set of 72 Flameless LED Tealights White ) arrived one day earlier than anticipated which was great as they were ordered for a wedding reception the same week. The lights were what I had anticipated. "Dave from MI 12/30/2014 "The vases(Set of 4 Cylinders and 3" Floating Candles) where exactly what I wanted and arrived so quickly! I used them as my centerpiece on my Christmas dinner table and got so many compliments. I placed some glass beads at the bottom of the vases, a small Christmas tree branch in each vase and then added some fresh cranberries which floated to the top of the vases. I placed the white flavoring candles on top of the cranberries. They looked lovely and elegant. The vases are so versatile as you can decorate them in so many ways. I also think the price of the vases is very reasonable and the quality is excellent. "Mitch from NC 12/30/2014 "The candles(White Votive Candles Unscented 10 Hour Set of 288) were used to light luminaries throughout the city on Christmas Eve. Good product. Great service. Thanks! "Mad About Christmas from IL 12/30/2014 "Perfect solution for luminaries(Set of 144 Luminary Bags and 144 LED Tealight Candles ) you want to reuse. In this economy waste not want not! We had these lit for six hours and they will be used next year without any extra cost. "Perfect Luminaries from OH 12/29/2014 "These are two eight-inch cylinders made by Libbey. The glass is high quality and withour ornamentation. I used them to display Christmas-tree ornaments in a display that really showed them off. Price was good and fulfillment was quick. The packing ensured no harm would come to the glass or the candles that were sent along with it. "al-in-chgo from IL 12/29/2014 "I needed red candles(Red Pillar Candle Unscented 2" x 9" Hand Poured), at the last minute, for a Christmas program, in a size that is difficult to find; ordered these and rec'd them in three days in perfect condition and they are a perfect fit to the candelabras; were exceptionally well packed and arrived without damage. Exactly the color they were presented to be. "Do All from OR 12/29/2014 "I used these(Votive Candle Holder Frosted Glass Box of 288) for both my wedding and a corporate event. They are reasonably priced - ship quickly - and are durable. Looks a lot nicer than what you might expect for the price. "Mark from PA 12/29/2014 "Great candles(White Pillar Candle Unscented 2" x 6" Hand Poured ) in a size I was unable to find in any store. They were shipped immediately and arrived in an amazingly short time. "Carol from CA 12/29/2014 "I have been using Quick Candles for at least 3 years for our neighborhood's annual Luminary Event that takes place several weeks before Christmas. I love that I can pick up the phone and speak to a human to place my order. I order around 4,000 of these Votive Candles and they arrive within 2 days. Delivery and service has been awesome. I have never had any problems and the product is exactly what we need at a reasonable price. "Luminary Lady from NC 12/29/2014 "Every year at Christmas time I burn a tall white pillar candle in a beautiful ceramic holder that my daughter-in-law made me. I forgot to replace the candle last year. So I found Quick Candles on line and received my beautiful pillar candle in quick time. It's been burning every evening for two weeks now. "Skipper from NY 12/29/2014 "I used these(White Floating Candles 3" Set of 12) candles at my nieces Sweet 16 center piece. They floated in a tall vase that hade marbles, submergible tea light at the bottom, water and a stem of flowers in the was beautiful and gave off great light....just enough for the teens to dance in and enough for us to see the teens dancing.....worked well lasted for hours. Don't plan on using more than once as we did because the wick gets too short to relight....good value so get new ones like I had to last minute...they came in two days and saved the day.. "Carolyn from PA 12/29/2014 "I have purchased these long burning tealights for years. They make the difference when entertaining as the last the entire evening. "Cabin in the Woods from GA 12/29/2014 "Thank you very much for not only providing a quality product, but assisting me with a needed replacement piece. I would give you 5 Stars for your staff was exceptionally professional and efficient, and most gracious. "Vicki from FL 12/29/2014 "The red unscented pillar candles and cylinder vases were wonderful. They were used to decorate the chancel rail and stained glass windows at my church for the four Christmas Eve services and two Christmas Day services. Due to high attendance at all of the services, the candles burned for many hours. They had a very slow burn and that was a bonus. We were concerned that they would not make it through all of the services. The church was beautiful. The candles and cylinders were surrounded with fresh cedar, fir and small leafed magnolia leaves. The only thing we needed was means to make the pillar candles stand straight in the cylinder. I called your customer service for advice, and they suggested to get Stick Um at Michaels or Hobby Lobby. That worked perfectly. Thank you for sending your products on time, and the products were packed very well. Nothing was broken upon arrival, and your customer service was helpful for the final detail of having straight candles. "Nancy from FL 12/28/2014 "Used these(White Floating Candles 3" Set of 12) for my wedding. They burned a long time and looked great! "GirlyGirl from AL 12/28/2014 "I used these(Set of 72 Votive Candle Holders and 72 Votive Candles ) at my wedding they worked great! Lasted long. Overall they are the best candles out there for the price! "GirlyGirl from AL 12/28/2014 "Had trouble finding this size(Red Pillar Candles Unscented 3" x 3" Hand Poured ) in my own stores. I use these for a 5-candle holiday candelabra. Good quality& value. Candles burn quite evenly & are non-drip. I have to trim wicks to prevent high flames. As a first-time buyer, I'm happy with purchase & would order again. "Medicine Man from NY 12/28/2014 "It was easy to order, the Quick Candle was efficient both in acknowledging the order and sending it out. One cylinder was broken when it arrived. I contacted the company, they told me what to do, and immediately replaced it. Not only did the company email me, but they also called. Thank you for all that you have done! "Paul from WI 12/28/2014 "Have been using these(White Floating Candles 3" Set of 72) candles for about 2 years now, and I have never been disappointed. I work for a hotel, and some guest inquire about the candles and where can they purchase. For special occasions when we order items for the first time, they always come in on time, and look just as good as advertised. "Banquet Captain from NY 12/28/2014 "Just add tea candles and you've got a beautiful way to light up your dining table or add subtle lighting throughout your house! Clear is pretty but for more drama, mix and match with other available colors like gold or green. I love these! "Creating Sourhern Charm from GA 12/28/2014 "So pleased with the color(Navy Blue Hand Poured Pillars 3"x3", 3"x6" & 3"x9" Set of 3). Although these were a bit taller than required, we were able to shorten them to fit using a power saw "Pauley from MI 12/28/2014 "I would just like you to know that thru out the holiday season I have done a lot of on line orders and did not have much success with shipping, product quality or customer service. I would like Quick Candles to know that the customer service and product was exceptional. My experience with Quick Candles was above and beyond in custom service. From the time I placed the order, order was sent incorrect, but was resolved and shipped out the same day I called. Product was exceptional as well. I just want to thank Quick Candles for great on line service and product. I will never by candles in a store again "Gigi from FL 12/27/2014 "These(Pillar Candle Holder Glass Set of 12) were priced well. It arrived quickly too. "beegee from MO 12/27/2014 "I purchased 144 amber-colored votives to give to our attendees for a holiday remembrance program for families whose children have died. Quick Candles inscribed them just the way I asked and in the amber color the glow from the candle was just right and exuded the warmth and peace I had hoped for. They were done very professionally and quickly, in plenty of time for our program. This is the second time I have ordered votives from Quick Candles and have been satisfied both times. "Peachy of Minnesota from MN 12/27/2014 "I ordered 2 Sets of 144 Luminary Bags and 288 LED Tea light Candles I used them to light up the driveway and sidewalks of my church on Christmas eve and our Christmas concert. I used the white tea lights for the concert but was not happy with the color choice so I ordered the amber tea light for Christmas eve. They looked much better. I received many positive compliments from the parishioners. This is the second time I used this product and will use it again. "Sparky from NJ 12/27/2014 "perfectly priced, very easy to use(Eastland Diamond Wrap Silver Roll 30 Feet). The color is pure and clear. "Rainbow Flames from AZ 12/27/2014 "I love using your candle mirrors for etching personal mirrors. My clients love them and they work very well with the beveled edges and designs that you have available. My product arrived before the est. delivery which was already set to be fast even though it was during Christmas time. They were packaged well so nothing was damaged. "Cindy with CJ's Expressions from OK 12/27/2014 "Product always arrives fast and in great condition. "dog lover from AL 12/27/2014 "You guys are amazing !!!!!!!!!!! You're faster than a McDonald's drive-thru. If you can deliver so fast, why can't other companies do it too ????????? Thank you, thank you, thank you "Beverly from VA 12/26/2014 "I used the product for centerpieces. I got the red holders which are so pretty and more of a deep red. "Dgarcia from NM 12/26/2014 "I was so happy just to be able to find 2" pillar candles! I was making centerpieces as gifts for my friends and was having a very hard time finding this size. And these are wonderful. Exactly what I needed. "Pater Lady from IL 12/26/2014 "Tealights are perfect in my crystal votive holders They burn for 4+ hours, no wax mess to clean out of the holders, and the flame is within, not above, the holder [much safer]. Unscented are great when scents cause allergy issues. Speedy service from means I'll shop here again! "DonneGal from MN 12/26/2014 "they(White Votive Candles Unscented 10 Hour Set of 144 ) arrived fast and were exactly what i wanted for my daughter's wedding. very pleased with them! "mother of bride from TX 12/25/2014 "Very quality products & fast shipping! I will use Quick Candles again & recommend highly! "Freelance Decorator from KY 12/23/2014 "I love lots of Votives at Christmas and a box of 72 has been displayed all over the house! We love them! NO oder makes it easy on friends with allergies to visit! Thank you! "Elinor from GA 12/23/2014 "My mother has been looking for mercury glass candle holders for a long time, and I went searching online for some as a gift. I had a very hard time finding what I wanted at a good price. These are perfect and were a very good price! "Gifter from NC 12/22/2014 "Now that the Children are older I'm starting to set the table properly for the Holidays. Which means no paper napkins. I was looking for some affordable napkins and napkin rings. I was very impressed with the quantity for the price. The color is vibrant. "Designs by Shelia from MI 12/22/2014 "We used the votives during tours of our City owned Mansion in early Dec 2014. The candles were used for 4 nights for about 3 hrs each night. The candles lasted 3 nights or approx. 9 hrs. We will buy again. "Mansion Friend from GA 12/22/2014 "I needed a cute table runner to match my CHRISTmas decor an this is perfect its shinny and adds that extra pop to my table. "Designs by Shelia from MI 12/22/2014 "Candles(Pillar Candle Unscented 3" x 9" Hand Poured) are part of a large horizontal wreath hanging in a church entrance area (a very visual focal point of the room). "Harley Guy from TX 12/22/2014 "Fast and efficient service of a top-notch product(Red Votive Candle Holder - Colored Glass Set of 12). "Bennie from TX 12/21/2014 "I used these(White Luminary Bags Only Set of 100) to make Xmas luminaries with my kids. They are easy to cut and decorate with craft punchers. "Prof in GA from GA 12/21/2014 "One of the 12(Frosted Square Tealight Candle Holder Set of 12) was chipped on the top, so I called to ask for a replacement. What happened next actually floored me. I was told they could not send out just one but they would send out another box of 12. I had the replacements in two days at NO additional charges for shipping, etc......... unbelievable. WHAT SERVICE!!! I have since made another order and will continue to use this company. "Damnyanker from OH 12/21/2014 "Love the different scents(Set of 72 Assorted 10 Hour Scented Richland Votive Candles). Have a hard time deciding what scent to burn. "Karen J. from NY 12/21/2014 "We used these(White Votive Candles Unscented 10 Hour Set of 144) last night for our annual Luminary Walk and they worked very well. They were easy to light and lasted all night. "Margaret from OH 12/21/2014 "I use these(Votive Candle Holder Clear Glass Box of 72 ) votives around my house. They are very safe and easy to clean. "Cat has Candles from NY 12/21/2014 "The glass vases(Cylinder Candle Vase Set of 48) were exactly what I need to reproduced the desired look. I would definitely recommend Quickcandles to friends. "LaDonna the Decorator from IL 12/20/2014 "Three purple and pink 3" pillars exceeded my expectations! My daughter loves them too - especially that they are unscented. Will be my first stop for future candle needs! "Dawn from FL 12/20/2014 "We are using the candles for our Advent Wreath. The colors are deep and very appropriate. "Small Church Pastor from IA 12/19/2014 "Just want to let you know,the candles(Richland Floating Candles White 3" Set of 12 ) I ordered were great,They were here in 2days,and packed well. Thank you! "Ruth from WV 12/19/2014 "This set of 5 tablecloths is an awesome deal! Good, durable, easily washed and dried fabric. Just the color I was looking for, too. "Janet the Creator of Special Moments from TX 12/17/2014 "It(5" Round Eastland Mirror Table Decor Set of 12) was for our Christmas Party and they came well packed and looked just like the picture on the example. Great Company "LWDM from CA 12/17/2014 "I purchased the tea lights for my daughter's wedding. Our wedding coordinator suggested your web sight. They are wonderful. No time consuming cleanup after the wedding. They burned through the whole reception. I would give them 5 stars out of 4! "Ruth from IN 12/16/2014 "I purchased these(Pillar Candles Unscented Red 3" x 6" Hand Poured) to use in centerpieces for tables at a Christmas party. The candles are long burning, and provided the ambiance desired. When removing the candles from the tables, some wax from the candles spilled on the white table clothes, but it was easy to clean. "JuJu from NC 12/15/2014 "I like that I can get this box in from them and not have to prep any of their vases for an event! Others have hard-to-get-off stickers on the bottom that take a while to get off but not these! Thanks for making my job easy! "Michelle from AR 12/15/2014 "Quick delivery. Exactly what I ordered. "ABS from CA 12/15/2014 "We used these mirror tiles under the cylinder vases for our holiday party centerpieces, and it was beautiful. Really like the beveled edge. "Dorielle from IL 12/15/2014 "perfect for use(Set of 72 Flameless LED Tealights and 72 Frosted Holders) at a retirement community where open flames could not be used. Nice ambience and a very reasonable price. We were very pleased. "marketing pro from SC 12/15/2014 "We used these(Cylinder Vase 10.5") for holiday party centerpieces, and they were perfect. "Dorielle from IL 12/15/2014 "The navy blue beaded charger plates are beautiful. I'm using them for a wedding. They are going to look great at my friend's wedding. "JLG from MA 12/14/2014 "We have not used the Grand Votive Hurricane Sets that were received three weeks ago. They were ordered primarily to be placed on the window sills of our church for candlelight services during the Christmas season. I'm sure they will look beautiful. I was very pleased with the speed in which I received my order as well as the way it was packaged. "Eleanor the Church Secretary from NY 12/14/2014 "These(Votive Candle Holder Clear Glass Box of 72 ) votives were perfect for our girl scout candle making project!! "GS Leader from MO 12/14/2014 "Very nice high quality, long lasting floating candle. Quick delivery too! "Barb from MI 12/14/2014 "Have been impressed with the speed of packaging and delivery! "Angel Collector from VA 12/14/2014 "I ordered these cloth napkins for a "non-typical" use. The napkins are to be strung together and used as garland on a Christmas Tree. The overall design criteria for the tree was themed as hues of silver, clear, sparkle-white and white. These napkins also have a surprising perfect sheen which allows them to glisten and also reflect the tiny LED white lights used. Perfect for my design scheme. However, if these were going to be used for it real purpose for people around a dining table, they are made of perfect material to not contain/shed any white lint (which guests are always cautious in their evening wear). "Greg Ev from NY 12/13/2014 "I ordered the unscented floating candles in red for a church event. They arrived very quickly- customer service is great. The candles burned for about 3 hours and are only about half gone. We were very pleased with the candles and will definitely order again as needed. "SI from NC 12/12/2014 "I love soft candle light, and these 7 hour candles are great! I've bought them for several years, and they are by far the most reasonably priced long-lasting candles I've found in stores or online. "Lilspax from CA 12/11/2014 "We used these(Purple Votive Candle Holder Colored Glass Set of 12) as toasting glasses (Homemade Bailey's) for our daughters' wedding. We had ordered glasses already but once we realized we needed more we found these and they complimented the ones we already had. From ordering to received very efficient and very quick - Thank you! They were shipped in plenty of time and didn't even have to pay extra. "Queen Vic from NY 12/10/2014 "This(Ivory Tealight Candles Vanilla Scented Clear Cup Set of 50 ) is a good product for that hard to find, clear cup tea light with a scent. "Candle Shopper from CA 12/10/2014 "I got exactly what ordered with a quick turn around and all 40 mirrors were in excellent condition! "Lee from MT 12/9/2014 "Everything came in great condition, packed very well. Looking forward to using the votive holders and candles for my daughters wedding in May. "Lisa from OK 12/9/2014 "I used the product(Set of 12 Votive Candle Holders and 12 Votive Candles) for my daughters 15th party and it was a true hit as it gave the banquet hall a beautiful scent and they looked wonderful on the tables. Thanks! "KACE from FL 12/9/2014 "I put a white candle in it(Adena Hurricane Vases Glass 10.5" Set of 2) for Thanksgiving and surrounded by mixed nuts. At Christmas I put in a red candle and put a wreath around it on my dining room table "jube from FL 12/9/2014 "I purchased this(Glass Pillar Hurricane Candle Lamp 11.5" Set of 6) product for the floral centerpieces for a wedding. Although the event hasn't taken place yet, I'm sure that there won't be any problems with the hurricane candle lamps. They will provide the necessary protection for the open flame candles in an outdoor setting. Looking forward to the big day. "Hawaiian surfer from HI 12/9/2014 "I used these(White Pillar Candle Unscented 3" x 6" Hand Poured) candles for a candle light meeting. They were perfect! "Jimmy the Saint from PA 12/9/2014 "We ordered these(Purple Pillar Candles Unscented 3" x 9" Hand Poured) for Advent, getting tired of thinner candles which burned down too quickly, even if they were designed for Advent. So we knew we wanted to go with something bigger. These are working out great, and we've had people comment about how much better they look this year. "SMiller from PA 12/8/2014 "excellent product, service and on time delivery. "Log driller from NY 12/8/2014 "I purchased 144 red votive candles for a Christmas banquet. They are very good quality and burn for a long time. I received a lot of complements. I purchased a variety of votive candle holders in 2011 for my daughters wedding and have used them on numerous occasions, including the Christmas banquet. Everything that I have purchased from Quick Candles has been excellent quality and looked very elegant. "Phillis from TN 12/8/2014 "I order these(Purple Pillar Candles Unscented 3" x 3" Hand Poured) candles for our Advent Wreath and am able to get 2 years' use with them (rotating). I love the solid color and how clean & neatly they burn. This year's order arrived damaged and customer service was quick to offer to replace them or refund my order. I received the perfect replacements and you kept a happy customer! "MaryM from NJ 12/7/2014 "Quick Candles are so easy to order from and the product comes so quickly...great service! "Melinda Chipley from AZ 12/7/2014 "Great runner to highlight table cloths. Very happy with purchase "APess from OH 12/7/2014 "The items(Frosted Petite Hurricane Votive Holder Set of 36) were exactly as described. Excellent quality and very fast delivery. "Sonya from CA 12/6/2014 "Quick Candles is always my go to place to shop for all my candle needs. Price, quality and style are always exactly what I need as a small business owner. Thank you for your attention to customer service. "Brenda from NY 12/6/2014 "This is the second time I have purchased candles and holders from Quick Candles. They ship faster than anyone I have ever used. Items are packaged to perfection. Easy to store extras. Good quality candles and holders. "Juanita9801 from NC 12/6/2014 "These(Set of 144 Votive Candle Holders and 144 Votive Candles) candles arrived in just a few days after ordering. They were in perfect condition and priced just right for use as a fund raiser for our church. "Syl & Will from NC 12/4/2014 "We used a wide variety of candles from the website for my daughters wedding. They even outlasted the dancing! Fast delivery, great packaging and a wonderful product . I will be sharing this website with friends. Thanks for adding the "magical" candlelight she wanted to her wedding. "Jeanie, M.O.B. from WI 12/3/2014 "These(Set of 72 Votive Candle Holders and 72 Votive Candles) candles are very nice. I will be using them for a backyard wedding in the spring. These were the best candles for the price. They shipped quickly and came without any breaks. I purchased the non-scented candles but they are going to bring a great ambiance to the wedding reception. "KP from AZ 12/3/2014 "I haven't burned them(Hand Poured Pillars 3"x3", 3"x6" & 3"x9" Set of 3) yet but these candles are beautiful and they came quickly. Awesome price! Thanks! "ren from STL 12/3/2014 "We bought these(Set of 72 Votive Candle Holders and 72 Votive Candles) votive candles and holders to use at our Annual Holiday Luncheon. We were very pleased with the ambiance they created on each table and in the room. Would highly recommend purchasing from Quick candles. The order process was flawless and the candles arrived within a few days after ordering....nothing was broken. Great product and Great Vendor... "Corporate Facilities Manager from MD 12/3/2014 "We are using these(Blue Flameless LED Tealights Set of 12) for the paper latern center pieces. Wedding is on New Year's Eve and winter theme. They light up the laterns with a beautiful blue glow that goes perfect with the rest of the color theme. "Proud Mother of the Groom from OH 12/2/2014 "I purchased the set of 72 votive holders & candles for my wedding next March. My order arrived very quickly and nothing was broken (which was a concern of mine). I can't wait to have them light the tables on my big day! "Glo from AZ 12/2/2014 "luminaries(Set of 72 Flameless LED Tealights White) I made Snowmen using the flame as his nose, black marker for coal, red glitter for rosy cheeks,googly eyes and a top hat hung with holiday ribbon. "grandma from IN 12/2/2014 "Mia Bella Candles - votive size - require snug fit votive holders which can be hard to find for my customers, so I buy in bulk from Quick Candles and put my candles in the holders before I give them to customers. Win Win - they have the correct holder so the candle performs at it's best and I get great reviews on my candles and they appreciate the addition of the holder as my gift to them. "Mia Bella Life from AR 12/2/2014 "Beautiful set of cylinder floating candles.(Set of 4 Cylinders and 3" Floating Candles) "twingranny from VA 12/2/2014 "I purchased these(Navy Blue Votive Candles Unscented 10 Hour Set of 144 ) candles for wedding favors that I am making for my sons wedding. They are perfect! Right color. Right size. They shipped quickly and none were damaged. "Happy MOB from FL 12/1/2014 "I bought these(Purple Votive Candles Unscented 10 Hour Set of 12 ) for my advent wreath and the color is perfect and no scent is wonderful. Just wish you had these in a taller candle to fit my votive containers- so they would burn longer. Your service and order delivery is exceptional and your answers about your candles was wonderful when I called before placing my order. Thank You! "Kat from GA 12/1/2014 "I am using them(Set of 72 Votive Candle Holders and 72 Votive Candles ) for my daughter's wedding. I tested them out in one of the centerpieces and they work perfectly and burn for a long time. "motorcitymojo from MI 12/1/2014 "We are an elementary school that wanted to give our teachers a votive candle as part of their Christmas gift this year. These candle holders were wonderful for the price! They were delivered quickly and in great shape! We were very pleased! "Eagle Bay from UT 11/30/2014 "I bought these(Ivory Votive Candles Vanilla Scented 10 Hour Set of 144) candles for ambience and we also used them for décor at family gatherings, etc. The shipment arrived on time; also a catalogue was included, nice. The candles are great, they last enough, and the scent is a soft pleasant vanilla, very comfortable light. Lovely candles, I would definitely buy more. "Carmen R from NY 11/30/2014 "Used these luminaries to line the walkway into a party. Even though it rained, I still used them and they looked so pretty. "Tyra from MO 11/30/2014 "The price and quality make it possible to use them(Red Votive Candles Unscented 10 Hour Set of 72) whenever I want. "Harli from WA 11/30/2014 "These candles and candle holders(Set of 144 Votive Candle Holders and 144 Votive Candles ) will be perfect for our wedding reception tables. They're the perfect size and perfect price! So nice to order something for the wedding that doesn't break the budget! It was great to receive these so soon. Within days of our order! "Cindy from CA 11/30/2014 "I bought these 12" vases to hold floral arrangements to give as holiday gifts. Exactly what I wanted! Great quality, great price, and really fast delivery. I will definitely use Quick Candles again! "TADean from IL 11/29/2014 "I've ordered the Ivory Vanilla Scented candles before and loved them. I've just ordered the bigger box of them for the Christmas Season. They smell is warm and soft. Very creamy. They are extremely relaxing. The flame does not rise as high as other votives, rather, they "twinkle" like tea lights. Just love them. To give you an idea of what they smell like, I was burning about three of them one dreary, rainy afternoon. I had company that day, and upon entering the house, one of them stopped and said he smelled "vanilla ice cream" or "vanilla pudding." He indicated the smell was "very light, but there just the same." I pointed at the scented candles "twinkling away" on the coffee table. "The best, little, vanilla candles" I explained. :) An unbeatable choice. The smell is light, never overwhelming. But it definitely is present - in the best kind of way. "Shanahan the Candle Burner" from MA 11/29/2014 "I bought 20 set(Set of 18 Square Holders and 18 Floating Candles) for my wedding centerpices. The candels are beautiful, the vases looks elegant and it is a durable glass. A few of them have like a little air bubbles within the glass but anyways they look nice. The service is the best... I received some broken vases, two days later I got my new vases. "carolina's from NC 11/28/2014 "The candles(Hand Poured Pillars 2"x3", 2"x6", 2"x9" Set of 30) were used in a processional for a performance. The varied heights were very attractive and the result of all of the lit candles was quite beautiful. The candles burned brightly and for much longer than I had expected. Purchasing the candles was easy and they arrived quickly, as expected. "nthArt from MA 11/28/2014 "I purchased this item(Eastland Clear Flat Gem Vase Fillers (18 Container Bulk)) to use as a vase filler for cylinder vases I purchased. They look great and I am so I found them. I did a lot of shopping around for this particular product and quick candles had the best deal. I will be using these gems at the bottom of each vase and then adding water, a submersible flower and topping off with a floating candle. "Nat the savvy shopper from CT 11/28/2014 "We ordered one dozen of these(Yellow Pillar Candles Unscented 3" x 3" Hand Poured) for a fall themed wedding to use in a candle globe and put them in the windows of the church. They worked perfectly and were uniform in color and size. They were beautiful lit and unlit. Your prompt shipping was very helpful as well. Thanks so much! "weddingmom from SC 11/28/2014 "These(Votive Holder Assorted Colors Set Of 12) hold my votive candles very nicely. The colors are attractive and just perfect for me. "PresPetunia from CT 11/28/2014 "I purchased these(Square Votive Candle Holder Set of 72 ) for my wedding and they were the exact size I wanted, delivered quickly and none were broken. Excellent product and excellent service! "Future bride from IA 11/27/2014 "I use the votives all around my Living room to create a beautiful ambiance. "chantell from MI 11/27/2014 "I Ordered frosted votive candle holders in bulk. They were reasonably priced, arrived quickly, and look great. I'm very happy. "Heather from CA 11/27/2014 "We love this product(Grande Votive Holder Frosted Glass Set of 72) due to the size votive we use in them, very decorative and works well with either paraffin or soy wax candles, these holders works with either drop in votives or pour into the holders itself. they are very durable and don't discolor when your candle is finished. We are very happy with Quick Candles service and delivery. "Tirchian the candle maker from MI 11/25/2014 "Placemats match the description and are beautiful "Tracy from CO 11/25/2014 "We paired these floating candles with the mason jars and made beautiful table decorations for my daughter's wedding reception. We were very happy with the look and the burn time. "G829 from TX 11/25/2014 "Bought these(Set of 72 Votive Candle Holders and 72 Votive Candles) for a craft project that I was leading, at two different events. Fall crafts are difficult to come by; we decorated these glass candle holders with decopage and glitter - came out beautifully! They were high quality, at a fraction of what it would have cost me, even to have purchased cheaper items at the Dollar store! I was very impressed! And everyone, aged 11 to 80, had an amazing time! The incredible cent of the vanilla candles was a wonderful bonus!! "HeartonaString from CA 11/24/2014 "This product(Set of 4 Cylinders and 3" Floating Candles) was used as three tier centerpieces for a very important dinner for our company. They were a great price, arrived very quickly and were just what we were looking for. We loved everything about them. They really added a perfect touch to our event. "Dawn from FL 11/24/2014 "Recently used(Pillar Candle Unscented 2" x 9" Hand Poured Set of 20 ) at a wedding and were beautiful. Were shipped in a timely manner & packed so that they were received in perfect condition. Very, very pleased with this product. "None from KY 11/24/2014 "I make fused glass luminarias--I include these(Tealight Candle Holder Clear Glass Set of 72) with each to hold the tea lights: classy touch for my expensive products "NORA from OR 11/23/2014 "We used the candles(Set of 12 - 10.5" Glass Cylinders & 12 - 3 x 9 Pillar Candles) for an annual Memorial Mass at Church. They were delivered on time and in perfect shape. The glass was pristine and the candles just glowed. The fact that the candles can be replaced in the same glass holder is a plus. Everyone was satisfied and the price was well below other vendors. The pillar candles and holders were taller, too. "SMT Church from NY 11/23/2014 "using(Oyster Cocktail Votive Holder Set of 12 ) this at ladies' dinner. Put ribbon around it and have tealights that turn on with just a touch. Each lady will have one to take home. Possible because of quality and cost. "Sylvia from FL 11/22/2014 "I like this scen(Navy Votive Candles Blueberry Pie Scented 10 Hour Set of 72)t. They always burn like a dream for a total of 10 hours. What I like about these candles, all of the scents from Quick Candles, is that the flame height is exactly as a tea light. It leaves me with less to worry over as sometimes with the bigger votives, the flames get dangerously high and you need to blow them out to trim the wick. Not these. They twinkle merrily at tea light, height. And the smell is so comforting. It's a definite berry scent, but it is mixed with a creamy, vanilla smell that reminds me much of blueberries and cream. I really like these and I've repurchased them several times. They are great candles. :) "Shanahan the Candle Burner from MA 11/22/2014 "I use these tea lights everyday to melt scented tart warmers. They are the greatest tea light I have come across. Ordering was quick, and shipment was great. Had them within the week. I will reorder when needed. I wish I could find them locally as with the price of the tea light plus the shipping, they can be a bit pricey, but worth it in my opinion. "Hooked on Candles from MS 11/22/2014 "a much better lighting solution than wax.(Liquid Paraffin Fuel Cells 8 Hour Set of 180) "mama d from OH 11/22/2014 "Fast shipping - I think it took less than 3 days - Great quality(Eastland Diamond Wrap Silver Roll 30 Feet) - Thinking about ordering again or ordering other colors - Thank you! "GlitteristaCouture from MI 11/22/2014 "I used the mirrors as a centerpiece on the tables for my mom's 50th birthday party. Very nice touch "Tiffany from TX 11/20/2014 "I purchased these(Tealight Candle Holder Clear Glass Set of 72) to glue in the bottoms of up-cycled candle jars. They then hold a battery operated LED tea light candle. Very happy with the appearance, value, and quality of the product. Thus far have not encountered any broken ones, and know that if I did it probably would not be an issue to replace them. Very, very happy with my purchase, and I recommend the site to all my crafting friends. "Scrapping Jax from WA 11/19/2014 "I used these vases for a 500 black tie gala. We filled them with cracker jacks to go with the Americana theme. It looked amazing on the 72" tables. They were exactly the right size to make a statement but allow space for the dishware. When I ordered them originally I ordered the 6" but they were too small. I was able to exchange them and just pay for the shipping to return my old vases. When the 8" ones arrived 4 were broken. I informed the company and they immediately shipped me more. I would certainly order from here again! "Angela from NY 11/19/2014 "I used these(5" Round Eastland Mirror Table Decor) for a baby shower For the bottoms of the centerpieces. Looked awesome and loved the price!! " Expressions by yvette from TX 11/18/2014 "Bought(Blue Flameless LED Tealights Set of 12) to use in votives for my wedding reception. My theme is "winter wonderland" so I bought hurricane style votives, filled with fake snow and added the blue flameless candles....simply beautiful! " Marcie from TX 11/18/2014 "Bought the vases(Elite Bud Vase 7.5" Set of 12 ) to use as centerpieces at my wedding reception. Love the look, feel and heavy bottom of these vases. Add 3 flower stems and you have a beautiful but elegant look. " Marcie from TX 11/18/2014 "I added these(Set of 3 Cylinders and 3 Floating Candles) on to my order of votive holders and candles at the last minute, because of the affordability. I plan to use them at my wedding. They arrived quickly, were packed well and are just as described. Would definitely recommend. "Lindsay the Bride from MD 11/18/2014 "I will be using these(Set of 72 Votive Candle Holders and 72 Votive Candles ) votives for my wedding. As we had already exhausted our budget, we were looking for affordable quality in votive holders and candles. These absolutely delivered! They arrived quickly, were packed well and were exactly as described. The votive holders are super quality for the cost and we know they'll look great at our wedding in March. Highly recommend. "Lindsay the Bride from MD 11/18/2014 "I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of this mirror, especially because the price was so reasonable. I will be using this in my centerpiece at my wedding. I will be purchasing several more. "Erica from MD 11/18/2014 "I really like the look of these(Red Votive Candles Apple Cinnamon Scented 10 Hour Set of 12) in clear glass holders. The scent is very pleasant but not over-powering. Very nice candles for the price. "Lulu80 from MA 11/18/2014 "I am going to use this(Cylinder Vase 10.5") for my centerpiece at my wedding. The glass feels solid and has weight to it. The price is fantastic for the high quality. I will be purchasing several more. "Erica from MD 11/17/2014 "We used these LED candles for wedding chapel and they looked real and made the chapel so pretty. Love that they were safe to use. "Happy Mother of the bride from TX 11/17/2014 "Perfect lighting solution to create ambiance at my daughter's college graduation party(Set of 72 Votive Candle Holders and 72 Votive Candles). Thank you. "happy jeweler from NJ 11/17/2014 "Used(Set of 12 Flameless LED Tealights and 12 Frosted Holders) for table decorations at church lunch. Nice little glow even in brightly lit room. The red led "flame" added a nice touch to the fall decorations. "lunch bunch from OR 11/17/2014 "Used three different sizes of the LED candles and they looked great in the wedding chapel. "Happy Mother of the bride from TX 11/15/2014 "These(Frosted Grande Hurricane Holder Set of 12 ) votive holders were purchased to replace the votive holders in a centerpiece I owned. One of the 6 original votive holders broke and I could not find a replacement anywhere. These, although not the same color as the original, are lovely and fit in the arrangement well. I am very pleased with this purchase. "CG from VA 11/15/2014 "We held our wedding reception at night in a room with lots of windows. We put six candles on each table and the rest in the window sills all along the room. As the sun went down, the candles were reflected by 1000 panes of glass. It was a lovely effect. The electric candles looked just fine (not tacky) in the candle holders, and they lasted all evening. We were entirely satisfied. "Newly-wed Astronomer from MD 11/15/2014 "I was nervous about getting weak glass candle holders and candles but actually they candle holders are very strong and the candles are regular candles. I will keep buying them here. The price is amazing and the shipping was very fast. "Claudia. from NC 11/14/2014 "Let's be honest, placing an order for an important event on the internet can be scary. BUT this company definitely restored my faith in buying online.This was my second time placing an order with Quick Candles and both times, they definitely impressed me with their speedy shipments and genuine customer service. I used quick candles as my "go-to" vendor for my favors for my upcoming wedding. I purchased Richland Votive Unscented Ivory Candles as well as the glass votive holders. Quick candles was quick and efficient when shipping my order and I received my shipment within a couple of days. Getting items scratched off of your "to-do" list is super important to a bride, so this was awesome!! Their customer service is excellent and they are always willing to work with you. Definitely will always refer this company! GREAT WORK GUYS!!! "Mal D. from LA 11/14/2014 "I wanted hurricane vases to use with battery operated candles. These(Adena Hurricane Vases Glass 9.0" Set of 4) are perfect. Durable and large enough to hold several different size candles, I know I will be able to use them both inside and outdoors. Very pleased with price, quality, and how quickly they were delivered. "pf from CA 11/14/2014 "Used(White Floating Candles 3" Set of 12) with glass cylinders for a centerpiece. Did get a lot of compliments on both glass ware & candles. Fast shipping, great product. "np from NY 11/14/2014 "Glass cylinders were beautiful. Used with floating candles which fit the cylinder perfectly. I did put glass stones in the bottom of the cylinder with a battery operated led light hidden in the stones. Used as a centerpiece. Did get many compliments on the arrangement. Glass was nice quality. They did come shipped securely in a box which made it very easy to carry to the venue. Fast shipping! Will definitely use quick candles in the future!! "np from NY 11/12/2014 "I will always use Quick Candles for my shopping needs "Wicked Angil from NE 11/12/2014 "Used these(Set of 72 Floating Candles 2" and 72 Grande Glass Hurricanes) as part of the centerpieces for my husband's 50th birthday party. I've used other produces from Quick Candles in the past and love the quality, price and service! "jaksper from IL 11/12/2014 "These(Set of 144 Luminary Bags and 144 LED Tealight Candles ) candles were perfect! We used them at our Church's Cemetery on All Souls Day. We lined the gate entrance with them and the walkway entrance of the Mausoleum where we held a candle light service in the Chapel. "Lynda from NJ 11/12/2014 "Used these(Set of 72 Votive Candle Holders and 72 Votive Candles) votives at wedding ceremony and reception. Long lasting, did the job! "Mother of the bride from TX 11/11/2014 "These(White Richland Floating Candles 2" Set of 72) were exactly what I needed for my daughter's wedding; they were shipped so quickly that it was one less thing to worry about. They lasted a long time. "Nonmom from TN 11/11/2014 "Great price for candle crafters. Sales of votive candles rely on having good complimentary products. I can easily gift one of these(Votive Candle Holder Clear Glass Box of 72) with a purchase of 4 candles, and sell them separately as needed by my customers. Thank you for your good quality, and must have prices for re sale. "Mel the candle lady from OH 11/10/2014 "Very easy ordering process. Quick delivery. I tried these(White Votive Candles Unscented 10 Hour Set of 288 ) already and they do burn for a very long time. Using these for my daughter's wedding reception this coming weekend. I anticipate these working out perfectly. Thank you! "Mother of the Bride from CT 11/10/2014 "Best long lasting tea lights I've ever used. No crumbly cheap mess light some purchased from stores. Burns 7 hours. Lasts the life of the party. I use them in all my candle holders. "Linda from Palm Desert 11/10/2014 "These(White Floating Candles 3" Set of 24) are long lasting candles and worked well for the duration of a wedding reception. These even continue burning when wick is low but when too low and water enters, candle still floating, the flame will then go out. They will outlast the reception so that's not really a concern. "jim from MA 11/9/2014 "I will be using these(Bubble Ball 8" Set of 4 ) at my wedding reception. Quickcandles had a nice price, much better than what my florist was able to offer on a like vase. I purchased several of these for my florist to use. When I received the package, one vase was broken. I called and received a new one two days later. Great service! "Soon to be Bride from IA 11/8/2014 "Fast delivery as always! Even though the weather here in Southern Calif was still very warm, candles arrived in good condition! I could smell the Apple Cinnamon scent as soon as I got one flap of the box open! Scent and color is perfect for Christmas decor! I had a fall themed gathering For Ladies Only and gave these out as favors at the end of the evening! Because we get so busy during Christmas with family, etc. I wanted the ladies to take a little scent of Christmas with them!!! Everyone loved them!! It was the perfect way to say hello to the most wonderful time of the year!!! "Fizz from CA 11/8/2014 "Used these(Set of 288 Votive Candle Holders and 288 Votive Candles ) for our outside wedding. Due to the extreme wind that day we weren't able to light them all. Great investment though and I will highly recommend to anyone looking for votives for a wedding!! "Floridawedding from FL 11/7/2014 "The amber votive candle holders are beautiful and cast a warm glow around the room. One holder was broken during shipping, but QuickCandles replacement was, well, QUICK! They are a wonderful company with which to do business. "hydrant from FL 11/6/2014 "Used(Set of 72 Flameless LED Tealights Amber) in luminary bags in drizzly weather. Never went out. Just what I wanted to line the pathway. "Mother of the Bride from GA 11/5/2014 "Excellent price for these votive candles(Lavender Votive Candles Unscented 10 Hour Set of 72) when purchased with the holders. Color is exactly as pictured. "Barb from AZ 11/5/2014 "Right size, long lasting(White Votive Candles Unscented 10 Hour Set of 72 ) and received order very fast. Will order again. Also prices are very good. "rsc from NY 11/5/2014 "We needed bowls fast for a carnival for my daughter's school - ordering was easy and they came quickly and none were broken - we had a large order. Would order again from this company. "Busy Mom from TX 11/4/2014 "Using(Cylinder Floating Candle Vase Set of 3 ) for wedding centerpieces Good quality for the price, not super cheap thin glass just right!! They shipped super quick! I will be ordering 19 more sets and hope to share With friends if they need for events ! Great customer service as well! "Rie from MI 11/4/2014 "I orginally ordered from another company the candles were all broken and chipped and non useable, then I immediately ordered from quick candles they were shipped promptly, were packaged properly, all in great condition and they burned for the entire wedding for 6 hours and were still going strong. I will definately use this company again for future events. Thank you Quick Candles for saving the day. "Elegance to Remember from FL 11/4/2014 "The gems(Eastland Clear Flat Gem Vase Fillers (18 Container Bulk)) were perfect for my daughter's centerpieces and priced just right for our budget. We put submersible LED tea lights in with the gems and they looked great!! "CJ from NC 11/3/2014 "I am a crafter and I am decorating these(Hand Poured Pillars 3"x3", 3"x6" & 3"x9" Set of 18)) with Vintage European Santas and will sell them at a craft fair. The red, orange and brown candles will be decorated with paper crafted flowers for Christmas and Thanksgiving and also sold at the fair. "Illinois Papercrafter from IL 11/3/2014 "So happy to have found beautiful unscented candles(Pink Pillar Candles Unscented 3" x 3" Hand Poured) for a wedding reception. The color is gorgeous and I love the fact that the color is throughout the candle. The shipping was extremely quick and the candles arrived all individually wrapped and in perfect condition! "happy mom from GA 11/3/2014 "These(Pillar Candles Unscented 3" x 3" Hand Poured Set of 12) candles are perfect for our candle spinner made by a local blacksmith. Beautiful light on our dining room table. "bookbinder gal from WA 11/2/2014 "These votives (Amber Votive Candle Holder Colored Glass Set of 72 ) really enhanced the tables at our recent Gala! Just as expected! "Decorator from NJ 11/2/2014 "We floated the candles(White Richland Floating Candles 2" Set of 72 ) in centerpieces for a Black & White Masquerade event. They were lit for six hours and never went out. They would have lasted longer. I will definitely order again from quick candles. "Amber from TX 11/2/2014 "Looked everywhere for this wedding centerpiece of vases, mirror, and floating candles. I needed to decorate 12 tables and this total package took care of all my needs at one time. Needed these in 5 days. As was stated, items were shipped on day of order and received in great shape right when they said they would be. Would recommend this company in a heartbeat!!! " Marilyn from FL 11/2/2014 "I bought these(Colored Votive Holders) in red, amber, green, and purple for an Arabian Nights themed party and they were beautiful! Great value and surprisingly durable "kat from IL 11/01/2014 "I love the soft glow of candles in out house. These candles(Light Blue Pillar Candles Unscented 3" x 3" Hand Poured) are really wonderful and the variety is amazing. I will certainly be purchasing more of them "Ed from GA 11/01/2014 "I ordered this product(Set of 36 Cylinders and 3" Floating Candles) to make center pieces for my niece's sweet 16. It got delivered fast, the price was great, and the fact that they sent me emails letting me know when it shipped was awesome! I would definitely order again and again and again! Thank you so much for the amazing service! "Giselle from NY 10/31/2014 "These bubble bowls were used as centerpieces for table decorations at a baby shower I recently hosted. I used a seal shell theme with candles and sand/sea shells and other accents and they were beautiful! Some also went home as hostess gifts - they were a hit! "Kathy from GA 10/31/2014 "We used the amber candles holders with the ivory 10 hr. candles for table decorations at a wedding reception. They did indeed last for 10 hours, added ambiance, and looked great with the floral centerpieces! "Mother of the bride from VA 10/29/2014 "I ordered these(White Floating Candles 3" Set of 24) for my daughters wedding. I did a test to ensure that they lasted as long as they stated on the website and they DID! I am very pleased and so excited to use these at the reception on all of the tables. "MamaP from MO 10/28/2014 "I've been using these(White Tealight Candles Extended Burn 7 Hour Unscented Set of 100) tea lights for over a year,and I have never been so satisfied in a product like this one. Making it impossible to buy ANY other even when I run out. As well as the website....making it very easy to always find what I need, thank you for the outstanding service I have always received. Try this product I recommend it will not be disappointed. "Tone from NY 10/28/2014 "Have been a steady customer and have never had any bad candles quality is good and company easy to work with. Used these(Orange Floating Candles 3" Set of 12) as table decor for our Wine Tasting event. "Monkeys5 from IL 10/28/2014 "I bought this(Set of 12 Monogrammed Stemless Wine Glasses) as a bosses day gift and my boss loved it! "Aimee from NY 10/28/2014 "Used(Orange Votive Candles Unscented 10 Hour Set of 72) as votives on tables along with centerpieces for our Fall Wine Tasting - Have used these candles many times and have had very good luck with quality. "Monkeys5 from IL 10/27/2014 "I created a Christmas craft with these chargers/plates. They turned out even better than expected! "Gina from OK 10/27/2014 "I haven't yet used the product(Set of 72 Votive Candle Holders and 72 Votive Candles ), I bout it for my wedding that is this weekend. I loved how fast my candles shipped and there packaging. Within a couple days after purchasing, my shipment came in! I was very pleased. Quality of he candles and holders were great. Hopefully they will burn steadily. :) I would recommend "Bern from MI 10/27/2014 "We used these(Set of 72 Votive Candle Holders and 72 Votive Candles ) votives and candles at our daughter's wedding reception and the candles were still burning at the end of the night. Beautiful ambiance!!! "Mother of the Bride from SC 10/27/2014 "Ordered 288 of these votive candles w/ grande votive holders for my daughter's wedding. They arrive in perfect condition, looked great and ALL of them stayed lit for the entire 6 hours of the reception. I would totally recommend these candles and votive holders. Very good product! Thanks Quick Candles. "NE momma from NE 10/25/2014 "I just wanted to tell you folks how nice it is to order from your website. Everything is easy to find with lots of good images, checking out is easy, fast and so intuitive. It was so nice to see a link to my account on the cart page and the final receipt in .pdf format is great. I can see that you you've put a lot of work into your website and I just wanted you to know that customers like me really appreciate that investment of time and energy. It, along with the great service, good prices, and quality products I've come to expect and love from Quickcandles, keep me coming back and always exceptionally pleased with the shopping experience. Quality shopping experiences like this can often be rare on the Internet and you can be proud you do it so well. Keep it up and I know you'll be a successful business, making many people happy, for decades to come. So thank you to everyone there, from management to shipping, for making Quickcandles such a great company! "T. A. Hanson from NM 10/25/2014 "I re-purpose liquor bottles and use these(Votive Candle Holder Clear Glass Box of 72 ) votive holders on the inside of my bottles. Love ordering from Quick Candles because I usually receive my order in 3 days and only have great things to say about them. "G&G Creations from MO 10/24/2014 "I bought these(White Votive Candles Unscented 10 Hour Set of 144) for my wedding coming up, did a practice run and they burned for 6 hours before I had to blow it out! Will last long enough for entire wedding. "Krystle from TX 10/23/2014 "used(White Votive Candles Unscented 10 Hour Set of 144 ) as lighting in pumpkins for our annual cemetery walk. lasted a long time. "Farnitz from MI 10/23/2014 "These(White Richland Floating Candles 2" Set of 24) fit perfect in the mason jars for my wedding. "NikkiA from TX 10/22/2014 "I ordered these(Ivory Richland Floating Candles 2" Set of 24) candles for use in table decorations at my wedding. I price shopped on the internet some and was skeptical after finding these at such a great price. Read lots of good reviews so I figured I'd give them a shot. Happy I did, overall they were a great addition. Used for approx. 5 hours and some still have life left! Happy with product, price, hour life, quick shipment, and overall result. Will definitely recommend. "Loreli from FL 10/21/2014 "These(Ivory Votive Candles Unscented 10 Hour Set of 144 ) were purchased for use at a wedding reception from QC because of the quality recommendations I had heard (and read). The candles lasted longer than the reception :) The soft glow from the candles' flame added a beautiful ambiance. Add my name to those who recommend your candles. "Mary, Mother of the Bride from MN 10/20/2014 "package arrived quickly and product was neatly packed and organized. using for a wedding next month - glass appears durable and candles of great quality(Set of 4 Cylinders and 3" Floating Candles ). excited to put to use! "shannon from CA 10/20/2014 "I had been looking online and in brick-and-mortar stores for pillar candles in a particular shade of yellow and finally found them at quickcandles. The color is perfect, and the candles(Yellow Hand Poured Pillars 3"x3", 3"x6" & 3"x9" Set of 3 ) were received in just a couple of days. "AddieP from MD 10/20/2014 "Used(Orange Hand Poured Pillars 3"x3", 3"x6" & 3"x9" Set of 3 ) for decoration at my wedding. Beautiful color. Quick shipping! Perfect! "Finn from TN 10/20/2014 "This is the second order that I have used for a wedding. The group of three candles(Set of 3 Cylinders and 3 Floating Candles) works perfect as a centerpiece on outdoor cocktail tables to add just a little something to the less formal setting where guests gather other than at assigned tables indoors. "jim from MA 10/20/2014 "I was beyond thrilled with the burlap napkins. They were of such high quality. The chargers were equally as nice.They went on a table for Breast Cancer Awareness auction and helped make the table beautiful and go for a high donation. Thank you! "Margie from FL 10/18/2014 "I love these vases(Monogrammed Adena Hurricane Vases Glass Set of 12 ), I bought them for my son's wedding. I'm going to use them as centerpieces for the tables. Excellent quality And the price was good, the shipping was fast, they came very protected and in excellent condition. "Ligia from FL 10/18/2014 "I have used these(White Tealight Candles Unscented Set of 500) candles for a couple of years now. Alway dependable. I use them for my diffusers and my room heating system. "Tuni from WA 10/18/2014 "This lace ribbon is beautiful and works with all things bridal ... packages, decoration, added touches, etc. Reasonably priced. Very happy and satisfied! Quickcandles ... ribbon and candles go together! "CandleLove from CA 10/18/2014 "So glad to have found this website! Made centerpieces for Rehearsal Dinner. My candles arrived speedily, were expertly packed and not as much as a nick or scratch on any of them. Very happy and satisfied! "CandleLove from CA 10/18/2014 "Votive candle holders(Green Votive Candle Holder Colored Glass Set of 12) are used in my chapel. The colours are vivid and clear with a deep tint. Shipping and customer service are outstanding. "hydrant from FL 10/18/2014 "The candles(Red Votive Candles Apple Cinnamon Scented 10 Hour Set of 72) are the standard size for a votive holder and the scent is wonderful. They arrived very quickly in perfect condition. "zippity from IN 10/17/2014 "Attractive decorative candle(Pillar Candles Unscented Brown 3" x 9" Hand Poured) for my needs perfect for a wooden lantern. "John from AZ 10/15/2014 "I used the bubble bowl for a floating flower arrangement for my daughter's wedding...beautiful and cost effective. "Moraki from MN 10/14/2014 "I ordered 72 votives and votive holders for my 50th high school reunion tables. Our cylinder vase centerpieces needed extra lighting around them and I quickly ordered from your company. They arrived with lightning speed and were the perfect touch! Unbelievable value! "Susie Q from CA 10/14/2014 "The floating candles were used at a wedding reception. I almost bought candles from a national craft store, but was warned they didn't last long for a wedding reception. I bought the floating candles from Quick Candles because they said they would last 6 to 8 hours. They did last the entire cocktail hour and 5 hour reception. They were perfect! "Connie from MD 10/14/2014 "These(Set of 72 Votive Candle Holders and 72 Votive Candles ) candles worked great for my daughter's wedding reception. It lasted 6 hours and the candles were all lit still! "sgreen24 from MI 10/13/2014 "Quick service!! Always a reliable company to deal with. "Flower Girl from WI 10/13/2014 "The candles and votive holders fit the standard votive stand for the church. The statue of our Saint is already on the pedestal and the votive candles and holders placed on the stand was situated underneath the saint's statue. It was a very beautiful church decoration because the placement was enticing to the parishioners. The pleasant scent of the candles invited the devotees to keep the candles lit. "Cecille from NJ 10/12/2014 "I was impressed with my order. Besides this Cylinder Vase I ordered Votive & Tealite candle holders & tealite candles. They service I received was fantastic. The shipment arrived when it was scheduled to wrapped very nicely & well protected. I would recommend my friends & family to order from Quick Candles & I would order from them again. Thank You for your GREAT service. "Debbie from HI 10/12/2014 "Used(Ivory LED Pillar Candle 3" x 6") in tall glass cylinder vases to light the aisle for a wedding. 2 arrived damaged but customer service is excellent. Sent an email and within hours replacements were shipped. Great company! "Crafty from WA 10/12/2014 "Great service and everything was quick and easy! "TheBride from OR 10/12/2014 "I bought these(Set of 36 Cylinders and 3" Floating Candles) use at my sons rehearsal dinner as place settings I loved that they came with the three sizes and the candles. One stop shopping made easy "Shellpix from VA 10/11/2014 "I put together the favors for our Granddaughter's Baby Shower. Yellow & Blue were the colors. Found some lovely lemon scented yellow tea lights, but needed holders. These(Eastland Chunky Tealight Holder Blue Set of 12) were beyond PERFECT!!! Everyone loved them and, when the baby arrives, I know everyone will place their tea light into the Blue Tea Light Holder and say a little prayer for the new baby! I have recommended this company to all my party planning friends and brides-to-be as a great source. Wonderful people to deal with, prompt and efficient service and an attractive and quality product and a reasonable price! Glad I found you!!! "Grandma Of Ten from FL 10/11/2014 "These tea lights and holders were for a baby shower. They arrived in great shape, great packaging and in a timely manner! Good company! Would definitely do business with them again. Thx! "Bunny from CA 10/11/2014 "Exact match of the descriptive image, great for wedding centerpieces(Votive Holders Eastland White Stripes Decor Set of 12) "Austinite from TX 10/10/2014 "Great candles at a great price "Chris from MI 10/10/2014 "Good business to work with. Candles are exactly as described and arrived on time. "Psychologist from NE 10/8/2014 "We purchased these(Assorted Colors Votive Candle Holder Set Of 72 ) to accent Moroccan tea glasses that we were also using as tealight holders. When the tea glasses didn't arrive in time, we painted half of the colored votives to LOOK like the tea glasses. These are easy to clean, however, we do wash them by hand to maintain the colors. "ImageFloral from WA 10/8/2014 "We ordered these(White Floating Candles In Clear Plastic Cups 1.5" Set of 500) to both float and use in the colored votives, and they were perfect for each use. The clear cups make them great in any tealight or votive cup, and the fact that they're unscented makes them great for use around food. "ImageFloral from WA 10/8/2014 "I ordered these(Pillar Candles Unscented 2" x 6" Hand Poured Set of 10 ) and three days later they were at my door. They are perfect to line the aisle of my wedding! If they don't burn out I will be using them in my house. They're a great size not too big or small! "Michelle from FL 10/8/2014 "We used these(Ivory \ Candles Set of 72) with wedding centerpieces. They were perfect, lasted all night and could have gone longer and looked great. "Joaniepooh from OH 10/8/2014 "needed these(Set of 72 Votive Candle Holders and 72 Votive Candles) for a wedding... this was by far the BEST price and quality was perfect. Very quick shipment. one box arrived with broken glass however I called and the issue was resolved professionally and promptly. "mar from IL 10/7/2014 "I always use these(White Tealight Candles Extended Burn 7 Hour Unscented Set of 100 ) candles from Quick Candles for the weddings I style. The service is FAST, the candles are long lasting, and at a good price. Sometimes it's hard to find these long-burning tealights in retail stores. "Clyde from UT 10/7/2014 "The candle was perfect. It is going to be the unity candle for by granddaughters wedding. thank you so much for the quick service "Silver Spoon Events from OH 10/7/2014 "the votive candles and holders completed the look I was looking for. "Lulu from CA 10/7/2014 "I think the product(Yellow Floating Candles 3" Set of 72) was excellent. It did all I needed it to do and the clean up was easy. I was so happy to be able to get the color I needed. I would highly recommend this product. "Elegant Lady from MI 10/6/2014 "I ordered these(Red Votive Candles Apple Cinnamon Scented 10 Hour Set of 144) for the color to match our School colors but I was amazed on the scent of the candles. We had to add them to 144 candle holders and boxes and the smell was heavenly. The candle holders and candles sold out the day of the event. We even put on a made in USA sticker on the box. The price and the service was more than I could ask for in a product. "teresa from MD 10/6/2014 "Arrived quickly and just the perfect touch to my party. Great value, nicely scented(Brown Votive Candles Cinnamon Bun Scented 10 Hour Set of 72). "fall party planner from NY 10/6/2014 "I used these(Set of 72 Flameless LED Tealights White) at my son's wedding and I was completely satisfied with them. They made the setting beautiful and lasted throughout the evening. The customer service is second to none and delivery is always on time. I will order all my candle needs from Quick Candles and recommend them to anyone. "NC State Mom from NC 10/6/2014 "These were so much better than I expected. They were large 3" round vases made of very nice durable glass. They were used as center pieces for my wedding. I was able to decorate them and add a light that made the ambiance of my reception absolutely stunning!!! "wedding planner on a budget from CO 10/6/2014 "I have ordered these(Frosted Votive Holders) twice now for events, I like to use them with groupings of vases on each table. And they are sweet at each place setting with a stem or two of flowers or greens. Also a nice and inexpensive item to give away after the events. "Kb Florals from CA 10/6/2014 "I used these votive holders as party favors for my daughter's Sweet Sixteen. I filled them with personalized M&Ms, and decorated it with personalized ribbons and tulle. Everyone loved them and they can have a votive candle holder to use in the future. "NikkiElois from NJ 10/6/2014 "I used these floating candles in a dish garden for centerpieces at my daughter's Sweet Sixteen. Everyone thought it was beautiful and the candles were long-lasting. "NikkiElois from NJ 10/6/2014 "long lasting thicker tea lites are great for using in votives for weddings and parties "Flowerfairy from CA 10/5/2014 "Great price, great votives(White Votive Candles Unscented 10 Hour Set of 144), fast shipping. Will never buy votives from walmart again! "RjRocker from NY 10/5/2014 "Purchased(Eastland Chunky Tealight Holder Green Set of 12) to use for tables of 12 at weekly large meeting. They are very pretty and seem higher quality (heavy) than price. Super fast delivery! "Macy from GA 10/5/2014 "I know why the name is quick candles!! Very fast delivery! Beautiful rich purple color(Purple Pillar Candles Unscented 3" x 6" Hand Poured) and great quality. Such a great price compared to all others I looked at. Excited to use this weekend at my daughter's wedding inside lanterns. "Tired mother of the bride! from NC 10/5/2014 "I bought these(Pink Votive Candles Unscented 10 Hour Set of 72 ) pink ones, cream vanilla ones, and votive holders for wedding decorations. They were beautiful. "mother of the bride from CA 10/5/2014 "I used the candles(Pink Pillars Hand Poured 3"x3", 3"x6" & 3"x9" Set of 3) as a gift for my sister's 50th birthday. I used it as decorating pieces for her birthday table. It created an elegant, soft ambience. Although, her favorite color is pink, the table did not look childish or too girlie. The candles added the extra touch of beauty and appropriate for her age. I will definitely continue purchasing from quick candles. I am very satisfied with the complete process of easy ordering pages through the delivery of this product. "Elegant Terry from NY 10/4/2014 "Just as described(Set of 12 Votive Candle Holders and 12 Votive Candles) and fast shipping with great communication from this company. Thank you so much! Very pleased "Cindy from OH 10/4/2014 "Ordered two of these white tablecloths in 132" length to "preview" for future events. They are heavyweight, durable, and hang well even on a folding table. Made in China. For the price, I was pleasantly surprised! Showed them to two friends who thought they passed the "good enough for my daughter's wedding" test. Works for me! "mamadough from AL 10/3/2014 "I ordered a whole case of these triple glass vases and floating candles for my daughters wedding reception. They arrived so quickly I couldn't believe it. They were carefully packed and in perfect condition. I will definitely be telling everyone at the wedding where I ordered these from. Thank You! "Mother of the bride from PA 10/3/2014 "I ordered these(White Set of 12 Flameless LED Tealights ) to use at my daughters wedding, they are perfect. White lights give off much more light than the usual amber ones. Delivery was amazingly quick "Mother of the bride from PA 10/3/2014 "The product(Purple Votive Candle Holder Colored Glass Set of 12) is pertly what I wanted. Delivery was super fast. One of the was broken and they replaced it super fast. I'm using these items as part of a Princess BDay party Table Centerpieces. "Pat from TX 10/2/2014 "I used these(Set of 36 Cylinders and 3" Floating Candles) candles for wedding centerpieces. They turned out absolutely beautiful. The bride was please. Had no problem with shipping. Will probably used them again in the future. "Event Planner from NC 10/1/2014 "Immediate shipping, on time delivery, exactly as advertised. First use for an outdoor wedding - beautiful ambiance(Set of 72 Votive Candle Holders and 72 Votive Candles). "bighub from NC 9/30/2014 "I spent so much time looking all over for a 12-inch high white pillar candle that was only 3 inches in diameter as that is the only pillar candle that would fit in the unity candle holder for my daughter's wedding. I could not find one anywhere. Then I got lucky and happened on this web site, quickly found the exact candle I needed, and ordered it. I thought it would take much longer to arrive but it shipped quickly, was packed well, and is the perfect wedding unity candle. It is a beautiful candle! "Accidental Wedding Planner from CA 9/30/2014 "I tested the candle(Navy Blue Floating Candles 3" Set of 96) and they burned for over 8 hours without leaking into water. The burn even and are attractive. Highly recommend. "Gina The Caterer from GA 9/30/2014 "It started off one night in my new apartment when the power was out. I had nothing and had to sit in the dark. I went searching the next day for cheap emergency candles and holders. I couldn't find them anywhere. So I went on line. I bought the tapers and went ahead and bought the box of twelve candle holders. The candleholders are lovely (not the star shape from our childhood) all they would need would be a hurricane shade to really dress it up.I love them. I have very deep windowsills so there is one in every window,as well as bath, kitchen desk. Very Happy. "Persnickety Terry from MO 9/30/2014 "This(Set of 36 Cylinders and 3" Floating Candles) will be used as centerpieces for our wedding. This was exactly what I was looking for and at a great price. The order came very quickly as well. "Bride to be from FL 9/30/2014 "My first purchase with Quick Candles was for our daughter's wedding and the votives we purchased then were perfect and lasted through the night of the reception. When I needed more for a gift, I didn't hesitate to order from Quick Candles. The price is great and they arrive quickly. The candles burn slowly unlike others I've bought elsewhere that barely light and are burnt up quickly before your evening or event is done. "klray of sun from OH 9/30/2014 "These(Cylinder Floating Candle Vase Set of 36) are good basic vases that can be used for many things. Weddings, floral arrangements, floating candles, etc. "Gina The Caterer from GA 9/30/2014 "The candles(Set of 72 Votive Candle Holders and 72 Votive Candles ) were exactly as described and perfect for the occasion. Would definitely shop with quick candles again! "LEW from NC 9/29/2014 "My wife wanted me to build a light for a small lamp. After I researched the miniature parts I found this website and the items(White Set of 12 Flameless LED Tealights) were less than half what the parts cost me. "Fleming Isle from FL 9/29/2014 "needed them(Ivory Votive Candles Unscented 10 Hour Set of 288) for daughter's wedding.said they burn 10 hours,can't say that for sure. I fell asleep after 9 1/2 hours.soooo I can't say about the last 30 min. First time buyer and will be back for more when needed..GREAT PRODUCT. "Mike aka Bear. from WI 9/29/2014 "I bought LED pillars for my daughter's wedding to set around in places where votives would have been un-safe. They arrived quickly, looked exactly as photographed and are of excellent quality. "Cathy from WI 9/28/2014 "I ordered candles for my votive cups I already had. The candles were perfect!! They came in really fast. I saved my votive cups and will order more candles when my other daughter gets married. "Terri from TX 9/28/2014 "I use the tea light holders in sea shell creations. They are durable and extremely affordable which is a major plus for me since I am a new business. I am also impressed with the quick delivery. "The Imperfect Shell from VA 9/28/2014 "Purchased for a special family celebration. Items(Glass Star Bowl Set of 12) were exactly as described and perfect for our needs. Will keep these for other events like Christmas with red and green candles. "Grandmother from NY 9/28/2014 "I use tea candles in many different types of holders, so I use many. No clean up like votives and a great bargain and convenience to get so many at once. "Biff from NY 9/27/2014 "We will be using these(Votive Candle Holder Clear Glass Box of 144 ) at my grand-daughters wedding next Saturday. We added a small seashell on the front, some sand and a tea candle all keeping with the beach theme she wanted. They look great. Thank you so much for getting the order to us so quickly. "Cindy from CA 9/27/2014 "These(Clear Grande Votive Hurricane Holder Set of 12) candle holders will be on guest tables for a wedding in April. They are a perfect size and will be for each guest to take home as a reminder of a beautiful day. "Bride to be from NH 9/27/2014 "We will be using these(Votive Candle Holder Clear Glass Box of 144) at my grand-daughters wedding next Saturday. We added a small seashell on the front, some sand and a tea candle all keeping with the beach theme she wanted. They look great. Thank you so much for getting the order to us so quickly. "Cindy from CA 9/26/2014 "When I received my candle votives, I was really happy with them besides the fact that four of them broke during shipping. BUT I e-mailed customer service and they had shipped me a whole box within the next two days! I was very impressed because you do not find that great of customer service anywhere these days. "Jacqueline from FL 9/25/2014 "I used these(Red Floating Candles 3" Set of 12) candles as part of the centerpiece for my brother's wedding. They were exactly what I had been searching for. They lasted the whole 6 hours and they were actually a real red. "trina from NJ 9/25/2014 "Wanted a container for candles to fit in metal lanterns. These(Cylinder Vase 6" Set of 12) look nice without overwhelming the candles "Gigi from NC 9/25/2014 "We used these(Ivory Floating Candles 3" Set of 24) for wedding centerpieces in vases with water. They were perfect, lasted all night and could have gone longer and looked great. " Hammer from WI 9/25/2014 "We used these(White Richland Floating Candles 2" Set of 24) candles in centerpieces for a wedding rehearsal dinner and they performed beautifully! The candles lasted far longer than advertised, burned evenly without smoking, and were a cinch to clean up. This company offers great customer service: the product arrived quickly and when I first opened the box I was struck by how perfectly each candle was formed - no duds or scraps of wax left around the edges. I would buy from them again in a heartbeat and have already recommended them to others. " JuanAnd2 from WI 9/25/2014 "Exactly what I was looking for(White Richland Floating Candles 2" Set of 24) but at a much lower cost! " Danielle from MO 9/24/2014 "These gorgeous yellow tealights were just what I was looking for! The flame is very bright, and the clear cup allows the light to travel unimpeded. I am placing them in mirrored glass votive holders for my wedding. I tried them out, and the glow that the yellow color creates is simply stunning. Shipping was very quick and the candles arrived in perfect condition. If I ever have an candle needs in the future, I'll be coming back! " YellowLove from MI 9/24/2014 "I will be fusing/slumping my own glass candle sconces and incorporating these tealight holders into the design. They are perfect for what I need them for...the size is just right. The quality will enhance the overall look and appeal of my finished product. "The Glass Fuser from TX 9/24/2014 "I would just like to let you know that we were so pleased with the order of flameless candles that we received. They added just the right touch to the banquet that we were hosting. There were a lot of positive comments on the centerpieces that we used that included the candles. Regular candles would not have been reusable and we were able to make gifts of the centerpieces with candles included. Also we were on somewhat of a time constraint since our supplier of the glass vases that held the candles had delayed shipment of our order, so we could not tell exactly what size candle would look best. Our candle order was shipped the same day and it was received in perfect condition and in a timely manner. All the candles were in working order and included the batteries which was an extra bonus! These were definitely stress relievers! I would recommend your company to anyone who is in need of your products! Thank you. "Paula from PA 9/23/2014 "Purchased for luminaries. Extended burn tea light lasted throughout the party I decorated for. Very pleased. "Mikki from WI 9/23/2014 "I have no hesitation to not only recommend Quick Candles but also to thank you for the excellent quick shipment and the catalog. The candle holders arrived in just a couple of days, we're well packed, and in excellent condition. They are a perfect match for the candle holders I already have and have had for over twenty-five years. As well, I appreciate not having shipping charges which normally almost double the cost of a purchase. You folks really know how to treat customers. Presently, I'm enjoying perusing the catalog for more of my candle needs. Not only is the catalog excellent but is an excellent site. Product pictures are complete and well presented and the site is extremely easily navigated. Quick Candles gets a triple-A rating from me. Again, many thanks. "Bruce from FL 9/22/2014 "I used these(Red Floating Candles 3" Set of 24) candles in fish bowls for my wedding centerpieces and they were simply beautiful. They burned the whole night and are red all the way through. No scent. They were delivered really fast in two days. You won't be disappointed! "Happy Bride from TX 9/22/2014 "Very attractive product(Ivory LED Pillar Candle 3" x 6") and great price. I also use a lot votive candles and am always pleased with every shipment. Good colors, good scents and great glass candle holders. "Sister Benedicta from OR 9/21/2014 "I would order from this company again! They(Ivory Hand Poured Pillars 3"x3", 3"x6" & 3"x9" Set of 18) were perfect for my daughter's wedding! "Sharon from AL 9/21/2014 "I purchased these(Set of 36 Cylinders and 3" Floating Candles ) for the centerpieces for my wedding. I can't wait to use them and I know they will look great. Thank you for such an awesome deal and fast shipping. I am a happy Bride! "NCBride from NC 9/21/2014 "I bought several different sizes of this square glass vase. They were used in a grouping of 3 (3 different heights--4", 6", and 8") as centerpieces for my in-laws 60th wedding anniversary. I bought the 3" floating candles for 2 vases and the third of the trio of vases held flowers. For a relatively inexpensive price, it was a lovely centerpiece. The glass vases were easily embellished with ribbon and rhinestones (the 60th anniversary is the 'diamond anniversary'). They would work well for weddings or showers or any other occasion requiring table decor. "cj from IL 9/20/2014 "These cylinders(Cylinder Pillar Candle Vase Set of 3) will be filled with white orchids in Tiffany Blue water, with a floating candle on top. They will be the centerpiece for each table at a "Breakfast at Tiffany's" themed bridal shower. These items were shipped quickly. "Wedding Coordinator from CA 9/19/2014 "We purchased 26 of these bubble bowls to decorate tables for a member-guest golf tournament dinner. They turned out great and now the club can use these bowls indefinitely and for whatever the occasion! "Lynn from NC 9/18/2014 "The vases(Set of 48 Cylinders and 3" Floating Candles) were all packed very well, no broken vases at all! Quick delivery and the vases and candles look amazing. Can't wait to use them for our wedding in October! "Charlee from Vancouver, BC 9/18/2014 "Love your product. Love your service. Love your customer service. Love your company. "Anita from ME 9/18/2014 "I order all of my candles here. I get great service, professional treatment and good pricing. The candles(White Richland Floating Candles 2" Set of 72) are shipped to the hottest part of the US in my estimation, and nary a melt. They have a long burn time, I can walk away from them and not worry about a safety issued (beyond the obvious) and they are easy to clean up. I would recommend this company to the personal and professional user. Can't say enough about this company!! "Ericka from TX 9/18/2014 "These(White Tealight Candles Extended Burn 7 Hour Unscented Set of 100) candles arrived VERY quickly after ordering - in 2 days! We used these long-burning tealights for an outdoor wedding reception, and they were terrific -- lasted for the entire time, having been lit before guests arrived and throughout the event; we had to blow them out at the end of the evening! Most other tealights would have had to be replaced more than once for the time we needed them. Highly recommend them for worry-free, no-maintenance events! "guitarmom from PA 9/18/2014 "These water beads are perfect for my daughters wedding reception love them great deep color "bgal from NF 9/17/2014 "Used as floating candle vases on reception card table at wedding. Beautiful. Added colored stones which made the vases sparkle when candle was lit "mother of the bride from WI 9/17/2014 "Just wanted to say this was the first time I used your company and I love it. Candles arrived within 3 days and quality was so much nicer than I expected. I bought the Richard square led candles. Perfect fit for what I needed "Debbi from NC 9/17/2014 "These(Pink Votive Candles Gardenia Scented 10 Hour Set of 72) candles were used in a very unique "swag bag" we gave to guests at a baby shower. They were double-wrapped in tulle and tied with printed ribbon and a flower. Just one of the five gifts in the bag. Not to mention the candy, cupcakes, custom cookies, designed lollipops and cake they got! they were the perfect size for the bag. "Event Planner in another life from NY 9/15/2014 "Used(Liquid Paraffin Fuel Cells 8 Hour Set of 180) in all the candle holders for daughter's wedding reception. Classy, long burning, safe, no smoke, no mess. I also use them at home in all my candles that hold tea lights. Highly recommend. "Deb from MN 9/12/2014 "I used these(Set of 12 Votive Candle Holders and 12 Votive Candles) to decorate the reception tables at my wedding. I wanted candles that would last for at least 5 hours. They sure did! These were a great bargain! As they came with glass holders as well! "minivan2 from CA 9/11/2014 "We are using these(Set of 36 Cylinders and 3" Floating Candles) in wedding center pieces. Flowers in autmun colors will be placed in each candle holder. The candles and candle holders are attactive and well made. "Bride's Mom from NJ 9/10/2014 "Ordered(Set of 288 Votive Candle Holders and 288 Votive Candles) for a wedding reception. - prefect in every way. Super quick delivery "Connie from IL 9/10/2014 "Used the diamond wrap to make napkin rings for an upcoming special occasion. True purple (not too magenta like other wraps claiming to be purple). Cuts easily. Great price- seen same product for 3X the price. Have lots left over to decorate other items for party as well to use to decorate gifts and around the house. "Barbara from MA 9/10/2014 "After a power outage I decided I needed candles. I used to have them all the time. But no pillars, no vanilla, no fat. Just nice, elegant tapers in a simple nice safe candle holder. THOUGHT they no longer existed! I searched and searched! Finally I found this place. So, I am reintroducing my home to candlelight! And have some for emergency's. "Terry from MO 9/10/2014 "I got the square votive and was extremely pleased with the product, the service and the company's overall performance. I received about 12 slightly scratched votives and they agreed to replace them free of charge. I did not need to send in the damaged product. And when I received the replacements, they doubled my original request, just to make sure I did not have the same problem. This is customer service at its best and reliability when needed. Thank you, Quick Candles. "Kay from MD 9/9/2014 "I was very happy to find the (Set of 3 Cylinders and 3 Floating Candles) vases and candles in one spot. Very convenient to have the 3 different vase sizes sold together! Less work for me! The shipping was very fast, they were all intact. I just added some orchids and some bear grass and I got some really amazing centerpieces! "Sandra from NV 9/9/2014 "I have ordered these(White Tealight Candles Unscented Set of 125) candles several times. I have never been disappointed with the quality or the customer service Good company to work with "Molly from UT 9/9/2014 "this product(Red Floating Candles 3" Set of 12) was very useful for my anniversary party it matched with the color scheme. my wife loved the candles because they were the right size she was looking for. everyone loved the candles and when we lit them they lasted a the whole night. our guest thought the candles made for a more romantic feel during the late evening. I will certainly buy more of these candles in the near future. "alex from CA 9/8/2014 "I was very pleased with my order of candles. It was so easy to order and I received them very quickly. "Linda 9/8/2014 "All the products I ordered, votive glass holders, and 10 hour votive candles arrived in perfect condition and in a timely manner. They were double boxed for shipping. I was really happy with the quality of the candles and holders and with the price. This purchase was a great one, a bargain, really. "Mary 9/8/2014 "Will be using for a wedding(Red Votive Candles Apple Cinnamon Scented 10 Hour Set of 72). Had several questions and got very quick response. This product was exactly what I wanted and lived up to my expectations. " janis from CT 9/8/2014 "I love the flickering of candle light at night. I use the flameless candles set on timer so they come on each night when it's dark. I usually fall asleep with them lit and it's much safer than falling asleep with real candles burning. "Frannie from TN 9/8/2014 "Quick delivery! All candles(Red Flameless LED Tealights Set of 12) light up with red flames. I plan to use inside crystal beaded candle holders as table centerpiece decoration. The color bouncing off crystal is exactly the effect I wanted. "MaryBee from SC 9/6/2014 "These(Pink Votive Candles Unscented 10 Hour Set of 72 ) candles were perfect for our sons wedding! They lasted the whole event and burned beautiful. I am a floral designer and will recommend them to my clients! Great price and wonderful fast service! "Scenes/Where we make your dreams special from WA 9/6/2014 "I use the candles(Pillar Candle Unscented 3" x 6" Hand Poured) for decorating they are the right size and the price is unbelievable. keep up the good work "maye from NC 9/5/2014 "Ordered these(Set of 144 Votive Candle Holders and 144 Votive Candles) for our wedding which was literally 1 week away... Saw this website advertisement and saw these awesome and unbeatable deals... Took the chance of ordering and praying that they would be here on time... THEY WERE HERE IN JUST A COUPLE OF DAYS!!!! Talk about a life saver!!! Everything was just as I had ordered.... Nothing was broke... everything was packaged excellent... Def no worries or stress with ordering through them... WILL absolutely recommend them to anyone looking for a great deal and that's on time like they promise!!!! "Rosie from TX 9/3/2014 "These tablecloths were much better than I had anticipated. I was looking for simple cloths for a reception and I was pleasantly surprised with the quality when the package arrived. The customer service was wonderful. I can't wait to use them at my upcoming reception. "Cat_83 from Ontario 9/3/2014 "I used this mirror to put in a picture frame and hang on the wall. It was the size as stated, thankfully! "Ellen from SC 9/3/2014 "Delivery was fast. I bought the square tea light candle holders for my daughters up coming wedding. Will be ordering more from this company soon. I'm glad I found this place to order from. "L.h. from FL 9/3/2014 "I bought 108 frosted vases for the centerpieces at my wedding. They are beautiful and perect for what I want to use them for! When they came to my house some of them had broken on the way. I called customer service and they sent me replacements and one extra for good measure. They were very kind and helpful on the phone and they arrive to my house in a few short days. This is a wonderful company and I can't wait to use my frosted vases in my wedding next June! "Kristy G from NM 9/2/2014 "I bought these(Votive Candle Holder Frosted Glass Box of 72) candles for my wedding and they look absolutely amazing! It's great quality for such a reasonable price! Plus, I received my full order in a few days, so fast I couldn't believe it was standard shipping! I love this purchase and will definitely use the candles for home decor later on and keep you guys in mind whenever I'll need more. Such a great customer service! "grimwita from SC 9/2/2014 "I had forgotten to order candles for my daughter's wedding and didn't realize it until 7 days before the wedding, and because I was traveling the next few days for business, I didn't have time to run from store to store to find the type and quantity needed. I did an internet search and Quick Candles popped up, carrying exactly the type of candles I had in mind, and with their "How Quick will I Get My Order" tab, I could see my order would be delivered within a couple days. Quick Candles gave me the impressive service I needed through providing me with a beautiful product, at a reasonable price, in the quantity I required, in perfect condition, and in adequate time for my daughter's wedding. Thank you Quick Candles! "Jenny from VA 9/2/2014 "Quick Candles has been a very good place to deal with while ordering candles for my daughter's wedding. The color of the candles is perfect, delivery quick and quality very good. I would recommend Quick Candles to anyone. "Darla from GA 9/1/2014 "I have 2 wall decoration that calls for 8 votive lights each. I had white little ones but these(Orange Votive Candles Citrus Fruit Scented 10 Hour Set of 12 ) just made it look just great!!! I even ordered 3 pillar candles just like these after that!!!. " Moe better light from DC 9/1/2014 "The votives were beautiful on the tables at our party in the vineyard. They gave just enough light and I didn't have to worry about the little votive candles burning out before the party was over. "Deb from OR 9/1/2014 "I have always been completely pleased with everything purchased. I use Quick Candles for every big event I have to plan. Ordering is fast and easy. My orders are always correct. Shipping is fast and nothing is ever damaged. It just does not get any better. "The Nana from TN 9/1/2014 "The price is very good and the product(Set of 72 Votive Candle Holders and 72 Votive Candles) excellent and was well received by the church members. The service and shipping were rapid and the packaging was not skimped on and provided protection so that the candles and glass cups all arrived unbroken. Thank you for a wonderful shopping experience. This is a five star operation. "Fr. Jack from WA 8/31/2014 "These(Votive Candle Holder Clear Glass Set of 12) were to be used for my granddaughter's wedding rehearsal dinner and it turned out that I'm using them for many other unintended occasions. I've already recommended your candles, holders etc. to all my friends. Your products are FABULOUS and your prices are EXCEPTIONAL/ "NE Memere from New England 8/31/2014 "So Glad I got a dozen bubble bowls from here! They arrived safely packaged. The perfect size for an 8-10-seater. We filled it with seashells, water and submersible lighting - Gorgeous! An Excellent inexpensive way to display do-it-yourself centerpieces. "Liz H. from NY 8/31/2014 "I got these(Set of 72 Votive Candle Holders and 72 Votive Candles ) for our Church Fair. The kids loved to create Art on the Votive holders and I tried out a few as samples, enjoyed creating them myself too and when you put that lighted candle inside, it made them look even prettier.I was very pleased with what I got. Put your mind to it and you can do a lot with these little votive holders. Thanks Guys. "May from GA 8/30/2014 "I am a weddings and special event designer planner and coordinator, I purchased several of these cylinder vases among other items for a clients wedding and I was able to purchase everything we needed and stay well below their budget. "Lasting Memories Weddings & Events llc from VA 8/30/2014 "I just want you to know, I burn a lot of candles and of all the brands I have tried none hold a candle to yours(sorry, couldn't resist). I recommend them to everyone. Thank you for a good product and a wonderful price. " Susan from IL 8/29/2014 "They(Cylinder Floating Candle Vase Set of 3) are going to be used as centerpieces for my son's 21st birthday party I cannot wait. The customer service was superb. Some of them came with cracks and as soon as I contacted customer Service, they handled it with ease, respect and professionalism. I would recommend them at anytime to anyone. " Decorating Queen from CA 8/29/2014 "We enjoyed lighting the outdoors cocktail tables and inside dinner tables with these(Set of 72 Flameless LED Tealights and 72 Frosted Holders) small votives. We heard the wedding site would not allow real candles but later found that votives would be allowed with tealights....we were just thrilled with the realistic flame and color and didn't miss having "real" tealights. Our order was filled in a timely manner. " Mother of the Groom from CO 8/29/2014 "Perfection for my daughter's wedding. Burned over 100(Ivory Votive Candles Unscented 10 Hour Set of 12) at reception and they stayed lit all night..over 6 hours. Will absolutely purchase these candles and possibly others again. Fast delivery. VERY happy with product!!!!! "Cathy from KY 8/27/2014 "The tableclothes were made very well. Easy to iron. We had some stains from the party but they came out easily in the wash. Great price. I was going to rent some table clothes from a place here where I live but found these for $2 cheaper and I get to keep them. So glad I found Quickcandles online! I have recommended this site to everyone that commented about the decorations at the reception. "Kathy Mother of Bride from MI 8/27/2014 "Ordered these(Set of 144 Votive Candle Holders and 144 Votive Candles) voltive candles for my upcoming wedding reception. The candles arrived earlier than expected and were not damaged at all. They are beautiful and perfect to use with a center mirror and vase of flowers that I will have for centerpieces for about 25 tables. Will definitley use for future candle needs! "Soon to be Bride from OK 8/27/2014 "Perfect for a 100th B-day celebration. Mindless decor'!(Set of 72 Flameless LED Tealights and 72 Frosted Holders) "Spikey from CA 8/27/2014 "I am using these(Green Votive Candles Unscented 10 Hour Set of 12) as part of the centerpieces for my wedding. The color is perfect and they burn beautifully. Also, the price is unbeatable! "Bride-to-Be from PA 8/26/2014 "Tablecloth is used on side table in bedroom and I am very pleased with it. Fabric is nice has a slight sheen to it. Price was very good. I would order again and I would tell others where I ordered it. Delivery was very good. "Peg the walker from NJ 8/26/2014 "These(Ivory Votive Candles Unscented 10 Hour Set of 144) candles were for a wedding reception and lasted the entire reception despite the air conditioning vents blowing on some of them. "Sue from OH 8/26/2014 "We needed "flameless candles" for a barn wedding. These(Set of 72 Flameless LED Tealights and 72 Frosted Holders) fit the bill perfectly. Good product at a good price. "Emm from NJ 8/25/2014 "Lasts Longer Than 10 Hours If You Follow The Instructions! Great Scent!(Navy Votive Candles Blueberry Pie Scented 10 Hour Set of 72 ) Fast Shipping!!! "Mark from WI 8/25/2014 "I had forgotten to order candles for my daughter's wedding and didn't realize it until 7 days before the wedding, and because I was traveling the next few days for business, I didn't have time to run from store to store to find the type and quantity needed. I did an internet search and Quick Candles popped up, carrying exactly the type of candles I had in mind, and with their "How Quick will I Get My Order" tab, I could see my order would be delivered within a couple days. Quick Candles gave me the impressive service I needed through providing me with a beautiful product, at a reasonable price, in the quantity I required, in perfect condition, and in adequate time for my daughter's wedding. Thank you Quick Candles! "Sarah the Bride's Mom from OH 8/25/2014 "We were moving into our new house and having a House-Warming Party. Wanted a simple, yet tasteful gift to give away(Set of 72 Votive Candle Holders and 72 Votive Candles). Have done this before and have yet to be disappointed! "Lisa Lights from OH 8/25/2014 "Very great for my centerpieces! I used a ton of these(Cylinder Floating Candle Vase 7.5") for my wedding and gave the ambiance a great feel. We added flowers inside to float in the water and placed a floating candle at the top. Loved them! "Newly Wed from FL 8/25/2014 "i used these(Pink Votive Candles Gardenia Scented 10 Hour Set of 72) candles for a shower gift for my daughter who is having a baby. They looked and smelled beautiful! "kello kitty from NJ 8/25/2014 "Placed a votive holder and votive inside the lantern. Both fit in nicely and kept wax from melting inside. The quality of candlelight was bright, sparkly and creates a wonderful ambiance. The quality of the finish and the glass is exceptional for the price. "Lady Decor from MN 8/24/2014 "I was very surprised how good the quality was for what they(chair covers) actually cost. Quality fabric that can cover ugly metal folding chairs. I would highly recommend. "Rebecca from WI 8/24/2014 "Inexpensive and great quality. Fast delivery.(Set of 72 Votive Candle Holders and 72 Votive Candles) "Rebecca from WI 8/24/2014 "The cylinder vase looks great for my purpose. I added to the front a sticker for a memorial of a loved one. This vase is just perfect. "Lorrie from IL 8/24/2014 "Candles and votives were just as picture showed. I read all reviews before ordering and this helped. Great and fast shipping and not one glass was broke. Ordered last minute for a party/event and was very pleased. "K & R from MD 8/23/2014 "These(Orange Pillar Candles Unscented 3" x 3" Hand Poured) candles came in the mail in perfect condition because it was packaged very well. I ordered the orange color which is a very pretty shade of color and consistent throughout the candle. I will be purchasing more soon. "Christine from FL 8/20/2014 "I use between 5 to 11 tea lights a night. I love that I can get them in 500 lots at a time, or more. They burn well & clean. Really easy to use & clean up after. The price & delivery are the best part of all. Thank you "Samm from NC 8/15/2014 "Very impressed with quality. Site was easy to navigate through and products arrived earlier than anticipated. "harvey girl from CA 8/14/2014 "Used rose petals for my daughter's wedding to decorate the reception tables. Very pleased with the vibrant color. "Wedding Mom from IA 8/13/2014 "Used the 12" square mirrors as the bases for my daughter's wedding centerpieces. They arrived promptly & safely. Were exactly what we ere looking for, "KMac from IL 8/13/2014 "The range of colors and being unscented(Set of 72 Assorted 10 Hour Unscented Richland Votive Candles) allows for personalization when doing candle magick. "Keltiklady from MI 8/12/2014 "These unscented candles were great- fabulous price too! I can't think of a single negative comment! Super fast shipping! I would order from this company again in a heartbeat!!! "Faux florals from CT 8/12/2014 "Arrived on time! We used these(Set of 72 Flameless LED Tealights Amber) for a wedding. Easy to set up, easy to "light". Beautiful, looked like candle light! Stayed lit entire evening. Easy to "blow out", Easy to store for next use. Unintended but added usefulness....there were 10 children between 3 & 8. They enjoyed playing with them. "Donna from TX 8/12/2014 "I needed some candle holders(Eastland Chunky Tealight Holder Blue Set of 12) to put on my metal candle hanger and I wanted a nice color. I ordered blue chuncky tealight holder and it made my wall holder really beautiful. It is now a piece of art. "DD from CO 8/12/2014 "This bubble bowl is beautiful, well-made and competitively priced. I am using the 24 bubble bowls I purchased to make centerpieces for my daughter's wedding. I love them! In addition, the company's service is excellent. "Moraki from MN 8/11/2014 "The first time I purchased candles from Quick Candles I ordered 288 unscented ivory votives and simple oyster votive holders to decorate the restaurant where I had my wedding reception. They truly burn for 10 hours which was more than enough and the effect was pure elegance. Now I keep myself stocked with vanilla scented votives and tealights for the different candle holders I have at home. At these prices I can afford to burn candles everynight!!! Perfect for restaurant owners or anyone who likes to order candles/holders in bulk. These are high quality products at VERY affordable prices! "Wendy from NY 8/11/2014 "I was looking for a very simple candle to use as a memory candle and these were perfect. "Dug from PA 8/10/2014 "We ordered 6" and 3" pillar candles for use at daughter's wedding reception. Order was perfect, delivery was unexpectedly quick. No problems with product. Best prices for the quality. Would order again without hesitation. "Sarah's Parents from KY 8/9/2014 "I bought these(White Set of 12 Flameless LED Tealights) for mason jars on the ceiling at my reception on October 27, 2014. I tested one of the tea lights to make sure they stayed lit all night. (As my reception is from 4pm to 12am)I was stunned to see they lasted a week and a half, being on non-stop. These tea lights exceeded my expectations, and I am beyond happy. "Phillyfan88 from VA 8/9/2014 "I purchased these(Submersible Richland LED Tealight Blue Set of 36) for my centerpieces at my wedding. I needed something to put in waterbeads. They are exactly what I was looking for. I would recommend this to everyone. It was a great "bang for my buck." "Phillyfan88 from VA 8/9/2014 "I have purchased candles from Quick candles for several years as I found this particular scent delightful!!!!! One is burning constantly during the day when I am at home. "Louise from CA 8/7/2014 "I needed tablecloths for my daughter's out-of-town wedding, and renting was an inconvenient option. I discovered Quick Candles had just launched a tablecloth line, and decided to give them a try. Prices are great--cheaper than renting, and I couldn't be happier with the quality. They are gleaming white, they iron well and launder well. One of the tablecloths had a small tear along the hem, and Quick Candles replaced it immediately, no questions asked, and told me to keep the damaged one! I highly recommend this company's table linens and customer service. As an added plus, shipping and delivery were extremely fast. "Jesmom from OK 8/7/2014 "I am using these (Set of 72 Flameless LED Tealights White) at my daughter AND son's weddings. They arrived quickly and are very bright! Thank you for your prompt shipping! Can't wait to enjoy the light..:) "Deb the decorator from VA 8/6/2014 "What a great product(Set of 144 Votive Candle Holders and 144 Votive Candles) that is very reasonably priced and has super fast delivery!! "Eskeppe' 2014 from NC 8/5/2014 "Got these items(Set of 36 Cylinders and 3" Floating Candles) to use for centerpieces and I blinged them up a bit and they looked wonderful!!! "Party Planner from MD 8/4/2014 "Bought 5 table cloths for wedding shower held last weekend! The table clothes were heavy duty, very elegant looking on the tables. The price was right. Received the product in a timely manner. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone wanting to add a professional finishing touch to their event. "Mother of the Groom from MA 8/4/2014 "I bought these(Set of 144 Votive Candle Holders and 144 Votive Candles) candles for my evening wedding in August. The candles arrived VERY quickly, which is great for a stressed bride. The citronella scent was a bit overwhelming in the box, but spread out around the tables, it will be perfect. They do not look cheap at all (and i'm pretty picky), even though they were by far the cheapest ones i could find. So glad i bought these candles. "ContinentalBride2014 from ME 8/4/2014 "Always such a pleasure to do business with. Online ordering is easy and delivery is lightening fast. "cunderwoodmiller from MA 8/3/2014 "I love flickering candle (orange citrus fruit tealights) light at night, it helps me relax from a stressful day. The scent also helps to calm me.. "Frannie from TN 8/3/2014 "I love the long burning tealights for my wax warmers. I also like that they are not in plastic candle holders because the area in which they burn gets quite warm while melting the wax above. "Frannie from TN 8/3/2014 "I have used the floating candles for many years now. We almost always have to blow them out after an event - they burn slowly and evenly. I don't know what I would do without Quick Candles! "Vase Central from IA 8/2/2014 "Great product. Best customer service "Nikki from CA 7/30/2014 "i orderd these pillar candles for a Family Reunion Memorial table and i expected to receive in a couple of days as i was up against time. i got home the next day and the box was on my door step, i was blown away. I opened the box an expected disaster as it was my first time having glass shipped, to my surprise everything was intact nothing broken and they were lovely. I would recommend quick candles to everyone!!! "Frugal Fran from GA 7/29/2014 "Love this lace! Cutest lace I've ever seen!! Perfect for wedding decor. "Kelly from CA 7/29/2014 "These monogram square vases will be used in my daughters wedding in 2/15. I ordered a combination of vases, cylinder and square, and when the shipment was received there was one broken monogrammed vase, out of over 100 vases ordered. The others were in perfect condition. I emailed the company on a Saturday asking who I needed to speak with to arrange for a replacement. I never had to speak to a soul, the replacement monogrammed vase arrived within the week. Now that is Customer Service!! Thank you so much Quick Candles. I am now 6 months ahead in the wedding decorations and am one grateful Mom!!. "Binkybaba from FL 7/29/2014 "I bought another set of these because I had purchased candles from another site. They came in a bag and were marred. When I tested the cheap ones for burn time at the reception, they burned a hole through in less than 2 hours. But these from quick candles are exactly what they claim 10 hours easy. Wasn't worth it for the few dollars I saved. I LOVE THESE CANDLES!! And I always get them in 3 days or less. "Overwhelmed Mother of the Bride from TX 7/29/2014 "These (3" floating candles) were perfect for the cylinder candles. They burned and looked beautiful throughout the whole party and can be reused. They held their shape, too. "Retired in the Foothills from CA 7/29/2014 "I am so happy with my purchase (mirrors). Your ordering process was great and I I received my order quickly. Thanks so much. I will be referring your company !!! "Winifred from IL 7/26/2014 "These (2X3 pillar candles) are perfect candles for our Mexican-style candle holders. The only complaint I have, and it's a minor one, is that the cream color I ordered is a little yellower than I expected. Also, I was worried that the candles would melt in transit in summer since I live in Tucson, AZ. No problem. They arrived in perfect condition. "Sun Gal from AZ 7/26/2014 "We used these 2X3 pillar candles as part of the centerpiece decoration at my daughter's bridal shower. They arrived quickly, were all uniform in size and shape, and were a true white color. They were the perfect size for our holders. When lit, they burned evenly. The "no scent" was important as they were used around food. My sister has already ordered some larger ones for her daughter's wedding! "Liz from MA 7/25/2014 "I needed a certain size candle (3X15 pillar candle) for my holder and my specialty shop here in town did not carry the required size. I found this site and it was wonderful. The shipping was fast, the product was well packaged and now I have my beautiful display that I needed. "ksangel from KS 7/22/2014 "Beautiful scent(green vanilla lime votive candles). Strong, lime scent lingers. It is very fine and dry - but it is rounded well with the vanilla. Will definitely purchase again. "Shanahan the Candle Burner from MA 7/22/2014 "I used these floating candles as centerpieces at my wedding. Lit them about 2:00 and they were still burning at 11:00. Great Candles, made beautiful centerpieces. "lisa p from WI 7/21/2014 "I use votive holders all the time for weddings, this is by far the fastest and least expensive option for buying in quantity. Easy to work with, lots of options... Quick Candles is my " go to" source for candles "premier from MI 7/21/2014 "I purchased the small square votives for my daughter's wedding and though we didn't need the full 144 that I ordered, the price was still better than I found anywhere. Yes, they are a little small, but perfect for the candles and will match the square center pieces that our florist is using. They look great; quick delivery. "Vicki from KS 7/21/2014 "I ordered 24 votive holders to use at my wedding reception. One in One of the two boxes arrived broken, and my voice message overnight prompted a call the following day. A new box of 12 holders came within 48 hours. I am very impressed with this company. "Jan from IL 7/21/2014 "The product(frosted grande hurricane holder) was highly satisfactory. Out of 36 ordered, two were broken during delivery and replacements were shipped immediately upon notice to Quick Candles. "Proud Mom from NY 7/20/2014 "I used floating candles and vases for centerpieces, items were for a wedding , ladies night out and mother's day banquet at church( none better) got lots of comments. "betts from IN 7/19/2014 "Light several pillar candles around the house each evening, including outside. These are long lasting and provide excellent ambiance. The 2" diameter allows the flame to be visible throughout the burning, providing maximum light. Minimal wick odor after blowing out the candle(s). "Lemon from PA 7/19/2014 "I ordered over 100 votive candles and holders (clear) for my wedding. They were both beautiful and long lasting, creating the perfect ambiance to my reception. The price for all are unbeatable! I ordered the 72 votive set then once received, ordered an additionally 2 sets of 12. The price is beyond affordable and all the votives can easily be reused again for other occasions. The candles lasted my entire reception without any issues. I HIGHLY recommend quickcandles products to anyone...I actually never provide reviews but for this, I had to because I was so pleased! "Mechelle Barr from CA 7/19/2014 "I bought these pillar candles to go in white Moroccan lanterns for centerpieces at a rehearsal dinner. The white candles were the perfect size for these lanterns, and looked beautiful when lit. I'm glad there is a choice to get white or ivory. I've made several different purchases from Quick Candles and have always gotten great customer service - fast ship and quality product! "Marcie from WI 7/19/2014 "I bought these(elite bud vase) vases for rehearsal dinner tables to coordinate with a candle lantern. They are elegant in their simplicity. I have ordered from Quick Candles several times now and have had excellent, prompt customer service each time. "Marcie from WI 7/17/2014 "These votive candle holders are exactly as pictured. The amber color is perfect for our fall wedding centerpieces. Great quality and look very nice. Out of the 72 I ordered, one did arrive broken. I called Quick Candles and they replaced it quickly. They were very friendly and quick on providing outstanding customer service! Highly recommend this company, as well as the product. "Fall Bride from OH 7/16/2014 "We used this(Eastland Flared Votive Holder with Stand) for wedding centerpieces combining the flared vases (we did not use the black stand) with a cylinder vase, the flared votive holder sits perfectly in the cylinder vase, we placed pumpkins, leaves , and acorns or small pinecones in the bottom of the cylinder vase, then placed the flared votive at the top, filled with autumn colored glass stones and a smaller glass votive candle and holder. They look beautiful. This combination could also be used for other holidays, such as christmas ornaments filling the cylinder vase etc. The order came perfectly packaged, and in an amzing time frame. We were so pleased with Quick Candles we ordered additional items from the the following week. "The brides mother from MA 7/16/2014 "I was amazed at how quickly I rec'd them, I ordered them in the afternoon, had them the next day, gotta love that !!!!!!! For some reason, its hard to find small, pink pillar candles at such a good price !! I am so glad I found Quick Candles !! I'll be ordering more in the future !! "The candle lady from USA 7/16/2014 "I made driftwood candelabras. They (tealight holders) turned out great. Made several for my friends. "jojo from DE 7/15/2014 "I’m happy to say that it was a very pleasant experience dealing with your company. The customer service rep I spoke with was extremely helpful in making sure I made the right decision on what candles I needed to order. I received my orders fast and the quality of the candles are excellent. I will surely be placing future orders and recommending your company to others! Thank you for the excellent service and quality product! "Judi L. from NY 7/14/2014 "I own a catering business and we do a veggie, fruit and cheese display that has three floating candle tubes of different sizes with veggies in them. We float candles on the top. These are longer lasting than any of those in the stores and can be used multiple times. I like the convenience of ordering in bulk and they come right to my door! "Susan Wilson from PA 7/14/2014 "I used these (votive holders and votive candles) around my flower centerpiece for my wedding and they were a perfect addition! "dev from PA 7/14/2014 "I had been looking everywhere for square votives and ran across the Quick Candle website. They were SO helpful and had the votives and candles at such a great price!! Super fast delivery!! Will definitely order from them again! "jmh-4321 from NE 7/13/2014 "I was looking for orange pillar candles to match the orange print throw pillows in my den and these were perfect. "Debbie from NC 7/12/2014 "Loved these cylinder vases and floating candles! There were just what I was looking for and for an excellent price. The classic clean look allowed our florist to work her magic and create the centrepieces we requested. The Quick Candle floating candles worked really well and we received many compliments. I ordered 20 sets of the 3 vases and only one was broken upon delivery. QC customer service was excellent, they shipped me 2 replacements right away, no questions asked! I highly recommend QC for all your wedding/event centrepieces and candles! "Jacqfass from IN 7/11/2014 "Placed these heavenly ivory vanilla scented candles in jelly jars on the tables at our resent class reunion. Beautiful light but not overwhelming. Lasted the entire evening. I haven't cleaned out the jars yet but a few have popped loose on their own so I don't feel the remaining will be difficult to clean out. Well packaged and very quickly shipped. "Class of '69 from OH 7/10/2014 "I wanted long-burning candles for a wedding reception expected to last from 4:30 pm to after midnight. I ordered the white six-hour tea lights initially to test them and they burned the length of time advertised. I was interested in seeing if the votive candles would produce a larger flame so ordered a small package of blue ones. The flames sizes between the tea-lights and votives were not significantly different. We decided to go with a blue color so I ordered about 300 of the blue votives. They were lit before 4:30 pm and we extinguished them finally at 11:30 pm. We put 10 on each table as my florist said "You can't ever have too many candles." I think you get the most decorating bang for your buck with candles and the room glowed ever more beautifully as the evening darkened. We had children at the reception and there were no problems. But one little boy went around blowing out the candles once. He got through about 5 tables and it was amazing how dead the room looked in that area. We just relit the candles and they continued to look great. I also wondered if that many candles would make the room feel warm but that did not happen either. Removing the burned candles from the glass holders is helped by putting them in the freezer for an hour or so first. I would recommend these candles to anyone! ""Mother of the Groom". from NE 7/8/2014 "I was one of the first customers to order from your new line of table linens. I just wanted to let you know that they were great! I was extremely pleased with the quality. The linens were heavy and well made, a great deal for the price. As usual, your customer service was fantastic! Thanks for another great shopping experience. "Jen D. from MA 7/8/2014 "I purchased 10 sets of three(cylinder vases and floating candles) as table centerpieces for my daugthers beach theme wedding. They arrived very quickly in two boxes, no damage. They are simple and perfect for the application. "Beachbum from FL 7/7/2014 "I really appreciate the quality and pricing of the 3" floating candles. Some companys candles are not as reliable in its' holding a flame with their candles. These candles are dependable and the guaranteed 2 day shipping, is extremely reliable and will get you out of a last minute, gotta have it bind!!! "mary from MI 7/7/2014 "Used (pillar candles) in mason jars at my son's wedding. It was very hot and the candles held up beautifully. "Mom from ME 7/7/2014 "I ordered these Hurricane Vases to use as a centerpiece for my wedding. They arrived really quickly in a few business day, and all 24 vases arrived in perfect condition. They were packaged great, not a single one was cracked. Also the quality of the vases is amazing. They definitely look like they're high end! I would order them again. "KO from PA 7/7/2014 "Got my order so quickly! Beautiful product at great price "Carol from MI 7/6/2014 "Replaced bubble ball in gumball machine. Drilled hole in bottom. Libby glass is strong. Gumball machine looks better than with original glass. Delivery was the fastest ever. Excellent packaging. Had the gumball machine been packed as well, there would have been no need for replacement globe. "Oz Fan from IL 7/5/2014 "I needed to order at least 100 small votive holder for my daughters wedding. This was the best price for the quantity. Arrival was pronto ~ within 3 days of placing order online. Order response by email was immediate. We are using for ambiance and lighting around the centerpieces. I order the size larger than the smallest. The smallest would be tiny. The ivory color is not available in unscented, but the fragrance is mild and pleasant. Great price, great service, great product!! "Momma in Texas from TX 7/5/2014 "Used(pillar candles) in crystal lotus flower centerpieces at luncheon for volunteers at a non-profit agency. Used total of four colors - lavender, pink, green and yellow. All colors were well saturated, vibrant and lovely. Candles burned clean and were dripless. Prices are very reasonable for such a high quality product. Delivery was quick and candles arrived in perfect condition. "RRV from NY 7/5/2014 "We found out we needed some LED tea lights and holders about 2 weeks before my daughters wedding to put on the ledge of a veranda at the resort where our dinner was being held. I ordered 2 dozen. They shipped quickly, and even got some extra batteries. They worked beautifully and you couldn't tell that they were LED tea lights at all. The frosted holders were very attractive. Thanks ! "Mother of the bride from FL 7/2/2014 "I use these(white votive candles) on my Buddhist altar everyday. The do not smoke when blown out. Easy to light and long burning. Great value and great service. they have no odor when burning. "LE from NY 7/1/2014 "I used these(hanging votive holders) to hang in a tree for my son's engagement party, which was held in our backyard. They were perfect. They are not too small, so as not to be seen, nor too large to be overpowering. You can use a tea light or a votive, also room for some filler, sand, stone, gems or even use with water and a floating candle. Very versatile and allowed for a lot of light. They were very pretty hanging in the tree. "Mominlawtobe from CA 7/1/2014 "Ordered these(clear tealight holders) to replace ones that got broken that are part of a holiday candle holder I purchased in Germany. So, it was important that the dimensions and appearance shown on the web page be as described. They are perfect! This saved me from spending much more to order replacements from Germany. They arrived in a sturdy box and in the time period promised. "Ginny from WA 7/1/2014 "Not only was the price affordable, the shipping was expedient too! The colors are vivid, the glass durable, and the perfect size for my use. I'm very pleased with this purchase(color votive holders) and have shared my experience with others. "Candle burning in the. Midwest from IN 7/1/2014 "Bought these(2" floating candles) for my daughter's wedding to float inside small mason jars. They work perfectly. "mother of the bride from IN 6/25/2014 "I burn candles/tealights everyday and these fit my budget! "IamCouponDiva from VA 6/24/2014 "This is my second time ordering from Quick Candles for a wedding. This time I was ordering for someone else so I wanted to get a good deal, but still wanted an elegant look. Quick candles is the best price and the 2" floating candles are very well made and beautiful floating and lit in a vase. It makes every centerpiece elegant. "Lexie Cain from LA 6/24/2014 "Purchased 72 of the amber votive candle holders for my fall wedding centerpieces. They are perfect! Out of the 72, there was one that was broken. After contacting Quick Candles, it was promptly replaced, hassle free! I am beyond pleased with their customer service and the quality of the product. "Fall Bride from OH 6/25/2014 "I like that I was able to finally find large amounts of tea lights at an affordable price for as many as I use per night. They also last for just the right amount of time and are safe and easy to dispose of. "Samm from NC 6/23/2014 "Learned of this product(7 hour burn tealights) thru a local high end Steakhouse - called, ordered and now will order multiple boxes at a time - love them! "dbstudioart from OK 6/23/2014 "This item(flameless amber LED tealight) worked great for a outdoor chandelier for a wedding didn't need to replace them like a regualr tea light. "lee from WI 6/23/2014 "We ordered both the votives with and without the holders and pillar candles for my daughter's wedding. They came quickly, were packaged well and were exactly what we wanted. The reception glowed with candle light and for a great price we were able to fulfill her vision for a romantic reception. I will definitely use QC again and recommend them to my friends. "momof5 from KS 6/23/2014 "I wanted glass cylinders for my wedding centerpieces. This is what i was looking for. The vases were the perfect sizes at the perfect prices. It would have taken me all summer to find the sizes i wanted. Not to mention the delivery was so fast. "Bride to be from GA 6/22/2014 "Arrived very quickly. I was pleasantly surprised that all the votive holders were in tack and none of the candles were nicked or broken. The orange color is perfect for my daughters fall wedding. Thanks for the great price too! "NE MOM from NE 6/21/2014 "I had 2 weddings in 2 months and used Quick Candle Floating candles for both. I ordered the purple candles for the second wedding, but they were the wrong color of purple. When I called about the problem, the person I talked to at Quick Candles was AWESOME. They exchanged my candles without a problem. They even credited back the shipping on the purple candles since it was an exchange. I was extremely pleased all around with the product and the service. "Pam from MI 6/21/2014 "The product is a simple white 3" pillar candle. The quality is great! The price was exactly where I wanted to be. To my surprise since it was the first time shopping with this company, the ordering process was quick, and delivery was faster than I expected. I'm not going anywhere else for candles. "Kim from AZ 6/20/2014 "The size of the votive were excellent for favorites, and displaying in the votive holders. I also ordered 10" tapered candles and they sat wonderfully in the taper candle holder. They stood straight and not lean, like a few other candles I had to purchase at the last minute. Delivery time was excellent and the product was in good condition. "Uniquely Yours by Helen from MD 6/18/2014 "Product is great! I received my order fast and some of my candle holders were broken. I contacted the company and they sent me new ones the same week! "Rachel the budgiter from IL 6/18/2014 "We had a mix up at the reception hall. Was told they had holders not candles. Days before the wedding we found out it was the opposite. I ordered 144 votive holders and they were perfect. Arrived on time and we couldn't have been happier. Quick candles is the way to go!!! "sportswaitress from VA 6/17/2014 "We used these floating tea lights for our wedding reception. They were great and shipped very quickly. As a DIY bride that worked on decorations last, this was important. "jenmarie from OK 6/17/2014 "I ordered several pillar candles to use in my church. They arrived on time, well packaged and were exactly what I expected. You can be sure I will order from this site again! "Lynda from WI 6/16/2014 "We actually haven't used the votive candles yet. I ordered them way in advance of the wedding because I wanted to make sure they arrived in time - they came so quickly that I shouldn't have worried! The citronella scent is very strong so I'm excited to try them outside at the reception. The candles are all beautiful, packaged well and arrived safely! Thank you for your great service! I will definitely recommend you to others and come to you for my other 3 daughters' weddings!!! "Mom of 5 from WA 6/16/2014 "I use these(cylinder floating candle vases) all the time as stand alone centerpieces as well as to accent floral arrangements. The sizes are a nice set and look great with floating candles in them. Also, have put orchids in the taller one. Price point is good and delivery is quick "Joyous planner from MA 6/16/2014 "we use tea lights for diffusing essential oils. most tea lights have become really cheap and they don't burn right. these tea lights are still the good solid quality tea lights we need. "Gudi the Aromatherapist from CA 6/16/2014 "Product(pink gardenia votive candles) was shipped very quickly as promised! Not pricey at all! I gave them as baby shower gift favors, and everyone loved them! I saved some for myself also because it smells very very lovely! For sure I will buy more when these are gone. "Naya from OH 6/16/2014 "Used these(white votive candles) for a birthday party. Last all night long. Even after the party. Great buy. "candy from NY 6/14/2014 "I have used these votive candles at church functions, big parties and at home just for me. They burn better than any votive I have ever used, I love these candles! "T, the event planner from MT 6/14/2014 "I use these(white tealight candles) in my tart burners and they are wonderful!! All of the other tea lights only last 1-2 hours where these ones last 4-5 hours!! I love the value and quality of this product!! I highly recommend these and have to many people!! "Strawberry from NY 6/13/2014 "Used 3 of these(tealight candles in clear cup) to surround each floral centerpiece for guest tables at a wedding anniversary dinner. They were placed in a taper candle holder TURNED UPSIDE DOWN, which looked like a miniature martini glass. With their clear holders, they were a very tasteful addition to the decor. "Ameera from MD 6/11/2014 "I purchased these(white votive candles) for centerpieces at my wedding in Sept. I didn't want to break the bank and get a good supply with a long burn time for my money. I got exactly that. They work perfectly for the holders I will be using these with. "Autumn Bride from IA 6/11/2014 "I ordered these(taper candles) to use in candelabra for my daughter's upcoming wedding. I wanted to test them out ahead of time to ensure that they lasted the duration of the reception and didn't drip. They were great! I burned them for over 4 hours and they were close to halfway burned. Not a drip of wax either! They were loose in the candelabra base and I had to wrap the bottoms to get them to stay, but I suspect this issue is the candelabra and not the candle. I'm very pleased with them. "Mother of the bride from NH 6/10/2014 "LOVE 'EM(citronella buckets)...and don't think you can beat the price. Probably need to buy some more myself. Delivered & received as advertised "Queen from OK 6/10/2014 "Thrilled to find such a great price on these(votive candle holders). Am using them as tiny vases to place on tables at my daughter's upcoming wedding reception. "Dawn of the Day from IL 6/9/2014 "These floating candles were used at an outdoor wedding reception. The candles stayed lit for the entire night. After the sun went down, the candles helped create a romantic setting for a romantic event. "Curliesmom from MO 6/9/2014 "Bought these(amber LED tealights) for my daughter's wedding. Quick shipping and product is exactly as described. She will have about 100 hanging orbs so real candles were not an option. The "flickering" effect looks like a real candle in the orb. Good value. "Curliesmom from MO 6/9/2014 "Bought these(2X9" pillar candles) for my daughter's wedding. Looked in every store I could think of but could not find this size. Then someone gave me this website and there they were! So glad to have found Quick Candles! "Cheri Mother of the Bride from VA 6/7/2014 "These cylinder vases are of very good quality glass, I personalize them for weddings, memorial vases and anniversaries. Tall and elegant. "Fran from MO 6/7/2014 "I have used Quick Candles for three years now. We have a memorial candle service at our church every Memorial Weekend. Quick Candles get the product out quickly and the customer service is out of this world. From the smallest question to the largest they are there to help. Out of 228 votive holders none have been broken, a couple chipped but nothing major. Every year I get a different color and this year was purple and beautiful. Thank You so much for making our Memorial Service Memorable!! "FUMC Memorial Service from CO 6/6/2014 "The price was right so I wanted to give the product(cylinder pillar vase set of 3) a try. I purchased one to see the quality as they will be used as table decorations in a wedding. I am very happy with the quality and the look so I will definitely be using this company again. I will recommend them to all my brides that want similar decorations. " Ronnie from NC 6/5/2014 "I am elated that I found this product (diamond wrap). It has so many uses and is my new favorite material. I have used this to decorate for a very elegant wedding to a backyard birthday party. The possibilities are limitless. It's high-quality, beautiful and sparkly. It cuts well so you can obtain smaller and narrower pieces. The roll is ample. I just happened to also find it on sale a month or so ago... and I bought every color!! " AeroGal619 from OH 6/5/2014 "I had been searching for hurricane glass to use as centerpieces for my wedding. I stumbled upon these by chance and I absolutely loved them. They had more design to them vs many others I found. The pricing was great as well. I ordered this set along with a few separate pieces. I received 2 days later and it was packaged extremely well. I have zero complaints and I can not wait to use these. " Stace from NJ 6/3/2014 "I purchased these (votive candles and holders) items to make favors for a baby boy shower. The baby blue candles were easy to wrap in white tulle, tie with a blue ribbon, add a pacifier decoration and tag then place in the votive holder. Our guests were pleased with and amazed that the candles would burn so long. " Mommom Sue from NJ 6/3/2014 "I used the floating candles for an outside wedding reception. They were floating in pint mason jars. They worked perfectly. They had a pretty shape and looked fantastic when lit. They lasted between four and five hours, which was great. They were here so quickly. Other companies can't deliver the product as quickly as quickcandles can. I will certainly use this company again, and I would recommend the company and this product to family and friends. "Pinky from NC 6/2/2014 "I bought these(votive candles) along with the clear glass votive holders for my outdoor wedding reception. Once placing my order, I received an email less than an hour later saying that they'd been shipped! I thought surely that it was in error, but literally, the next morning I received them! They definitely take "Quick" seriously! The pricing is the best that I found while shopping around. They were packed well, and even after being lit for nearly 4 hours, there was still plenty enough left over. I would strongly suggest this product and this company and will be a repeat customer! "Mrs. Hughes from AL 6/2/2014 "We will be using these cylinder vases in sets of three per table at the Wedding reception this week. We are putting in blue glass stones, artificial flowers, water and a floating candle. They make a beautiful display. The vases all arrived unbroken, well packed, ample bubble wrap, and exactly on time. A fine product and very good customer service! "Father of the Bride from TX 6/1/2014 "We use these(colored votive holders) in our Chapel and they are awesome! "Franciscan Brothers from NM 5/25/2014 "The product (water pearls) was exactly as described. I used them for decorations at my wedding reception and received many compliments on them. They are perfect for floating candles. I also used them for the vases containing the bouquets on the head table. They arrived extremely fast-shipping was fantastic! Heated water will cause them to expand the fastest but otherwise it takes a day or two which is completely normal. "engelsmr from MI 5/24/2014 "I purchased the white citronella candles for my daughter's outdoor wedding. When confronted with a shipping issue, I received wonderful customer service, and the matter was resolved quickly and the utmost professionalism. I would recommend this company to my friends, and I will definitely order from quick candles in the future. "Celliano from CA 5/22/2014 "I purchased this product (red personalized votive holders) for my best friends wedding as favours, I had them engraved with their names on it and when I received the 144 that I bought I was nothing but pleased...!!! What you see is what you get, I got it within two weeks time (in Trinidad), I had no breakages what so ever and my candles were scented to the max that my house smelt like romance until the wedding...!!! I would recommend this product anytime and I give it 10 out of 10...!!! "Ornella from Trinidad & Tobago 5/21/2014 "I ordered these (extended burn tealight candles) for my upcoming wedding. I've purchased 3 other types of "long lasting" candles only to return them after they burned for a total of 45-60 minutes. I was skeptical when ordering these but BOY WAS I WRONG! I lit 3 of them and they ALL stayed lit for over 7 hours! If you are looking for long lasting candles, LOOK NO FURTHER!. "WeddingAtTheBarn from MN 5/21/2014 "The children that I work with used these jars (votive candle holders) to make mother's day gifte. We made sented candles out of old crayons and wax. The children and parents loved them. "BOOST CRAFTS from PA 5/20/2014 "I ordered these candles (citronella scented votives) and put them in either jars or previous citronella containers. I use them on our deck in the evening when the mosquito's are abundant. Does a very good job at keeping the critters at bay. Smells just like citronella should! "Mosquito magnate from WA 5/20/2014 "These (cylinders) are stunning with submersible lights and rock!! "Robin from OR 5/20/2014 "I spray painted the votive holders gold and used a diy process to make them look like mercury glass for my wedding centerpieces. They worked great! "Wedding diy from MD 5/19/2014 "I ordered (pillar candles) for my son's wedding to be held in September. I inadvertently ordered the wrong size for some of the lanterns. When I called to order the correct size, I was told I could return the incorrect size for credit as long as they had not been used and were in original box. Very impressed by that guarantee. Prompt service. "Mother of the groom from IA 5/19/2014 "I use 7 of these candles(unscented tealights) everytime I teach a yoga class. They burn evenly, without fragrance or smoke. the affordable price makes my classes full of light! "Kim Yogi from MT 5/18/2014 "Purchased votive candles for my daughters wedding. Shipment was Very prompt and I'm happy with their service. Received my order in just a couple days of placing it. Found this company thru the internet and highly recommend them. Buying in bulk saved me money!! "Memaw from OH 5/18/2014 "I bought the battery operated pillar candles. They were purchased for our anniversary party. Service was quick. I had one broken candle of 18 and they were quick and prompt to replace it. I would definitely purchase from this company again. I was pleased with the product and service. "Cindy from WI 5/16/2014 "We looked all over Oahu for high quality unscented pillar candles that would burn nicely for our wedding reception. We ordered 2 as a trial and was so happy that we ordered 60 more. I would totally purchase again and again. The shipping was extremely fast and they arrived totally undamaged and packed for safe travels! "Jason from HI 5/15/2014 "I have ordered products from Quick candles twice. Both times I received my order fast and intact, I also fond that the 10 hour votive candles when used with the votive holders burn for between 15 and 20 hours. I will use this site for all my candle needs thank you. "ARGON from AL 5/15/2014 "I bought these (ivory vanilla votive candles) to go in some personalized candle holders that I bought to use as wedding favors, and they fit perfectly. Very pleasant smell, not too overpowering. Delivery was super fast-you don't call it Quick Candles for nothing. "Ilash from GA 5/14/2014 "Bought Hurricane vases and candles for centerpieces and everything was perfect. Fast Delivery and great quality. Definitely recommend this company! "EMS from PA 5/13/2014 "Im using my candles (purple unscented votive) for my wedding reception. Inside large wine glasses with sand in them. I tested one out and they burn for 6 hours inside a wine glass, 10 hours in a SMALL votive holder. Perfect burn time for me. Smaller than the votives I'm use too put perfect for what I needed them for! And the price was incredibly affordable! "Bride To Be from MI 5/12/2014 "the candles (pink gardenia votives) will be wrapped in tulle ,tied with ribbon and have a tag on them that says "A BABY BRINGS A HAPPINESS THAT SETS YOUR HEART AGLOW ." "Elly from MA 5/12/2014 "These cylinders were represented exactly as they appeared on the website. I cannot say how impressed I am with this company. I bought a few things for my daughter's wedding and look forward to more purchases in the future. Great job Quick Candles, you can see how you take pride in your products "Janice from PA 5/11/2014 "The perfect pure white votive holder. Frosted glass hides the "faux" candle making the light look like a real wax candle. Perfect and safe.We are using these for a June wedding. "Aunt Wedding Planner from NY 5/11/2014 "The flickering flames of the amber LED tealights gave the illusion of real candles inside frosted vases. As beautiful but much safer than real candles. People were fascinated!!! Beautiful wedding tables. "Anita B from PA 5/10/2014 "These (12" taper candles) were for a dinner party and they were beautiful. I am very pleased with my purchase which I received sooner than expected! "Sherry from TX 5/9/2014 "These skinny candles (2" Pillar Candles) are a nice change from the normal 3" but it is fun to mix them. White-white and fully encased in plastic wrap. Nice candle. "dorth from AZ 5/9/2014 "I looked many places for glass cylinders to use as centerpieces at my wedding and this was by far the best deal, especially since they already come with candles that are the perfect size. The glass is just as good as any you'll buy for three times the price at a craft or home goods store. The shipping of course was amazing as they described, it's nice to not have to pay extra for timely delivery. If I ever need anymore candle type stuff, I'll definitely come back here. Saved me a fortune. "Brilliant Bride from FL 5/7/2014 "I've been looking for these (cylinder vases) for a long time and was very pleased to finally find them. They will be perfect for separating the candle from decorations I would like to use in my hurricane lamps. The cylinders can also be used as vases, doubling the usefulness. I'm very happy with them. "Happy Camper from CT 5/7/2014 "I ordered the gardenia scented pink votive candles with candle holder. The delivery was timely. On a budget I was able to make pretty and scented decorations that were given as mementos at a baby shower. They added a very pretty scent to the ambiance. The scent was very pleasant and not overpowering. "Tina from CA 5/6/2014 "I recently used this item (votive holders & votive candles) at a wedding reception. As a wedding consultant/event planner and event florist I would definitely use Quick Candles again. The scent was pleasant and subtle which is great around food. They burned for throughout the reception. Great product! "Designs With Love Event Planning from OH 5/6/2014 "Very happy with the vases. They were exactly as pictures, good quality and none were broken. Would order from this company again "cy gal from IA 5/6/2014 "Used for Wedding Centerpieces. The Cylinders were Perfect. I added my arrangement and no additional attention was needed for the containers. One was missing and a replacement was sent immediately. Very satisfied with the Service. "Mom from PA 5/3/2014 "For the first time, I ordered the set of 144 assorted, scented candles. Placed the order on Thursday and received the candles on Saturday. Firstly, they were packaged wonderfully. Very, very professional. Each scent come in it's own package of 12. Perfectly attractive package of 12 that you would see in any store. I usually order the set of 72 or 144 in all one scent - usually Mulberry - so was not sure how they would be packaged i.e. set up in assorted fashion, etc. But no. They came individually packaged. Maybe I'm easy to please, but must admit to being "delighted" by this. :) The scents are beautiful. I just lit one of the Gardenia and one of the Citrus Fruit less than 5 minutes ago and the living room is already starting to become scented. I really love these candles and this company. I recommend them endlessly to friends - and this for good reason. Superior product. Superior service. You can't lose with Quick Candles. Hope they become the leading candle maker in America - they are that good. "Shanahan the Candle Burner from MA 5/3/2014 "I have ALWAYS ordered my candles through Quick Candles and I will continue to do so for as long as I need candles for my events. "Candycane from OR 5/2/2014 "Bought these(votive candle holders & votive candles) to add some interest to our wedding centerpieces. The price can't be beat, obviously. But in general, the holders are really great quality and the votives will burn for the entire reception - you can't ask for much more! A few of the holders arrived broken and I was immediately, no questions asked, sent a brand new set of 12 - that's unbeatable customer service! "Laura from PA 4/28/2014 "I bought these along with lavender scented votive candles to give as party favors for my baby shower. They were a hit and so pretty! "Lady with a baby on the way from TX 4/26/2014 "This is a wonderful company. I forgot to use my promo code when I ordered, so they refunded me the difference! Shipping was very fast, and everything arrived perfectly packaged and nothing was damaged. The candles looks great. We burned them for 4 hours during our reception, and you can hardly tell they have even been burned. The price is right, and I highly recommend them. "Jenna from WV 4/26/2014 "Purchasing all our Vases & Candles from QuickCandles allowed us to have great quality centerpieces for a real bargain! Their customer service staff is pleasant and helpful. In the future, if I ever need any of the products they sell, I won't go anywhere else. Very satisified customer. "Sue from IL 4/25/2014 "I love the elegant look of the 2" pillar candle. Not a common size. But the BEST part of this transaction was shipping. I live in Scottsdale, Az--95+degrees- and these candles were so well wrapped and shipped so quickly they arrived in Excellent condition. I love the candles and thank Quick Candles-once again- for excellent service. "dorth from AZ 4/25/2014 "These 9" cylinder vases were perfect for our Women's Forum decorations. They are very versatile and can be used for so many different styles of decor. One arrived broken and Quick Candles very quickly sent us 2 replacements at no charge. I would definitely purchase these again. "Southern Belle from MN 4/24/2014 "I am going to use these (frosted votive holders) as favors for my wedding. They look exactly like the picture shows, and all of the arrived in one piece and on time. They fit tea lights or votives. I am very happy with my order. "Aubrey from ME 4/23/2014 "These flameless LED tea lights are great! They flicker quite naturally, and the amber color resembles a natural flame. The tea lights themselves are not particularly realistic-looking, but if used in conjunction with an opaque votive holder, they look quite natural and pretty - a great, safe alternative to using open flames. Also, as far as LED tea lights go, these are the cheapest prices I have found anywhere with no decrement in quality. Lastly, Quick Candles had fantastic customer service when I had an issue with an improper order (my fault, not theirs) and they were completely dedicated to my satisfaction. Highly recommended!! "Christa from NY 4/22/2014 "I use these (diamond wrap) on hairbows and these are the cheapest I found by far. Also very good quality. Very durable. I bought every color and couldn't be happier. I will use quick candles for all my future rhinestone mesh needs. "amanda272 from KY 4/22/2014 "Used (pillar candles) at my wedding under wine bottles, just the right amount of light, and burned slowly, to last all night. "Wedding Planner from NC 4/21/2014 "I will use these chunky tealight candle holders on banquet tables to hold battery operated tea lights. The color is just what I need. "Jean from CT 4/21/2014 "I used these (LED pillar candles) on tables, alternating with the square LED candles for a wedding; placing each into the appropriate square/round bowls with color-coded pebbles at the bottom. I was very pleased and want to order more. "MizzDaisy2u from MD 4/20/2014 "I was very happy with these 10.5" cylinder vases! I am going to use them as part of my centerpieces for my wedding in June. I ordered one set of 12 and one of them was broken when it came. I emailed customer service about it and they emailed me back AND sent a replacement within the same day, which I consider great service! I also want to add that these vases are a really good height. I wanted 12 inch vases for part of my centerpieces but could not find any that actually looked very nice. These vases were a close second and I am very glad I found these! Affordable, elegant and good customer service! "MK from IL 4/20/2014 "Delivery was on time as expected, we ordered over 1100 white votive candles, delivery was fast and efficient. We are going to use them for an American Cancer Society Relay for Life event. We do this every year. "Trev from PA 4/19/2014 "Thank you for the wonderful candles(votive holders & votive candles) for my daughters wedding. I am always very hesitant ordering online concerning quality and reliability. The candles were delivered in 5 days, packaged with no breakage and no defects. Thank YOU! "C. from NV 4/19/2014 "These tealight candle holders were exactly as ordered. In fact, better than the sample I had from another company. The sides are straight (not curving into the base), which make the application of our group's decal very easy. Great table decorations for our reunion dinner! "BB from PA 4/18/2014 "I use this 7 hour burn tealight mostly for heating scented wax, I can use one of these for almost all day instead of the bargain brand which I have to use at least 3. Saves me money in the long run. "Debi1634 from MI 4/17/2014 "We used these great votives for a formal dinner. They were beautiful on the table surrounding our floral bud vases. They lasted throughout the dinner and dancing. At the end of the night they were still burning. I particularly liked the height of the votive. I was pleased with the safety of the votives. They did not rise over the top of the holder and they burned nicely all evening. The ivory went perfectly with our table decor. I will recommend these to the committee for next year and to anyone else that needs votives. "Summer71 from CT 4/17/2014 "Great price for a beautiful royal purple diamond wrap!! This shade of purple is perfect for my project. Makes everything look like its covered in diamonds! "Catherine from LA 4/17/2014 "I used these(votvie holders & votive candles) for my wedding and I was very surprised how long they last. They were shipped very quickly and packed very nice. Nothing was broken or damaged. "JeepGirl from ND 4/15/2014 "I burn two of these ivory vanilla votive candles every evening. They smell so wonderful. They are so easy to take the remains out of the votive holders each day. No mess at all. Love, love, love these candles Would buy these again! "Torie from OR 4/14/2014 "These are the best citronella candles ever. The color white is much prettier that the orange. We keep one or more lit on our screened porch most of the time in warm weather. I just wish more of our neighbors used "Quick Candles". No one can beat the price or the effectiveness to repel mosquitoes. "Meme from AR 4/14/2014 "Purchased (votive candles & votive holders) for adding some sparkle to wedding tables. Painted w/ Modge Podge and rolled in gold glitter, voila, affordable bling! "Value Hunter from MO 4/14/2014 "Great for the spring, Easter or Mother's Day gifts. I made as a favor for a 30th birthday party by hot gluing small daisies around the rim of the flower pot. It looked adorable! "Janet from NY 4/12/2014 "Candles (pillar candles) always arrive quickly and in tact. Can buy in bulk or just a few st a time. I have never been disappointed and it has been a few years now. "Ronda Roller from CA 4/8/2014 "I needed a deep purple color (pillar candle) for centerpieces for each table to match the decor I was using. The color was beautiful and the order came within days of the purchase. I have been ordering from QuickCandles for years and will continue to shop on line with them. Great customer service and easy to use website! "Ginger from MO 4/8/2014 "We added rocks, flower and water with the floating candle and they looked great. WE put them (cylinders) on a mirror and we were so happy with the way it turned out "softballmomma from NC 4/6/2014 "Unfortunately, I purchased several LED candles at various stores. I should have purchased these first, because they're brighter and much more realistic than my previous purchases. *I will be returning the ones that were NOT purchased from "June from TX 4/6/2014 "Bought these (votive holders & votive candles) for our wedding reception. The picture and description matched perfectly what arrived to my house. You cannot beat the deal either. "BR from MI 4/6/2014 "I coupled these(black zebra stripes votive holder) with the white zebra striped votives holders as part of the centerpiece at my daughter's wedding. I cut squares of black and silver bling mesh ribbon to use as "mirrors" under each votive. The effect was beautiful. "Norairene from NY 4/3/2014 "Love them(votive holders). Adding diamonds and using them on my wedding. Definitely recommend website. " j.f from RI 4/2/2014 "I bought these votives and votive holders to put around our centerpieces at our wedding reception. The product was shipped quickly and arrived without any issues. The votives were exactly as the website represented. I was pleased with the entire transaction. "CL from IL 4/2/2014 "Good product(2" Floating Candles). Yes they really only burn - 4-4.5 hrs Would purchase again for future events. "SVEN from IL 3/25/2014 "Searched many stores for deep purple votive candles for the Lenten season in church. These were perfect!Glad I found your website! "The decorator! from MA 3/25/2014 "These votive cups are just what I wanted. They were cheaper than everyone else on the price, even with the shipping cost. They arrived in a few days and were unbroken. I am very pleased with the service, the product, and the price. "akh0085 from TN 3/25/2014 "I am using these (2" floating candles) for my centerpieces in my October wedding. They are exactly what I was looking for. They last long enough for an evening wedding and they are just the right size for my jars. I am extremely happy with them plus the price was great! "BrideToBe from WI 3/24/2014 "I was impressed at how quickly I received the two hurricane pillars after ordering, and they are exactly what I wanted. I wondered how glass items would arrive, but they were packed expertly and arrived safely. I have had similar ones for many, many years and one recently broke. I was delighted to find a company where I could replace them at a reasonable price. Thanks! "Gramma on Budget from VA 3/24/2014 "Excellent price, beautiful workmanship on the monogramming, very fast delivery. 2nd purchase from quick candles and couldn't be more pleased. "LL from PA 3/24/2014 "Terrific pricing on the votive candles/holders. Used them inside mason jars to make wedding lanterns. I mistakenly ordered Gardenia scented candles (meant to order the unscented pink votives) but am now very much enamored with the fragrance:) Every time I open the box, I'm pleasantly surprised and am sure my stepdaugher will be as well. "kfreed from CO 3/23/2014 "I ordered 30 (LED Pillar Candles) for my daughters wedding. They arrived quickly. Of the 30 one was damaged and one just didn't work. I called and received replacements within the week. Great Service. Would suggest this product for your decorative needs. "Mother of the Bride from SD 3/22/2014 "I ordered 36 cylinder vases and they all arrived fully intact, well packed, and in just 3 days!! These are great looking, high quality vases, at a very affordable price!! "BrideToBe from MN 3/22/2014 "I recently ordered votive candles and glass holders for favors at a bridal shower. They arrived quickly and in perfect condition. The candle holder was high quality- even more beautiful than expected! Price was right, too!! I will highly recommend Quick Candles to others and will definitely order again!! "Little Mem from NY 3/22/2014 "Love these candles and while I've ordered just about every scent - and really liked all of them, the Mulberry is my all time favorite. People who visit my house describe it as a "warm and rich, berry scent." It is. It's unmistakable Mulberry and the scent level is just perfect. From what I understand, these particular candles are used often as receptions where a level of scent is welcome, but not so much that the room shall be overwhelmed. It's exactly what I get with these candles. The smell is beautiful and very present, but it's at a level that is never too strong or offensive. Beautiful smelling, clean burning and extremely easy to clean up. Just love them. :) "Shanahan the Candle Burner from MA 3/18/2014 "We used them (2" floating candles) in our water fountain and they look great and last for the specified time. We were very happy and will order more in the future. Not to mention that the pricing was fair. "Ericka from TX 3/18/2014 "I am using these luminary bags to light up a dock. I am placing sand in the bottom so they don't blow away and placing a battery powered tea light inside. They look great!! And shipping was extremely fast. I ordered on Wednesday and they arrived Friday afternoon. Very pleased :) "manderz from FL 3/17/2014 "Perfect for usage in votive cups to keep the wax from sticking to the votive glass. I use them (extended burn tealights) everywhere for atmosphere at weddings. they burn a long time, and easy clean up. "maggie from AR 3/17/2014 "These wine glasses are great for the money and informal gatherings. Several arrived broken but I called your company and the probelm was resolved. The representative I dealt with (I believe Barbara) was wonderful and helpful. I will definitely use your company in the future. "Kim RC from NY 3/16/2014 "First, Quick Candles is a great company to order from. Great product. They arrived before the expected delivery date. I used the unscented floating candles. I used them in a centerpiece. I took a cylinder vase, put river rock in the bottom, stuck a silk Gerber daisy in the river rock, filled with water and floated the candle on top. It was very easy and fast. The candle lasted a very long time. "stitchwitch from MI 3/15/2014 "These candles (pink gardenia votive candles) have smelled up my entire kitchen, through the box!! They are going to be used for my daughter's upcoming bridal shower as favors in personalized votives. I haven't started making the favors yet but my kitchen smells fantastic!! Hmmm...maybe I will forget about using them as favors and keep them for myself, in the box, unlit!! I used one to see how it burned and smelled and it was just as stated. The candle kept permeating a smell the entire time it was lit. I even loved the price. Not even that cheap at Walmart and the color matches my daughter's wedding colors. I am snug as a bug in a rug with these wonderful votives. "The Favor Maker from IL 3/15/2014 "I was happy with the consistent size and quality of the floating candles. The size was perfect for my cylinder vases. Quick service too!! "Gator Mom from FL 3/15/2014 "This company never fails to amaze me. Their products are top notch, and always is packaged to perfection. Excellent experience dealing with this company and their products!!!! "Lou from PA 3/13/2014 "I never had better delivery service, felt like I just placed the order and there they were on my front porch. Customer Service needs to be commended along with all the staff who work so hard filling orders. Wedding will be extra special because of you. I would and will recommend you to everyone I know, just for everyday personal use and gifts, no special occassion to order from quick candles, although you will feel as though it is a special occassion every time you use quickcandles products. I would like to make some suggestions to see this company take things one step further. I love everything I have ordered so far and will be placing another order soon. Congratulations on what you do for your customers. I can honestly say I have never had a better online purchase experience. Thank You, everyone who plays a part in this. "The Wedding Planner from WI 3/11/2014 "These (clear cup tealights) were still burning approx 4.5 hours after lighting them. Unsure how long they would have lasted as we had to extinquish them due to other events. "mother of the bride from WI 3/11/2014 "We used these (blue chunky tealight holders) at my daughters wedding recetion. They are adorable and you can order a lot of them for little money. We had them all over the reception venue. "mother of the bride from WI 3/10/2014 "I ordered these (chalkboard votive holders) out of curiosity and was pleased. Have several events coming up; may use as favors at a baby shower (have the guests write birth predictions on them and take home). "Lisa from TX 3/8/2014 "We decorated the candles (pillar candles) as small Pascal Candles and gave them for donation to fellow parishioners at our church for Easter. Decorating with acrylic paints was quite easy and the candles were just the right size to give as gifts. Looking forward to working on these candles again this year. "Candle Artist from NY 3/6/2014 "We used these for my daughters wedding as gifts to the guests. The were the best price around for the quantity and the smell of vanilla was not overpowering but very pleasant. "Dawn from MI 3/5/2014 "Perfect! I have a large, iron 9-pin candelabra that requires 3x3 pillars and QuickCandles had the ideal pillars. Shipped SUPER fast and well-priced! I will be back, thank you! " BurningSensation from NY 3/5/2014 "We are using the candles as centerpieces for my daughter's wedding. They came well packaged, delivered timely and in good condition. Great price for cylinders and floating candles combined. " Mama Rabbit from CO 3/3/2014 "I love these candles (2" floating candles). I will be using them as centerpieces for my upcoming wedding. I did a test burn of one of the candles and it lasted 6.5 hours. I upgraded to the black candles are they are gorgeous. I'm very pleased with my purchase. "PG from OR 3/3/2014 "I needed these (colored votive holders) for a decorative piece I found in a vintage store, and they fit perfectly. The color is lovely and they seem to be very good quality. I will definitely buy again when I need more! "Jayescott from CA 3/1/2014 "Ordered a dozen of these (fuel cells) for a special 60th Anniversary Party. Purchased the oil filled votives to add a sense of ambience. The design was so nice that I ordered more. They look classy, yet industrial and very durable. You can't beat the price for the quality of this product. They will be used again and again, whether it's formal party or casual get together. Staff at quickcandles are truly customer oriented - love the purchase and the whole process of shopping here! "Fussy Fiona from OH 3/1/2014 "I purchased these votive candles to use in my centerpieces for my upcoming wedding. I had a really hard time finding unscented navy blue votives for a reasonable price and then I found this site. These were exactly what I wanted. The color and size is perfect for what I wanted. I've only taken a few out of the package as of now, because I don't want them to get messed up "The Girl from NC 2/28/2014 "Theses candles (votive candles and holders) were perfect for my wedding. Was able to put ribbon around the votives. For a very rustic look for my tables. I was able to save money by doing it myself. It was cheaper to buy theses on line then buying at a craft store. "Wedding day design from OH 2/26/2014 "Perfect color (yellow votive candles) with our maize and blue wedding colors. Burned the entire night and popped out of the votive holders for easy clean up. "Margie from MI 2/25/2014 "I used these candles (flameless LED tealights) in a frosted glass and in a dimly lit area and there were 8 to 10 on a table and you could not tell that they were not real candles burning as the flickering of the light was so real looking. I will use again and again, by the way this was used for a formal affair. "Lions from FL 2/25/2014 "My wife and I actually use these votive candles for homemade heaters to help cut our electrict bill down for winter months.On the average we get 10-12 hours out of these candles, a 3-5 hour improvement over other votives we've tried! "Kris from SD 2/20/2014 "Ordered this set (votive candles and votive holders) and received it within 3 days - everything was in perfect condition and the navy blue candles are absolutely beautiful. I will be using them at my wedding reception, I wanted to add a little more sparkle to the tables, and this is going to be perfect! "twonavyboyz from FL 2/20/2014 "The delivery of these votive candles couldn't have been better. We had an ice storm and the power went out. These candles provided a nice amount of light and some heat for a good amount of time. Some (6) of the candles arrived broken from shipping. Customer service was exceptionally quick to replace them with a package of 12. Couldn't be happier with both the candles and the customer service. " Al from SC 2/19/2014 "I'll order these (green vanilla lime votive candles) again and again. They smell lovely, burn for a long time and are so well priced. I just wish I'd discovered these a long time ago before spending on candles that don't last as long, and are more expensive. You NEED to use the proper votive holders, or they will spread out and won't burn properly, but the same applies for all votive candles, they do need votive holders. " Cobbychops from England 2/19/2014 "We ordered 13 bubble ball vases for our wedding center pieces and when we received them two of them were broken, all i did was call in and tell them and they sent out not only two more but they also threw in an extra one free of charge! i was very surprised and extremely pleased with there customer service, id definitely recommend! Thank you guys for your great products, and for making it easy! I wish more companies were more like you all! Thanks again "Peter Q from CA 2/18/2014 "Used the pillar candles on pillar candlesticks for a bridal shower. The products burned well, provided nice light and burned evenly and for the entire length of the shower. The price was very reasonable and I appreciated that they were sold in bulk quantities. Delivery was quick and I will return to this site for future needs. "Pink6163 from OH 2/17/2014 "I ordered these (flameless LED tealights and frosted holders) for my centerpieces and I am very happy with the product and service. The delivery was very quick. When i received my shipment, there were about 5 broken holders. I emailed customer service after hours, and I received an email confirmation along with the tracking for the replacements first thing the next day. Great service!!! " Happy Bride To Be from MI 2/16/2014 "I love these vases(Adena Hurricane Vases)!!! I ordered them for my April wedding and can't wait to use them. The design is so different and unique from the ones in the stores. The shipping was very quick i received them the same week i ordered them. I also love the price, I am a budget shopper and the prices worked out great. The packaging was outstanding, everything was in tact I will definitely order from quick candles in the future. Thanks so much " Budget Bride from GA 2/12/2014 "These (cylinder vases) were perfect for decorating at our Semi-formal dance! Perfect size for lights covered by water gels and ostrich feathers coming out of the top! Very heavy weight not cheap material even though the cost was so reasonable! Great value!! Online purchase was easy and shipping was quick! I couldn't have asked for better! "Kathy from MA 2/11/2014 "These votive candles burn down all the way so no messy residue to dig out of the votive cup. This is my second batch of 144 candles. I highly recommend these for anyone who likes to burn candles for the scent and ambience they provide. "Cheryl from KY 2/10/2014 "I used this (personalized blue votive holders) as the gift and table decoration for my daughter's Sweet 16. The product surpassed my expectations! The votive holders were sturdy, high quality, and just the right size. Delivery was very fast, and the product was personalized. This company stands behind its product. Everyone loved the votive holders and the votive candles. I have not used the candles yet, but they served the purpose I needed them for beautifully. Also best price on the market. "Kade from FL 2/10/2014 "This product (cylinder vases) came in exactly as described! Its perfect for the center pieces for my wedding and I have not found a better price anywhere. Every vase was intact when it arrived, nothing was broken or chipped. Thank you for the fast shipping and excellent product, I will definitely recommend to family and friends. " Nici from AZ 2/10/2014 "I'm very happy with these tea lights and have used them for numerous events. As a wedding and event planner I need quality products for my clients that look beautiful and provide the perfect decorative element. I found all that and more in these tea lights! " Blanca Bella Events from CA 2/8/2014 "I am having a beach themed wedding in August and this is perfect for my centerpieces! I ordered these bubble balls & the hurricane vases and my family and bridal party loved them! The price is incredible and they shipped wonderfully, nothing was broken! I am saving up money to buy pillar candles in a cylinder set so I will be ordering again very soon! Extremely happy with my purchase! :-) "Beach Girl from NJ 2/8/2014 "The red tea lights & frosted holders were used to accent our stage as we produced a Reader's Theater highlighting friendship and enlightening the audience in regards to HIV/AIDS. " Nabee18 from NJ 2/7/2014 "These votive holders were engraved for a Ball using a custom pdf design. We ordered a sample set first prior to placing the bulk order. They looked beautiful on the tables and were well received as a takeaway gift. Linda was wonderful to work with! She truly has a heart for helping her customers. Many thanks for your help! "Pat from KY 2/6/2014 "I've tried practically all of the Quick Candles scents, save the lavender and vanilla lime. I just ordered the Citrus Fruit candles and received them very quickly. Burning three for the first time, tonight, and they are lovely. The scent is unmistakeable, orange, and it's a light, pleasing scent. Not too strong, not too weak. I have a whole house full of cherry wood furniture, so needless to say, the smell is mingling with the scent of the wood. I think I may just be scented candle, bliss. :) They burn strong and slow and are a fantastic bargain for anyone who buys a lot of scented candles. "Shanahan the Candle Burner from MA 2/6/2014 "I purchased these votive candles to use in holders that I purchased as gifts for my daughters upcoming wedding. Perfect size and wonderful scent! They look wonderful in the votive holders! Received order very quick! Love them! "Michelle from OH 2/4/2014 "The pillar candles was exactly what I was looking for. They burned evenly and a few hardly had any candle Wax drip down along the sides . That's what I call a good candle. I look forward to purchasing more. The timing delivery wise Was quick and was packaged to my satisfaction ( someone cared enough) First purchase from this company. I look forward order again soon. Thank you "Shan from PA 2/3/2014 "We purchased these (luminary bags and tealight candles) for a Martin Luther King Day fundraiser. We encouraged community members to decorate the bags with peace signs, and then light their pathways as a sign of community solidarity. People loved the idea and we'll do it again next year! "Community Coalition from NJ 2/3/2014 "I used these glass flower pot votive candle holders for baby shower favor gifts filled with my own soy wax, wrapped in cello bags with beautiful ribbon. "Michele from WA 1/30/2014 "I purchased a box of Light Blue Tealight Candles Unscented Clear Cup Set of 50. I have used about half the box. They have all, 100% of the time, burned well and bright for at least 5 hours. I find them to be of very high quality. I will definately order more from here. On a scale of 1 to 10. They get a 10! "Jim from MO 1/27/2014 "I am so pleased with the quality of the glass cylinders and candles. Delivery was quick!! I will recommend this company to everyone! I will not hesitate to order from QuickCandles again. THANK YOU!! AMERICAN PRIDE IS DEFINITELY WHAT THIS COMPANY IS ALL ABOUT! "Mom of the bride from FL 1/25/2014 "I was happy with the quick turn-around time from order to delivery. I use votive candles and votive holders for a memorial service for those who have lost a child. The parents light the candle in front of a photo of their child, and at the end of the service they get the candle to take home. I need a good quick supplier for these candles and I am glad I found Quick Candles. "MAC from NJ 1/24/2014 "We use the battery operated candles in the opaque holders for our worship service. We were tired of cleaning voltifs but thought the battery ones would look fake. It was fun to watch people trying to blow them out after the service. Nice and safe and clean. So far, they have not burned out! "Betsy from FL 1/21/2014 "Makes an elegant centerpiece(Square Vase Set of 18). Add a mirror under the three, put a floating candle in the smallest. Add jeweled stones and a silk or fresh flower and water and the most beautiful centerpiece! "The florist from NW Illinois 1/17/2014 "I needed 1000 candles for prayer service and wanted to make sure the candle holder was not too hot to handle after two hours of candle burning. The representative I talked to was so kind. She tested two different candles in the holder for 2 hours for me, and let me know how it was to the touch. I placed the order without worrying whether the candles and their holders will be safe or not. The prayer service was beautiful with everyone holding the votive candles in the holders. "Trina from TX 1/10/2014 "Finally, a product that does what it promises! I used these (extended burn tealights) for an Open House (all 100 of them) as I have candle holders all over my house. Lit them at 5 PM & some were still burning at 1 AM. They really can't be used as a light source but are great for decorating & ambient lighting - they also do not get super hot like some tealights!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them & am ordering more! "broomstick9 from PA 1/8/2014 "I ordered 36 Glass Cylinders and Floating candles for my daughters upcoming wedding in June. Out of all of our wedding preparations this purchase by far was the most stress free! We received our order within 24 hours. The quality is excellent! No chips, breaks or flaws....not one!! We set up a display and lit the candles to test them out and it was beautiful! We are so pleased and excited about this product we are ordering 36 more to use in the Sanctuary during the Ceremony! I have several friends with daughter getting married in the next year and I will definetely share this information with them. T hank you Quick Candles! We love your products!. "Very Happy Mother of the Bride!! from AL 1/7/2014 "My husband and I used these vases as centerpieces for our wedding. We alternated them on every-other-table along with votive candle holders. Inside each vase we added twisted branches, filled with water, and set the floating candles on top. Then we tied ribbons in our colors around the outside. They added a nice warm glow and a personal touch to each table. :) Everyone loved them and they provided enough light and warmth for our tented reception. "Mrs. Awesome from NE 1/7/2014 "I bought these (LED tealights and frosted votive holders) candles for a winter wonderland baby shower I hosted. The candles were perfect they set the ambience I was seeking. They are easy to work with and to store away. They look very expensive. I received many compliments. "Rimone from CA 1/5/2014 "New Years Eve wedding. We are extremely detail oriented, and couldn't decide between the white or amber color. Went with the amber and it was gorgeous. Seriously had several people comment on the glow in the room. LOVE these LED tea lights. "Bride's mom from IL 1/4/2014 "Our daughter and new son-in-law (love saying that!) have been together since the 7th grade-we wanted everything to be perfect for their big day! We purchased and used 144 clear votive holders with 144 unscented votive candles, for their New Year's Eve wedding 12/31/13. They arrived a couple of days after we ordered.I was pleasantly surprised with the quick service. Our centerpieces were a cylinder vase containing iced branches,centered on a 12 inch round mirror. We placed 5 candles on the mirrors, around the vases and used the remainder throughout the room. It was absolutely stunning! I could not be more pleased with the quality and look that Quick candles helped us to achieve! "Jill & Joe <3 from MA 1/4/2014 "I ordered two boxes and several holders were broken in each box. I called the day I received them to report the breakage. The customer service representative did not question the breakage, ask for proof or return of items. Instead, she politely asked me how far out my event was, and promptly shipped me a new box! In today's customer " no service" atmosphere, I was absolutely thrilled. The new shipment arrived intact and the candles made my home's entry a warm and inviting place! A sincere thank you to all of you! "Companypartyhouse from FL 1/4/2014 "Bought these (scented votive candles) for the home. Burned about 3 per day for several days. Though they are a beautiful, floral and fresh scent, I got used to the smell after a few days so didn't realize how scented my house was until people starting complimenting on how "clean and pretty" my house always seems to smell. :) Great value. Great scent. It's mild, but it lingers. "Shanahan the Candle Burner from MA 1/2/2014 "The tealights always burn with consistency in time lasting. When I use one in each of my 3 salt lamps, they burn for almost 5 hours and "finish" at the same time! Excellent product quality and consistency. "Paulie from PA 1/2/2014 "I ordered votive candles to use in luminaries for our TWO church services. The price was right, they arrived quickly, and they lasted for both services. Plus, the sample book we received with our order has given us ideas for our 2014 Christmas party. Quick Candles, we will be ordering again! "Satisfied Customer from PA 1/1/2014 "I used these for a wedding, placing them in glass towers which were covered with lace in place of candles. They worked SO much better than candles, exactly as stated and avoided the wax cleanup that comes with candles. I will certainly use them for future events. The customer service was outstanding. They were friendly and made great effort to answer all my questions prior to my order. The fuel cells arrived within a few days and more than met my needs. I will highly recommend and use this company for future events. "Deb from IL 1/1/2014 "I purchased the tea lights for some candle holders that have beautiful colors and the brightness of the tea lights really shows through. They were perfect for my needs. The value and service were excellant. I had a couple of tea lights that didn't light for me and when notifying the company, they immediately shipped me replacements at no additional charge. That's what I call service. "Judy from IL 12/24/2013 "I bought these candles for my wedding. We were getting married in our backyard by the pool and we lined the candles alongside the pool with flowers in between the pillars. The result was beautiful. I was extremely pleased with the quality of the candles and the glass pillars. They looked exactly as they did online and arrived promptly. The price was exceptional as well. Had I tried to buy these pieces individually in stores it would have cost twice as much. I highly recommend this website and product. "New bride from CA 12/24/2013 "I ordered the flameless votives for my daughters engagement party.. The candles look wonderful high quality...the price was perfect and the delivery was so fast..I would HIGHLY recommend this company. And would definitely order from them again. "NANCY from NY 12/23/2013 "Used these (colored votiveS) to hold bayberry candles for teacher gifts. Great to buy this quality in bulk, at a great price. Will shop here again! "Braylon's Mom from PA 12/23/2013 "Purchased these (votives) for my upcoming wedding. can't find a better price anywhere & the quality is great. shipped extremely fast! also super convienent that it comes with the holder and the candle-lots of choices of styles also! we got vanilla scent & they smell amazing & really do burn for 10 hours, looking forward to the perfect romantic ambiance they will give at the reception:) "Nikki from MI 12/22/2013 "I'm preparing for my wedding and I'm using the votive vases to wrap bling mesh around them then placing led pink lights inside. I ordered a set of 12 vases first to check the quality and to see if the led lights would fit perfect inside which they did. The vases were awesome so I purchased over 100 more. "TT from NC 12/22/2013 "I use these (vigil candles) for Christmas Eve luminaries. On Christmas morning, they are still burning. What a beautiful sight in the early dawn. Glad I discovered this site. "Grammy4 from WV 12/21/2013 "We used the candles for a candle lighting ceremony. The amber glass votive holders and candles were the perfect touch to our ceremony! Our families appreciated bringing them home afterwards as well. Thanks to your customer service team who helped us over the phone...and very quick delivery! "PK Funeral Home from WI 12/21/2013 "Used these luminary bags along with the amber LED tealights to line my driveway for a Christmas Party. We put paving sand in sandwich baggies to weigh down each bag. Although it rained hard that night and some of the bags slumped over in the downpour, they were still intact the next morning. I look forward to using these again next year. "Cat from VA 12/20/2013 "Fast delivery and a good price. What else could a person ask for. "Mike from WI 12/20/2013 "I'm using these vases as centerpieces for my daughters destination wedding in May, 2014. We have crystals at the bottom of each with small orchids floating in water topped with white floating candles sitting on top of burlap runners and colored rose petals randomly on table top. The setting is absolutely beautiful as test run. Thank you Quick Candles for being part of this wonderful and amazing day coming! "Sunshine4You from TN 12/19/2013 "Great candles! Have been using for years. Lightning fast ship. They (extened burn tealights) are more pricey than your average candle, but when you burn them you will see it is money well spent!! I am a crafter who makes mosaic candle holders. Clean burn and especially bright flame is important to me. I use unscented white votives and the votive candle holder. I buy the 7 hour tealights then take them out of metal cup and put in plastic cups. Get a clear burn, long lasting tealight. "Becca from AL 12/19/2013 "The (votive) candles were incredible lined up in groups of 8 on columns in my loft. The most beautiful lighting for a party. So many of these candles come filled I did not expect to have 72 glass candle holders and have to fill them with 72 votive candles but the effect made up for the inconvenience. And I get to reuse them. "DowntownJack from CA 12/18/2013 "This is the best deal, not only for our budget but it (votive holders) is exactly what we were looking for. The perfect color and size for our guess table decoration. Customer Service is GREAT!!!! "Mom of 2 from FL 12/18/2013 "Quick candles has good quality vases, excellent service and fast delivery. Highly recommend. "Fran from MO 12/17/2013 "Ordered these (flameless tealights) for table decor at my daughter's Quinceanera. I haven't used them yet but they are perfect and will be much more safe than traditional candles. Shipping was super fast!! Love Quick Candles! "Quincemom from FL 12/17/2013 "I use them for my votive candle chadelier. It's romantic and also wonderful during the holidays! "Irishwitch from NY 12/16/2013 "We were so pleased to find the website, but I was skeptical about the speed shipping. But they came in the next day, and were beautiful. The price was perfect, and they were packed very carefully. I'm sold on Quick Candles!. "Happy buyer from CT 12/15/2013 "This was purchased as a gift. High quality name brand glasses. Absolutely the best price anywhere. Very fast delivery. Very pleased. "LL from PA 12/15/2013 "I bought the navy blue (deep purplish-navy), pink and white 2 & 3" pillars for our church advent decorations - much better and longer-lasting than the candles I previously bought at the craft store. The color is true all the way through and they burn clean. I put them in the glass cylinders (from Quickcandles) and they were perfect! Will order more in the future for weddings & other church occasions. "Church decorator from OH 12/14/2013 "Purchased (Pillar Candles) for Fireplace Candelabra. Came super quick & packed well. Looked beautiful placed in Candelabra. Burnt very clean, less smoke & MUCH less wax dripping in comparison to candles bought in local store. I keep wondering how they are able to burn so clean :-) So....Thank you so very much for GREAT candles & OUTSTANDING service at an AMAZING price!!! You have spoiled me! Won't even think about buying candles anywhere else since I found you! "Busy Lady from NY 12/14/2013 "As usual, customer service was A-1. Will continue to buy from Quick Candles. Thank you for your good service. A good product at a good price. "Jet from FL 12/13/2013 "Used (votive holders) for a company wide Employee Christmas party for 500. Beautiful but inexpensive. Good quality, super fast delivery! I will definitely order from them again! "Human Resources Mgr from AL 12/13/2013 "I am using these (cylinders) for the centerpieces for a wedding, and really you just can't beat the price, especially when the candles and included (white only). The design is attractive and good quality. These are aslo great because you can customize them by adding different items/color schemes. "Annie from MD 12/12/2013 "Versatile & Elegant for the holidays - used flowers/candle combination. "Love the holidays from FL 12/12/2013 "I bought the candles for my wedding and they burned all night. The color was perfect. If and when I need candles again I will buy them here. "Jessober from MN 12/11/2013 "When they say 7 hours they mean 7 hours. This is the best tea light around. I love them and Quick Candles has a customer for life! "Naye Naye from MD 12/11/2013 "Delivery was prompt and everything came in good condition. Good service and good quality candles. "Diane from PA 12/10/2013 "I ordered these votive candles and holders to use on tables for a company Christmas Party. They were perfect! They were lit for 7+ hours and still have a few more hours of wax left. I received the order within 2-3 days after ordering, items were packed very well, no damage at all. "Exec. Admin from WI 12/09/2013 "Happy with the (geometric) votiveholders that I matched it with the apple/cinnamon candles-just perfect! The holders were very elegant looking! I was impressed! Delivery was fast together with the candles. I will order again in the future. :) "Maria from NJ 12/09/2013 "I gave this (votive) as giveaway for patients in our office complete with the votive candle holder. Wrapped it in a cello wrap tied a ribbon on it and labeled with a holiday label and we have small but thoughtful and elegant looking give-away gift. Very happy with the purchase. Delivery by this company is super-fast! I was impressed! "Maria from NJ 12/08/2013 "Our small church is decorated for the Advent/Christmas season with fresh wreaths, garlands and light. We need scentless, long-lasting, beautiful candles. This is the answer. We placed the 2" floaters in cut-glass wine stems (with water). They look delicate and glow with the warmth of the season. Love the quality of these candles. Used QC pillar candles last year. All have been excellent choices. I'll be back! THANKS "Church Mouse from TN 12/08/2013 "I used these (votive) candles for the table names at an event I had for my son.I spelled out the name of each table using a votive candle for each letter. The candles gave the event room a warming glow and it was a creative way for table names. I got a lot of compliments on them and the great part is they are easily reusable. I found the idea on a Pinterest board. They came when they said they would and I called this company for more information and they helped me out a lot. The girl was very nice and helped me to order the right amount. "Alexis from AZ 12/07/2013 "I haven't used these yet but they are so cute. I'll be using them for several holidays throughout the year. "Trudy from NE 12/07/2013 "These candles were the perfect fit for the lanterns that lined the aisles at my daughters wedding. Although I do not beleive they are true 2" wide, they will get the job done for what we need them for! "Mom the wedding planner! from MA 12/06/2013 "A "friend" asked to have her last minute wedding at my home the day after Thanksgiving. She wanted "white candles everywhere", but expected me to purchase them. Quick Candles was the only part of my experience that was not stressful. Thank you for a beautiful product delivered to my doorstep in just a few short days. Thank you and Happy Holidays to all of the employees at Quick Candles. "The Help from NJ 12/06/2013 "I really like the glass cylinders and floating candles. They are going to look very nice on our rehearsal dinner tables. They were the most affordable I found online, shipping was fast, and everything was packaged well. I like the videos they have that show you different ways of using their products. Very good experience. "Patti from TX 12/05/2013 "These colorful votive holders were perfect! I bought them for a candelabra and now I can change them by season. "Mari from FL 12/04/2013 "I am using these tea lights in a "rocket warmer". They last for about 4 hours and keep our apartment warm. I am very pleased with the quality and performance of these candles. "Tuni from WA 12/03/2013 "Very nice selection of various scents and colors. I ordered them as a gift plus for my own use. We like them in the bathroom and in our den. "Barb homemaker from MI 12/03/2013 "We are using the (Navy Blue) candles for our Advent Wreath. We light a new candle each week. In four weeks we will have al four candles lit. The color is great because it is the same color on the inside of the candle. We love the candles because they are a reasonable price for the church "OSLC from WI 12/02/2013 "Very quick delivery. These (vigil candles) were ordered to use in centerpieces for my upcoming wedding. I have not used them as of yet, so no comment on the function of the candle. They are the right size for what I needed them for. All are in great condition. Was very surprised at how fast they were delivered. "April Bride from GA 12/01/2013 "I was very pleased with these vases. First off, it was a quick delivery and when I received them all the vases were in one piece... None were broken. Ordering glassware offline can be scary because of the delivery. These vases were just what I was looking for. I am using them for centerpieces at my wedding reception. They were a great price too! "Jules from IL 12/01/2013 "I ordered these (cylinders) for my wedding centerpieces. The shipment was fast. The ordering process was quick and painless. Thank you! "Likable Lilly from KA 11/30/2013 "Bought these (cylinders) as a decoration for a relative's anniversary party. They turned out great, and will be used for many other events in the future. "Krissy from FL 11/30/2013 "I previously wrote a review regarding an order of 12 pillar candles I purchased where 4 were received damaged. I had emailed the company and hadn't heard back. After receiving a personal phone call this morning from customer service, I did realize an email had been sent back, and had gone to my Spam folder. I was given the option of a refund or a replacement for my damaged candles. I purchase candles often from them & this is the first damaged order I have recieved and my first time dealing with customer service....after this experience, I am even more certain that I will be a loyal customer for years to come. You really cannot go wrong. The cost, quality and the customer service are the best I have found! "SweetSights from NC 11/29/2013 "This is a great (flameless) candle for the price. Beautiful, has a real candle appearance and made very well. A plus is that is comes with batteries. They look beautiful inside the glass hurricane lamp shades offered by Quick Candles. "Crafty Grandma from NJ 11/29/2013 "This (Hurricane Candle Lamp) is a great product to add ambience to a table setting. Beautiful and economical. Made well. You will not be disappointed. "Crafty Grandma from NJ 11/28/2013 "These (Adena Hurricanes) are amazing! So great for the price! I'm very excited about them. The shipping was quick and easy and everything arrived greatly packaged! "Meg from TX 11/27/2013 "I am using these (Blue Votive Holders) for the tables at my wedding. The color is beautiful, and they make a great accent. I love them! I really have no problems to report about them. "Annie from FL 11/27/2013 "Used the purple and pink candles for our Sunday School children to make advent wreaths. They were awesome. Children could easily handle the tea candles. Wish you made the flameless candles in tapers. We would definitely use those! Prompt immediate delivery -- loved this. "Sandy from GA 11/26/2013 "These (2x6 Pillar Candles) are great for what I needed them for. I am only using them for decoration. I did not measure properly so, I got the wrong size for my sconces. BUT, they still look great! Fast shipment too! Thank you! "HappyinBama from AL 11/26/2013 "Everything about your company was wonderful from the great pricing to the fast and reasonable shipping. I have recommended you to anyone who will listen. "Twrightmom from TN 11/25/2013 "Actually, we needed these (3x9 Pillar Candles) for our churches Advent Wreath and they are perfect. It was hard to find a dark blue candle with no scent and you had them! "Mark at RS from VA 11/25/2013 "Good value. Pretty easy to fold down, but it takes time. Looked beautiful along the driveway and walkway. I think I will be able to reuse the (luminary) bags at least one more time. "Shopper from FL 11/24/2013 "Love them (square holders). I put a latex magnolia stim, Water , filler at the bottom ,water and The candel and they look awesome ! "B from TX 11/24/2013 "This order was to supplement a prior one. Candles (3x3 Pillars) were used for my daughter's wedding. The color was great-matched her theme well. I used unscented ones because of allergies. The order arrived quickly after being placed. Would use this company again should I need a large amount of candles. "Mother of the Bride from NC 11/23/2013 "I would definitely recommend these (Floating Candles and Grande Holders)! Great price!! There were two that broke while shipping, I read reviews that they ship it to you at no extra charge to replace the broken ones, but I feel that we have enough as is. Very happy with this product ! "Bailey914 from CA 11/22/2013 "This (Pillar Candle) is a great product, the prices are very reasonable and we never run out of candles. The colors are fun and we use different colors for different seasons or party themes. Great value for the price! "Sue from CA 11/22/2013 "Excellent service, fast delivery. Perfect for our 50th Anniversary party. "John C from NY 11/21/2013 "Fast delivery and excellent product. We discovered a few days before the wedding the centerpiece candles had not been ordered...Quick Candles ssved the day. Clean burning and lasts for hours. We used the small pillars in mason jars along the walkways, and 3" floating in the tables. In addition, these were all shipped to our desert location when it was HOT and the candles arrived in perfect condition. "Hedyg from AZ 11/21/2013 "The Mia Bella votive candles need to burn in a snug fit votive holder and these work perfect. I bought them to display my votive's for sale at Mia Bella Life. "Mia Bella Life from AR 11/20/2013 "Used for my wedding. We placed them (square votive holder) in the window ledges and with the centerpieces. They are a small square. I loved them. "Mrs. Zima from MI 11/20/2013 "Quick Candles is always my GO TO for candle lighting when designing flowers and decor for weddings. High end quality at fantastic prices. Always well packed and shipped quickly! These floating candles in the 2" or 3" are the only ones I use because of their quality! "flowers by Alec Bings from CA 11/19/2013 "This transaction was easy and a good value. I particularly liked the quantity and size bundling options but mostly I appreciate the high-quality look of the candles themselves. Cheap products are rarely embraced. "texasgal66 from TX 11/19/2013 "The votive holders were just the touch that our restaurant needed to create the ambiance that we were looking for. Perfect for dinner tables and bar areas and even comes with adhesive to that you minimize the risk of knocking them over. The small drawback is that they're difficult to clean when wax spills inside of them, but that's definitely negligible. Love it!! "Look at Me from WA 11/18/2013 "I will be using these (votives) for my upcoming wedding. They were shipped quickly, are in great condition, and are a high quality! I highly recommend them! "Corrie from IL 11/18/2013 "I created hooks to loop around these (flower pot votive holders) and hang on my trellises I have in our backyard. They look perfect and arrived in less than three days! "RDZ from FL 11/17/2013 "I decided to do a test on the 7-hour votives. I put out 10 candles - 5 the 7-votive and 5 the ones I have been using. At 7 hours 4 of the 7-hour were still burning (the other one may have just gone out) all of my regular had gone out! I do think the 7-hour has a dimmer light. "Sunflower Gal from UT 11/17/2013 "Great (monogrammed stemless) glasses for the price. We are washing them in the dishwasher with no problems. "Ian from ID 11/16/2013 "I love doing business with a company that won't let me down. They send exactly what you order and the candles are the quality you expect. Your order comes so fast it's always a surprise no matter how many times it happens. I've ordered floating candles and pillars and cylinders...everything is great quality at a great price. No need to shop around. This is the place to get what you need for your home or your special events and I host some very nice events! I also loaned some of my candles and cylinders to my mom for her class reunion and she added some votives to make beautiful table decor that blew everyone away. Everyone asked her to decorate the tables at the next reunion! "Party planner from TN 11/16/2013 "Fast delivery and excellent product. We discovered a few days before the wedding the centerpiece candles had not been ordered...Quick Candles saved the day. Clean burning and lasts for hours. We used the small pillars in mason jars along the walkways, and 3" floating in the tables. In addition, these were all shipped to our desert location when it was HOT and the candles arrived in perfect condition. "Hedyg from AZ 11/15/2013 "Great to find candles with color that are unscented. Delivery so quick! "Mary from IL 11/14/2013 "This is the second time ordering votive candles for a wedding reception. My pet peeve is candles that burn out during a reception. These candles are fantastic!! Could not be more pleased with the quality of these votives! "Liz from IL 11/14/2013 "A great basic (tealights) to have out in groups to light an area. I have some long boat type candle holders that can take 15 of these in a line. I always have them on hand. They last longer than cheeper versions which means less tending at parties. "Ghost 11/13/2013 "I use these (votives) most nights in some mirrored cylinders that double the light. They add a warm glow that is and relaxing . I also like the idea that if an emergency happened, and I need to use candles, these are on hand. "Ghost 11/13/2013 "Great (votive holders) for a romantic evening. As always Quick Candles service was awesome. "RLM from NY 11/12/2013 "The 3 (frosted) candle holders are part of the centerpiece for a christening. With the floating candles lit it gives the room a soft subtle ambiance. "Nanda from NJ 11/11/2013 "Will use at a wedding on the reception tables. Perfect in-between size. Not too small, like votive holders and not too large, like the regular cylinder candle holders. "Vision Expressions from GA 11/11/2013 "These (votives) are going to be used for my daughter's wedding table center pieces in canning jars. We will be putting them in a glass votive holder so they will burn longer. Without the holder the candles melt and spread so don't last the 10 hours. They will look great on the tables and in the open fireplace setup at the hall. I would definitely by them again. "Vmacaroni from NY 11/10/2013 "I bought these (Pillar Candles) along with the matching vase set. They were absolutely beautiful together. The color was perfect. Some unscented candles still have a scent when lit, these didn't which was perfect for me. "Writerchick from OH 11/9/2013 "I ordered these (Pillar) candles for my wedding in November. I used them in lanterns for the centerpieces. They burned beautifully and, as promised, were scent free. They arrived very quickly and in perfect condition. I would definitely recommend. I searched everywhere possible, and this was the best deal. "Bearslayerwife from NY 11/9/2013 "I haven't used them yet, they are for a wedding but they are the color I wanted and fit perfectly and came quickly. "Dial from NJ 11/8/2013 "I live on an isolated ranch and completely "off the grid" with a reliance on solar and wind power. During winter, with shorter and sometimes cloudy days, I often end up with my power going out by 4 am. I keep two votives burning as night lights so I don't wake up in total darkness. Their light is very comforting as is the fragrance. It's also very practical for my situation. "Far Dareis Mai from AZ 11/8/2013 "I received my product in 2 business days just like they said I would. I ordered 72 cylinders and 72 candles for my upcoming wedding and all the items were packed to perfection. I have looked and looked for the best price I could get since I was ordering a large quantity and Quick Candles had the best price by far! I'm very satisfied with my product and I highly recommended their business. "Carrie from KY 11/7/2013 "I'm "off grid" and rely on wind and solar power. In winter, I will sometimes exhaust my batteries and end up in the dark until sunrise. I burn two votives every night to insure that if I wake up in the dark, there is light. Otherwise, I can wake up to pitch blackness. I also just enjoy the gentle ambiance and pleasant scent. I like to read my Kindle by candle light as well. Great product and great value. "Far Dareis Mai from AZ 11/6/2013 "Very pleased with the quality of candles ordered. Excellent customer service! "Becky from KY 11/6/2013 "I have ordered from Quick Candles specifically because we love that the candle burns down completely, no odor, and the ambience from the long burning 7 hour tea lights are perfect for the long winter nights. We are very pleased with the "quick" shipping as well. We also like the savings by buying more in bulk. "Little Stitch from NY 11/5/2013 "I got these (votives) for my wedding. They were on the smaller side, but not so small that they looked cheap. The color (yellow) was exactly what it showed on the internet. I had had a hard time matching yellows for other things, but these were perfectly represented. At first I was worried about burn time. I lit one as a test and it was almost burned out after 2 hours...but then it kept burning and burning...plenty of burn time for my 5 hour reception, even though they got small quickly. "THG from NY 11/5/2013 "I got these (wine glasses) as a gift for a friend and liked the way they looked so much I bought them for myself. The monogram adds an extra touch to everyday wine glasses and I have gotten lots of compliments on them. They are dishwasher safe so I don't hesitate to use them. The reasonable price ensures I will be giving them as a present again! "Barbara the best shopper from GA 11/4/2013 "I use the tea light candles for my aroma therapy set. The lit candle and the heated Lavender oil mixed in the small bowl of water bring a nice softness and fragrance to the living room and lasts up to 4 hours. For a little candle, that's just right for me. If I burn 2 tea light candles per night, the box of 125 candles will last me 63 days and that's another plus in my favor. Once you set the candle in it's place and light it, try not to move the candle again as the tin base gets warmer as the candle melts inside it." "Mark from WA 11/3/2013 "I'll be using these (monogrammed votives) as Wedding Favors & to provide ambiance to my Wedding Reception" "THE Bride from AZ 11/3/2013 "I purchased the votive holders for my daughter's wedding reception. We needed over 200 of them so I did quite a bit of shopping around before my purchase. No need to waste anymore time looking for the best quality, price, and quick service.....This is the place!" "Mother of the Bride from NE 11/2/2013 "The square votive candle holders were a little smaller than I anticipated. However, they were perfect for the occasion and purpose they were purchased for, as well as reasonably priced. I scattered them all over my outdoor reception tables and lit most of the candles. Looked amazing and fit perfect with my theme of "A night under the stars!" "Kiki from OH 11/2/2013 "I bought the (votive) candles for my wedding reception, I haven't used them yet, my wedding is the 29th of November but the color fuchsia is exactly what I wanted and they look beautiful, I can't wait to see it all together on the table at the wedding. "Em from NJ 11/1/2013 "Product shipped quickly and thy were all in good shape. No complaints. Best prices I could find. "Greg from SC 11/1/2013 "This candle is smaller in size but burns for 10 hours as stated , I was amazed & the fragrance is lovely I will pass the word on to everyone to get their candles here. "Leapin Lizzard from NM