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Customer Testimonials

Quick Candles is fanatical about customer service. We offer wholesale pricing but we have boutique quality customer service.

How do we do it?

  • Friendly, helpful customer service professionals, available toll free at 1-800-928-6175.
  • Hand picking, professional packing and Same Day Shipping in our warehouse.
  • Fast, FedEx Delivery right to your door.
  • After sale support, including our famous Easy Returns.

Read what just a few of our customers have to say about us. We would love to hear from you, too.Quick Candles, the home of Quality Products and Quick Shipping!

10/31/2012 "The candles were ordered as part of a favor for a baby shower. They came early which was great and they were exacly like the pictures on the site. Great!!! " Bmoore from MD
10/31/2012 "Used these candles as part of our centerpieces for our wedding and could not be more pleased with how they looked. The frosted glass added an elegant touch and the flameless lights worked perfectly with the facility's no open flame policy. Also, we were unsure when we ordered if the lights flickered like a real flame, but they DO and they look amazing! Definitely will be using these again! " Mike the Married Man from NJ
10/30/2012 "They (personalized square votives) were perfect gifts for our 20th year class reunion. Everyone loved them! Thanks! " The reunion planner from TX
10/29/2012 "We used these (flameless LED tealights and frosted holders) at my daughter's outdoor wedding in October. I also purchased the 72 pc set for the wedding. The fire danger was too high to allow using any open flames. We received these quickly and all were in working order. They were used on each table at the outdoor reception, three around each centerpiece and looked lovely. Now I have 84 of these tea lights and I plan on giving them to my daughters and daughter-in-laws for gifts! " Happy Mother of the Bride from WA
10/29/2012 "We ordered these (frosted) hurricanes with for our wedding because we aren't allowed to have actual candles, but we wanted the ambiance. I read other reviews that said the flameless candles worked well with these, so I ordered 48 of each. When they arrived I was impressed with the way the items were packed, how quickly they arrived, and the quality of the product. The price was amazing and I'm so happy I took a chance on these. So often Internet ordering isn't this gratifying. " Laura from CA
10/28/2012 "I have absolutely no problems with my order. It was delivered in two days, nice packaging. no breakage, and best of all the candles (ivory) worked perfectly. They were lit at 6 and were still glowing at midnight. I actually ordered too many, kind of on purpose in case we needed them somewhere else, and sure enough, two weeks later we used them on high top tables at my grandson's engagement party. " Mary
10/28/2012 "I am getting married in December and have bought 150 candles to be lit up all over for our ceremony and reception. They will also be used as my center pieces. I searched and searched all over for candles that were good quality and were cheap; I found Quick Candles and although when I bought the candles in bulk they were not the size I wanted I bough candle holders to make them look like they were bigger than what they were. I am very pleased with quick candles and will use them again in the future! " Andi from NE
10/27/2012 "I needed to find some square tealights for my wedding decorations and I also needed to have a large number of them. These were exactly what I needed because they matched with my square vases I was already using. They came in very quickly and they were made very well. " Monica from TX
10/27/2012 "I purchased these pillar candles in their glass holders for my daughter's wedding reception. The 3 different sizes were used together for the centerpiece on each table. I thought the price was very good. They arrived quickly and none were damaged. They are very durable and burned slowly. I was happy that they were unscented, since we were using so many of them. I was extremely happy with the product and would recommend them. " Wedding Mom from MD
10/26/2012 "I purchased these candles to decorate my wedding reception. They were exactly what I was looking for at the price I needed and quick delivery. They were securely packaged so they all arrived in perfect condition. I couldn't have been happier with the product or service. Thanks Quick Candles for helping to make our wedding picture perfect! " Kristine the Bride from FL
10/26/2012 "I bought these (tealight holders) to use as favors for my wedding. I bought small custom favor boxes that people usually put candy in however, I used the boxes to put a candle in. I bought the vanilla scented tea lights from this company along with these holders and they were a perfect fit for the small boxes I ordered. I then bought small custom stickers to place on the candle holders with our names and wedding date. I can't wait for my guests to open their little favor boxes! " Jen from TX
10/25/2012 "I really loved these (Petite Hurricane Votive Holder)! I ordered them for my wedding and they are just lovely! I can't wait to use them! Some other reviewers mentioned that they were uneven on the inside however, the order included little stickeys to help keep the candles in place although I don't think they even need them. " Jen from TX
10/25/2012 "We used 144 of these (tealight) candles at our son's wedding reception. They worked perfectly. They were sitting on a small ledge above beadboard paneling and looked very nice. These candles were high quality. I will do business with Quick Candles again. Our experience was again, perfect. " Buck from SC
10/24/2012 "I ordered these vases to use as centerpieces for my wedding reception. They shipped really fast and the vases were great quality. Exactly what I needed. The service, ordering, and delivery for really easy to use and convenient! " Budget Bride from LA
10/24/2012 "I am an avid candle burner and I will always buy these candles. I used to have to run to the store every time I ran out and now they are delivered speedy right to my door. " Carmen from NC
10/23/2012 "We used these in the table decorations at my daughters wedding. They worked perfectly. The delivery was very fast & the product was just what we expected. Great value! " CP from ND
10/23/2012 "I used these with silk orchids, filled with water, and added the floating candle at the top. They were spread across 6ft tables at our wedding reception and created a beautiful and expensive looking table scape. These were exactly what we were looking for. Several guests took them home and are using them as home decor! I highly recommend these " Melanie from IL
10/22/2012 "We bought these candles for our wedding and they look great. Definitely worth the reasonable price :) " Our Wedding from CA
10/22/2012 "I ordered these (votive) candles for my daughter's October wedding. They burned very nicely for the reception, dinner and dance. The shipping was excellent. I would recomend Quick Candles to anybody in the need of candles at a great price, long burning and quick shipping. " Decor from ND
10/21/2012 "We used these (floating) candles in our centerpieces at my daughter's wedding...they lasted through the whole reception. Would definitely buy from Quick Candles again. Received them very quickly after sending in my order. " Cindy from OH
10/21/2012 "We bought these (cylinders) as a sample for wedding table decor. They are perfect, we placed an order for more. Very nice size and quality. " Laurie from AZ
10/20/2012 "We used these votives along with candle holders from Quick Candles for my daughter's wedding and reception. I was really curious about whether they lasted as long as they claimed(10 hours)so I tested one beforehand. After 10 hours the candle still had some burn time left!Products arrived in a timely fashion and nothing was broken. I would highly recommend these candles to anyone. A good price too. I love the fact that they are products of the USA. Quick Candles you rock! " Happy Mother of the Bride from IN
10/20/2012 "We used the floating candles for my daughter's wedding reception decorations. The size was perfect for our vases and the color was great. " Mother-of-the-Bride from Omaha
10/19/2012 "I love that you get a better deal the more you buy. I really like using these all over my home. Delivered quickly and they were well packaged. " Fairy Fancy from VA
10/19/2012 "I ordered votive holders and candles for my daughter's wedding. A week before the wedding I discovered half of my order had been sent in frosted instead of clear votive holders. The customer service person sent the correct items immediately and they arrived 24 hours later. The candles burned throughout the afternoon and evening and were perfect for the reception! " lktb from WI
10/18/2012 "I used this product (square personalized holder) for my sonís rehearsal dinner. I had them engraved with the wedding date. Each place setting had a votive and had the wedding party take one home after the dinner. Everyone who attended was impressed! " JEN from AZ
10/18/2012 "I ordered the ivory floating candles for a wedding, this was on a Thursday and I was very surprise that it was on my porch on a Saturday. Once I used the floating candles everyone was blown away how they look and the length of the time. I recommend this product to anyone that want to put a glow to their event. Thanks Quick Candles. You have the perfect name for your business. " Stylish from GA
10/17/2012 "I purchased 6 sets of the cylinder pillar vases (set of 3) without the candles. I just love them. I needed them for centerpieces for my son's groom dinner. I didn't need the candles so was happy to find that I could just buy the vases. They came very quickly, they are very attractive, not a one was broken, and I couldn't be happier with how smoothly the service and delivery was. I would recommend these to anyone. " Tam from SD
10/17/2012 "Purchased 30 of these (Lustrous Leaf Copper-Finish Bottle Stoppers) for an engagement party for my son and his fiancee. It was a fall theme, and these bottle stoppers were perfect!! I received many compliments for the uniqueness of my selection. Placed in a basket, as you can see, they were just lovely. I also want to comment on the customer service experience I had when I placed my order, so very accommodating and so pleasant. Thank you. Would highly recommend this site. " Josie from NJ
10/16/2012 "I have been looking for ages for this color - a vibrant gold/yellow! The ones that I found weren't nearly the quality and cost 3 X more! I received them so quickly that I was surprised. I am so pleased that I will continue to buy from Quick Candle and have told my friends and family about this great find. " Prissymt from SC
10/15/2012 "We bought these (votive candles) for a big birthday bash, to add ambiance to the tables/centerpieces and colorful accents to the food displays. We purchased from Quick Candles for the price, and were delighted to find that the quality was excellent! Shipping was speedy, the packaging was sturdy, and the candles were beautiful (we ordered hot pink with unscented white candles). We were hoping to get 4 hours of burn time from the candles (perhaps a bit more if we stored them in a freezer before the event) and were again delighted by a solid 7 hours each, no freezer required! I plan to add these delightful candles to any future event I plan. " Carolyn from MA
10/15/2012 "I purchased four of these (Adena Pedestal Vases) to use as short centerpieces for a Christmas potluck. The pedestal is high enough to accommodate a flower ring around the bottom. Good quality for the price. I'd definitely buy from Quick Candles again. And their service and delivery is super-speedy. " Shay Rae Today from MI
10/14/2012 "Was a little nervous at first with the cost being a little more than reasonable....but i tested them (votive candles) before my wedding this weekend and they truly burned 10 hours!!! so excited to see them all lit up this weekend. GREAT PRODUCT QUICK DELIVERY.....overall AWESOME!! " A soon to be bride from NE
10/14/2012 "We used these (3x6 Black Pillar Candle) for decoration at a wedding reception and received many compliments about their uniqueness and elegance. " Mother of the Groom from WV
10/13/2012 "I ordered these (2" floating candles) for my niece's wedding since there was virtually no money in her budget and we were cutting as many corners as possible. These floaters were exactly what we needed and fit in mason and jelly cars perfectly to create a wonderful experience at the reception. We chose unscented candles due to aroma from all the flowers and hoping not to set off any guests with allergies or asthma. Now I want some for the house! I would and will buy them again. They were still burning at 5 hours. " Vellen64 from CO
10/13/2012 "I used these (petite hurricane holder) to go around our centerpieces at our wedding. They are small and perfect for votives. I will be giving some away as gifts for sure! Not one broke either when shipped! They were packaged very well. Thank you! " KGridley from WI
10/12/2012 "I used these (floating) candles at different heights in cylinders with water for my reception and it created a beautiful ambiance and low lighting which was exactly what I wanted. I also had some of the smaller purple tea lights (my colors were navy and purple) and they complimented each other wonderfully. I wouldn't use these for your only lighting as I don't think they would put off quite enough light but for my purposes they were perfect! HINT: if you'll be using many candles, get unscented because a lot of scented candles can be overwhelming (especially in a smaller space). " Nicole the bride from IN
10/11/2012 "To get the best burn from these (3" floating) candles be sure to trim the wicks to 1/4 inch or a little less. I actually timed burning this candle at home before I purchased a larger amount and it will burn at least a steady 8 hours (and there was still some candle left). So it will work just great for the wedding reception center pieces. " Mother of the Bride from WI
10/11/2012 "Too get the long burn time out of these small votive candles they must be burned in a glass votive holder - the more compact the better. I needed 8 hours of burn time and the candle exceeded that. We will be using them to decorate a wedding reception. One warning though, the glass votives get very hot! " Mother of the Bride from WI
10/10/2012 "Bought (personalized square holders) them as presents to our guests. Filled a clear sachet with red jelly beans (we live across the freeway from Jelly Belly HQ) and placed inside holder. The red red showed off the white engraving. The effect was nice. " Debbie - Mom of the bride from TX
10/10/2012 "My daughter wanted a frosted votive for her wedding so you could not see the actual LED tealight. These were PERFECT! I received the order sooner than expected. All 72 votives were in perfect condition - none broken. All 72 tealights worked. They made for a perfect decor on the tables for the reception. I would highly recommend these to anyone for your wedding. " Debbie - Mom of the bride from TX
10/09/2012 "I purchased these beautiful floating candles for my daughter's 15th birthday (Quincianera)and they looked just beautiful. They made my centerpieces stand out. " DMar from IL
10/09/2012 "I had been trying to find black candles locally with no luck,and my wedding was two weeks away. While searching online I found Quick Candles, the price was amazing and the fact that they would ship right away made me decide to try them. I was very impressed that they totally delivered what was promised, they shipped the same day and I received them within a couple days. They burned throughout the reception. I have already recommended them to several friends. " Elaine from IN
10/08/2012 "We used the votives for an anniversary celebration the color was perfect and the light was great. I will definitely order from you again for our next occasion. " Pat from NY
10/08/2012 "I would highly recommend both the company and the product! The customer service was excellent and we are all very proud of our wedding favors! Finding something nice and economical for 200 guests is a bit challenging- We are so glad we found quick candles!!!! I even saved the brochure for our next wedding! " Leanie from PA
10/07/2012 "I used these (144 votives and holders) for wedding favors and they were perfect! The cost fit our tight budget perfectly. They were delivered promptly with low shipping and nothing was broken or messed up. " Karen the Crafter from CA
10/07/2012 "The delivery was really fast, I received the items a few days after I ordered them. I ordered the cylindar vases for centerpieces for my wedding and they were more than I could've hoped for. The quality is great and the floating candles look beautiful. I filled them with marbles, and used silk orchids in each with the candle on top. The centerpieces came out great! " Reecie from NY
10/06/2012 "We used these (extended burn) tealights at my daughters wedding just this past week-end. About 475 tealights, if you can imagine. They were just as promised and lasted 6+ hours. May have lasted longer, but that's all we needed them for. " Tia from TX
10/06/2012 "These (floating) candles were used in centerpieces at a formal, evening dinner meeting and added so much to the ambiance and tone of the night. They burned for several hours and I will definitely order these candles again. " Satisfied Customer from CO
10/05/2012 "We needed candles for our wedding/reception and were impressed with the price, product, and timeliness of the delivery. We will definitely be using Quick Candles again. " Carrie now with a new married name from MO
10/05/2012 "I can always rely on Quick Candles to fill my orders promptly and efficiently. Good prices. " Kathy the florist from Perry hall md
10/04/2012 "I used as an additional candle for table centerpieces at a wedding reception. I used 4 around a round cylinder filled with green apples & apple blossoms. Just beautiful. The 4 candles really light up the apple centerpiece! " Grandma from NY
10/03/2012 "I ordered this (monogrammed cylinder) as a unity candle for my wedding. It was easy to order, delivered very quickly and exceeded all my expectations. Great value and we plan to use it as a vase after the wedding. " Bride to be from WI
10/03/2012 "We used these (monogrammed) cylinders as centerpieces for my son and fiance's wedding. The cylinders were elegant and attractive. They were inexpensive and shipped within a matter of days. Excellent service and an excellent product by far! " Stitch Gal from PA
10/02/2012 "I ordered votive holders a week before my wedding. Processing and shipping was prompt as promised, and delivery exactly when predicted. Thank you so much for these quality products and I will definitely order again and recommend to a friend. " Maureen the nursing supervisor from Slatersville R.I.
10/02/2012 "I have a while before my wedding but the votive candles and holders I've already purchased came super quick! The holders are nice and sturdy and the candles look great! Because these are great, I'm ready to order my floating candles. I'm ahead of schedule and delivery is fast so I don't expect to sit on pins and needles waiting...that's not what any bride needs or wants! " Happy Bride-to-Be from GA
10/01/2012 "This web site was great for my needs. I am having a rehearsal dinner and found the prices great. Price break from a store purchase. Everything arrived quickly and intact. I will use this company again. " Carol from CA
10/01/2012 "I ordered these ( LED tealights) for my daughter's upcoming Wedding at the end of this month. These are much *brighter* than I had anticipated. Absolutely LOVE them and cant wait to use them!! Arrived to my house in 2 days!! " Barbara from PA
09/29/2012 "These floating candles were exactly what I expected. We used them in cylindar vases at my wedding, and they lasted all night long - about 5 hours! They would have lasted longer, but the reception was over. They were perfect for what I was using them for. They would make a nice decoration and ambiance in your own home also. " Brittany from MA
09/29/2012 "We used these for a wedding reception. Burned clean and long lasting. The candles were still going strong at the end of the night. Excellent candles. Very fast shipping. " Mom of the bride from IN
09/28/2012 "Hello! I received my candle order in perfect condition and I loved the colors! The order I placed was for my daughter in laws Bridal Shower in August and the floating candles were wonderful! I had the purple candles in the candelabra they burned beautifully and glad you offer candles unscented. We had a few guests that are sensitive to scented things and they were perfect! I used the rest for the Rehearsal Dinner last week (9/21) and again they burned for the entire time and none burned out or too quickly! I will definitely spread the word about your candles! I am so glad my friend recommended you after he 50th Anniversary Party for her parents in April 2012. No question! I will be ordering from you again in the future! Keep up the great work ! But the best part is your candles are made here in America and keeping Americans employed! THANK YOU!! " Karen from NY
09/29/2012 "Came through rapidly as promised. Ordered for a wedding. The green was pictured in a truer shade than any other product we ordered." Grandma Bev from IN
09/29/2012 "We used these for centerpieces at my daughter's wedding. The vases came very neatly packed and it looked wonderful once we set it up!" Mary from AL
09/28/2012 "Hi, I can not review the candles I ordered because we haven't used them yet, but I want to tell you how pleased I am with your customer service. I ordered candles for my daughter's wedding , original order #238254. FedEx said they left them at my front door but that was not the case. I tried for a week to have them track the candles with no satisfaction. Your customer service agent Laura Mazzola was wonderful and immediately replaced them. I will always order from Quick Candles and recommend you to my friends." Dana
09/27/2012 "You are an outstanding company to deal with. Although there were some shipping issues I received quick resolution and prompt and courteous response. I would definitely do business with Quick Candles again and would encourage others to use this company." Happy Customer
09/26/2012 "I purchased three sets of these pillar candles for my upcoming wedding. They are perfect for the centerpieces, as well as a great deal! We are doing our best to put on a wedding on a very tight budget, and these candles did the trick. I also ordered a large quantity of the round votives and square votive holders to add to the centerpieces. Love Quick Candles!" Steph from IA
09/26/2012 "I am pleased with the product. The (monogrammed) votive holders and candles arrived quickly and in good shape. None were broken in transit. They look really nice." Mimi Sue from AR
09/25/2012 "I used these tealights as part of the table decorations for my daughter's wedding reception. They were beautiful and relatively inexpensive, which was important since I needed such a large quantity. I was concerned that they might not last through the entire 4 hour reception, but I don't believe a single one burned completely out." MOB from GA
09/25/2012 "We haven't used our candles yet but they are going to be perfect!! We are using them as reception decor. Quick Candles saved us a TON of money!!!" Heather, the "budget friendly" bride from IN
09/24/2012 "I bought these (Hurricane Vases) to use as a centerpiece at a Rehearsal dinner and they worked perfectly. The monogramming is elegant." Isobel from VA
09/24/2012 "I ordered these for my daughter's wedding in November the Amber glow when the candle is lit is really beautiful. We tried one of the votives and it burned more than 10 hours! Very quick delivery. Just a pleasure to order from." Cindy from TX
09/23/2012 "I used these (flameless tealight) candles to put in small votive cups for an accent to centerpieces for a class reunion, and they provided exactly the touch I was looking for! Safe, easy to use, no cleanup required, and attractive! Will definitely use them again!" JoanieNTX from TX
09/23/2012 "I ordered (votive) candles for an outdoor birthday party that we had for my parents. I was a little last minute with my order but the candles and holders all came within days and were packaged such that they were all in perfect condition. The weather was particularly windy during the party but as the sun went down, we lit the candles and they were deep enough in the holders that they stayed lit. They lasted a long time and i will be able to use them again in the future. Overall my experience with Quick Candles was exceptional and I will definitely keep them in mind for future needs." Deb from MA
09/22/2012 "If you are looking for quality and service, buy from this company. I spent a lot of time researching before I bought, and I was not disappointed." The Wedding Planner from SC
09/22/2012 "I purchased these (floating) candles for centerpieces at my daughter's wedding. The wedding isn't until next year, so I haven't burned any of them yet, but after searching the internet and local retail venues, these were by far the best price. The candles are the perfect size for the vases we are using and the shipping was incredibly quick." Julie, the Mom of the bride from WI
09/21/2012 "These look great and will be perfect for our wedding. I was most impressed that 72 candles and votives were shipped to New York City and everything was intact! I was sure something was going to break in transit but was so pleased to find that wasn't the case." Natalia from NY
09/21/2012 "I havent used them (tealights) yet they are for my wedding next year however i took them out to test the product and everything seems great, packaged great, and really fast shipping." Shell from MI
09/20/2012 "I just hosted my son's outdoor, sit-down, formal rehearsal dinner in SC and I purchased 144 of the Citronella Votives. They were for 7, 60" round tables and I used them with the frosted votive glasses. They were beautiful! The problem is I had to pull 1/2 of them off the tables and ended up with about 10-12 on each table. The scent became overwhelming when all 20 were on each table. It worked out great in the end but if you want to use a lot of candles on the table only use 1/2 of them with citronella and half without a scent. They kept the bugs away and we blew them out after 7 hours with plenty of candle left to burn!" J-Byrd from SC
09/19/2012 "I purchased these candles for decoration at the reception hall for my wedding. My colors were navy blue (I also purchased some floating candles in this color) and orchid purple or fuchsia. I chose these candles to go along with the purple color scheme and they worked out almost perfectly. Though they did seem to burn a little more red than I preferred, no one seemed to notice but me and the ambiance and decoration was beautiful. The candles lasted all night, didn't have a scent (which was perfect because you don't realize how much fragrance a lot of little candles can put off), and gave off the perfect amount of light for the effect I was going for (I wasn't using them for lighting but just for ambiance). The only con was that each individual candle had to be contained in glass, per the rules of the establishment which is apparently pretty common, so I had to purchase glass holders for each candle separately. Other than that, these candles, and this site is definitely recommended for budget shoppers looking for a great quality product!" Nicole the bride from IN
09/19/2012 "Really great vases! Quick shipping-and well packaged to ensure nothing would break! Will order only from Quick!" MelMcD from MI
09/18/2012 "I bought these for our daughter's upcoming wedding. The glass holders looked great; but when I opened the candles, they were defective in that there were bits of wax flaking off the candles themselves. I called customer service the next business day [and got a human very quickly!] and explained the problem. I was sent a new package of the 72 candles--no questions asked! Also, I didn't have to return the defective ones. I received the new batch within a couple of days and they were perfect! And as requsted, I tried out one of the flaking candles--it burned just fine. So between the overall product quality[candles and glass holders] and the amazing customer service--I would highly recommend Quick Candles and their products!" kb45 from CT
09/18/2012 "I ordered 72 floating candles for centerpieces for my outdoor wedding. The delivery was very speedy and it was the best price I could find. They looked amazing floating in the vases on the tables. Be sure to provide enough space in the vase for the candle to float. I used 3 in. glasses with 2 in candles and it was great. There were three on each table and they provided more light than you would think. They lasted from dinner until at least mid-night (about 6 hours) I blew them out. These would be great for any occasion!" Former Miss Smith from MI
09/17/2012 "I ordered 144 votive candles for my daughters wedding on September 8th and was VERY happy! They definitely burned 10 hours! I was a bit worried when they arrived that they seemed shorter than a normal votive but they were just fine! I will for sure pass your name on to others that need candles at a good price." Cindy from MN
09/17/2012 "We love the candle and candle holders, very professional service and at a great price, our guest will love them at our wedding reception." Shadow from Illinois
09/16/2012 "To all the brides looking for votives, this is a great buy. The candles are well packaged so you can transport them. I purchased the grand votive holders because I need to have the flame of the candle below the glass. I'm very happy with the size of the grand votive holders. I have yet to see how long the votives burn, but with 144 I should have some extra. My florist said to plan for 5 to 6 votives per a dining table. An extra candles to put around the cake and other counters/bars/mantels you may need to decorate." Katie - Bride from New Hampshire
09/16/2012 "This only thing I wished was that I ordered the 3" candles instead of the 2" but that was my fault for being too much in a rush to realize I wanted a bigger size. The candles burned for over 5 hours and were still burning when we starting packing up. They looked beautiful in my bowls and lite the whole table. Everyone complemented how great they looked (even the guys). I will use this site in the future for playing parties and shower!" Sammi from PA
09/15/2012 "The candles were affordable and on my porch the very next day! Now THAT's what I call customer service!" Tracey from SC
09/15/2012 "Ordered these (votive candles and holders) to make wedding favors. Have not used them yet so cannot comment on that but they are exactly as anticipated and arrived super fast. This was the best price for the item that I could find on line. Title of this review says it all. Thanks much." Colleen from Tempe
09/14/2012 "Bought these (3x3) candles to put in lanterns that went down the aisle at my daughter's wedding and they were perfect. They burn a very long time, lasted until we put them out. Shipping is super fast. Would definately order from Quick Candles again." Tracy from TN
09/14/2012 "I ordered two sets of the votive candles for my daughter's wedding and they were absolutely beautiful on the reception tables. The candles burned for hours and didn't go out until we blew them out. Shipping was very fast. All candles and holders came in excellent condition without one being broke. Will order from quick candles every time I need some." Tracy from TN
09/13/2012 "The votive candles and holders were exactly as described by Quick Candles. They burned throughout the wedding reception cocktail hour, dinner, and dancing (over 6 hours), and were still burning as the venue staff were clearing tables. Excellent product for the cost!" AJM from WV
09/13/2012 "These votives were exactly as pictured and looked great on the food table of our church's special celebration. The service at quickcandles was exceptional. They were delivered quickly which helped us out as it was a last minute decision to order them." Babs from SC
09/12/2012 "At my daughter's wedding in August, we used the Cylinder Floating Candle Vase Set of 36 for some of the table decorations. We put three vases on an 8" mirror which was on a navy blue organza table runner. Each vase had navy colored sand in the bottom & then we floated various lengths of green button mums. We topped them off with a 3" floating candle. We also used 2 votive candle holders (see other review) on each side of the centerpieces on the table runners. We had lots of compliments on our decorations & even had two men tell us it was the prettiest wedding they had ever attended." Mother of the Bride from KS
09/12/2012 "At my daughter's wedding in August, we used the votives holders two different ways. In half of them we put colored sand (navy) in the bottom, then a ivory votive candle. Using Elmer's glue I put an apple green ribbon on the outside where the candle & the sand met. It looked really cute. The other half we again put navy sand & floated a single green button mum. The votives lasted all night long & we had lots of compliments on our decorations." Mother of the Bride from KS
09/12/2012 "I use the candles in our Church and am always looking for long-lasting and cost effective answers. These (pillar) candles are the best by far on both counts." Fcc Decor from CA
09/12/2012 "I ordered these (3 cylinders) for a wedding. I am quite happy with what I received. Everything was well packed and looked exactly as I expected." The Toffee Lady from IL
09/11/2012 "These floating candles were perfect for my sons wedding rehearsal. I was very impressed how quickly they were delivered. Exactly what I wanted." Princie from IN
09/11/2012 "I used this (white votives) product for my party favors. They were actually small enough to place in stain bag as gift favors for my guest. It worked great!" Tootie from SC
09/10/2012 "I could not find out how to write a testimonial on the website so thought I would write it on here. When they say "100% satisfaction guaranteed" they mean it! I ordered 72 frosted votive and 72 flameless tealights for my upcoming wedding in Mexico. Everything came quick and none of the glass was damaged and only 5 tealights didn't work. I called one of the most helpful customer service people ever spoken with named Linda, and she told me to just rearrange the batteries because sometimes that works. It worked for 2 of them but 3 still didn't work. I called her back and she was so helpful and apologized for the inconvenience and right away shipped out 3 more for me no questions asked! I have worked years in customer service so I know when it is good and bad and Quick Candles was phenomenal! If I ever need candles I will definitely get them here and also will recommend them to friends and family, thank you very much Quick Candles!" Ruth
09/10/2012 "I am using these (white votive) candles on Sept. 23rd for my wedding reception. I wanted to make sure they would burn for 10 hours, so I did a test, and the candle burned for even longer. I am thrilled with my purchase. They are going to add such beautiful ambiance to my rustic wedding." Toria the Queen from VT
09/09/2012 "I have a Home Decor/Party business, and have purchased many of these votive holders. I absolutely LOVE them! I paint on the glass, and fill them with Soy wax. The frosted glass is SO easy to paint on. The finished product is absolutely beautiful! Mary -A Scent From The Heart" Mary - A craft business owner from NY
09/09/2012 "I looked all over the internet for the best deal on floating candles and kept coming back to Quick Candles. You cant tell that I got I great deal for them. The glass is thick, candles in great shape! They are beautiful with the light they give off and the candles are very thick." Maria from NJ
09/08/2012 "Outstanding customer service - order processed and shipped very quickly. Terrific price - best price I could find online or locally! Very nice products. Purchased for daughter's wedding--the votive holders and flameless candles arrived very quickly--no broken holders but 6 out of 72 flameless candles didn't work properly (5 very dim and 1 didn't work at all). I contacted customer service and they quickly shipped out replacements at their expense without any fuss or delay. I would not hesitate for a moment in purchasing again from Quick Candles - what a wonderful company selling great products - they are truly customer oriented in every way. Thank you!" Mother of the Bride from CO
09/08/2012 "I bought a case of 144 of these (votive) candles for my wedding. They burned through the whole reception. We were not there for 10 hrs but they lasted for what we needed. On top of that it was a great price." Brian from OR
09/07/2012 "Used around a flower arrangement in the center of the table and on the wall under bushes. Amber (led tealights) light flickers so it looks like a real candle." Saucy Sue from OR
09/07/2012 "The (2" floating) candles were great, they lasted for over 6 hours. I was really impressed with them and will make sure to order whenever I need candles." Ed from AK
09/06/2012 "This (luminary bags) product added a beautiful ambiance to our outdoor cocktail party. The lighting helped add a sense of enchantment to our entire evening. My only complaint would be that the paper bags have to be folded down to add stability and this can be time consuming so I would like to see a bag with this fold already in place. The candles burned for a very long time and overall this was a very nice addition to our summer evening. I would also like to add that Quick Candles was excellent to deal with. I would definitely recommend to a friend." The redheaded bride from GA
09/06/2012 "I ordered these (white votive candles) for my wedding. We needed over two hundred candles. They arrived extraordinarily promptly, and I was very satisfied with that. They did liquify rather quickly which caused us to have to change our setup...but once they liquify they do burn for the amount of time as advertised! I was very excited about this! Overall, a great product." The redheaded bride from GA
09/05/2012 "These (white floating) candles were used for my daughter's wedding reception. My main concern was that the candles lasted at least 6 hours - and they did. They were the correct size, quality and color." Maryz from OH
09/05/2012 "I bought these (2" white floating candles) for my daughters wedding. I had 3 vases on each table. I bought clear marbles than put a battery operated fuschia light and water in, added rose pedals and topped it off with these floating candles. They burned all evening. I would buy these again. They were delivered quickly also." Sally from PA
09/04/2012 "Very affordable with quick delivery. I used these (pink colored) votive candle holders for my wedding. They are a bit darker than the picture shows, but I expected that after reading reviews. They gave off a wonderful glow when the lights were down. So, as long as you aren't picky about the exact shade of pink you want, these are perfect." Kristen from PA
09/04/2012 "I plan to use these (votive) candle holders for my wedding at the end of the month. They fit my votive candles perfectly! Shipping was very prompt." Bargainshopper from CA
09/03/2012 "I ordered (tealight) these candles to go in mason jars for my wedding. I ordered them about a month in advance to make sure they arrived on time. I got them 2 days later! I was a little apprehensive about sending candles in the mail. I live in Texas and I am sure the day they arrived it was 100+degrees. They did not melt and only had a pleasant aroma. Definitely will order again." Sally scheduler from TX
09/03/2012 "These (votive) candles burn much longer than stated when you place them in a container to burn. Fantastic value for the money and I love that they carry black!" Wayz from USA
09/02/2012 "My client wanted floating candles as the main focal point of her wedding ceremony decoration so I not only purchased the ivory floating candles, I purchased the 10.5" personalized cylinder vase to be used for their unity candle ceremony and kept with the theme. I will be honest that I was a bit concerned on how the etching would turn out and look, but I was pleasantly surprised to see how nicely the etching was done!" Elizabeth from CA
09/02/2012 "I purchased these (72 votive candle holders and votives) candles for my son's wedding. They were placed inside mason jars that had beach sand at the bottom, and tied with twine to hang from multiple tree branches (in many trees) at their lakeside outdoor wedding. The effect at night was nothing less than MAGICAL! For ease, we lit them around 3:30pm, just before guests arrived. Most of them were still lit well past midnight!" CindyLouWho from MI
09/01/2012 "I ordered 144 candles with the candle holders and received my order in 5 days with standard shipping. When my order arrived, about 50 candles were melted and there was candle wax all over the box. I contacted the company and they gladly replaced those candles free of charge. I have ordered candles from this company before and they have always been terrific." Cherry from CA
09/01/2012 "Lots of compliments on the expensive looking decorations. Placed them (leaf design tealight holder) above the mantle and on my cast iron stove. Design fitting for dressing up a man cave for date night." Richard_S from MD
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